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"Oh, Eliza's not here right now. My name is Trajectory!"
—Trajectory to Team Flash[src]

Eliza Harmon (died March 2016), self-nicknamed Trajectory, was a scientist of Mercury Labs who gained the ability of super speed by reverse-engineering the Velocity 9 formula initially created by Caitlin Snow and Harrison Wells.


Working at Mercury Labs

Eliza Harmon was a scientist at Mercury Labs, where she worked alongside Caitlin Snow until the latter left. Later, Caitlin had trouble reformatting the extracellular matrix for Velocity 9, so she called Eliza for assistance, only giving her a limited number of components so as to not reveal what she was working on. Eliza helped to properly sort out the formula. Eventually, she discovered the true nature of the formula and, in desperation to speed up progress in her research, Eliza reverse-engineered Velocity 9 into a unique version for her own use.[1]

Antics as Trajectory

Eliza talks to Trajectory.

Several weeks later, Eliza started to suffer from dissociative identity disorder due to frequent Velocity 9 use. She would often argue with her second personality, who called herself Trajectory. Soon, Eliza created a protective suit for her amoral alter-ego and began committing various forms of crime, ranging from petty theft to property damage. Eventually, her acts escalated to robbing everyone within a 10-block radius of a nightclub.

Afterwards at Mercury Labs, Eliza was studying thiocyanate ion bonding when she was approached by Caitlin and Detective Joe West. The two questioned her for any information on the Velocity 9. Eliza was happy to see Caitlin again and claimed to have destroyed the original serum they worked on.

That evening while pulling an all-nighter at Mercury Labs, Eliza vented her frustrations about her professional life to Trajectory, who convinced Eliza they needed more V-9. Using her last dose of the drug, she broke into S.T.A.R. Labs, imprisoned The Flash in the pipeline, and knocked out Joe. Using Joe's gun, Eliza revealed her identity and demanded that Caitlin and Harry Wells make her some more Velocity 9. When they protested that the formula was dangerous and could kill her, Eliza threatened Jesse Wells' life, forcing them to agree. After receiving some new, pure V-9, Eliza gave Jesse a dose to make sure the drug wasn't laced with sedatives. Satisfied, she left as Team Flash immediately attended to Jesse.

With the extra serum, Eliza began running back and forth across a bridge, causing it to crumble. The Flash arrived and was able to get the civilians on the bridge to safety, despite Eliza's attempts to stop him. The Flash then jumped across a gap in the damaged bridge, tackling her to the ground.

Eliza begins to dissolve into nothing.

As she was about to take another dose of V-9, The Flash pleaded with Eliza to see reason and let Team Flash help her, empathizing with her desire to get better and be perfect, no matter the costs. Eliza briefly hesitated, but ultimately ignored him and injected herself with more pure Velocity 9. Dusting herself off and gloating that not even The Flash could ever catch up to her, she began running. However, since Eliza's cells had degenerated too much, her lightning turned blue and she dissolved into nothing while screaming, leaving only her suit, which was then recovered by Team Flash.[1]


Team Flash observed Eliza's blue lightning as she dissolved due to the overdose of Velocity 9, leading them to conclude that Zoom—whose lightning is also blue—and "Jay Garrick"—who was dying from over-usage of Velocity serums—were the same person.[1]

Over six months after Eliza's death, the suit she wore as Trajectory was modified and given to Jesse Wells, who used it for her more superheroic alter-ego, "Jesse Quick".[2]

Possible future

Eliza's Trajectory persona was archived into the Flash Museum's Hall of Villains,[3] though the curator, Dexter Myles, scrubbed her real name for legal purposes.[4] The Trajectory exhibit also featured a video of Eliza's death, narrated by Myles.

In 2049, August Heart/Godspeed used Eliza's Velocity 9 formula to become a speedster. Whilst investigating him, Nora West-Allen visited the Trajectory exhibit and learned about Eliza's creation and abuse of V-9, leading her to deduce that Heart was planning on improving the drug to make its results permanent.[5]


Eliza in her civilian persona.

"I'm sick of always being passed over for—for the grant, for the promotion. I'm underpaid and understaffed and six months behind on my research! That's why I started all of this."
—Eliza Harmon[src]
While originally a very kind and friendly person willing to help others, Eliza was also an insecure perfectionist and workaholic. Determined to exceed the expectations of her employers at Mercury Labs, she placed heavy pressure and stress on herself whilst working to prove her skill as a scientist. Upon hitting a roadblock, Eliza grew increasingly desperate to make faster progress in her research, which lead her to start using Velocity 9, ultimately developing a split personality.

Eliza as Trajectory.

Eliza's alternate personality, Trajectory, is a thrill-seeking psychopath who cares for nobody's well-being. She is overconfident in her abilities as a speedster and takes pleasure in showing off her powers. Trajectory continually manipulated Eliza into giving into her urge to dose herself with Velocity 9 and most often succeeded. Trajectory's amoral and selfish nature made her willing to put others in danger for her own gain, from petty misdemeanors such as robbery to much more serious crimes with deadly consequences, including threatening people at gunpoint, injecting Jesse Wells with a fatal dose of Velocity 9, and collapsing a bridge full of civilians, all for her twisted sense of fun.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Velocity-9 enhancement: After injecting herself with Velocity-9, Eliza gained the powers of a speedster, with the exception of access to the Speed Force.
    • Electrokinesis: Like all speedsters, Eliza could generate electricity from her body, which was yellow in color. She was able to interfere with the surrounding electronics in her vicinity like Eobard Thawne; for example, when she broke into S.T.A.R. Labs, the lights in the facility turned flickered. After Eliza took an overdose of Velocity-9, it turned her electricity blue.[1]
    • Accelerated perception: Eliza's speed also extends to her senses and mental capacities, allowing her to take in information and process it just as fast, seeing the world as if it is in slow motion. This, combined with her physical speed, lets her think, perform actions, and react to events long before a normal human around her could even perceive them.
    • Superhuman agility: Eliza was incredibly agile, able to change direction immediately. She was able to make sharp turns on city streets while moving at super speed without sliding or losing her balance.[1]
    • Superhuman durability: Eliza was able to recover from attacks and exertion much quicker than normal humans.
    • Superhuman momentum: Through Eliza's ability to accelerate her movements, she can generate extreme momentum and physical force, allowing her to overpower regular humans with little to no effort, as evidenced by the fact that she threw Joe West and the Flash back several feet. By running back and forth on a bridge with great intensity, Eliza induced a tremor with enough jolt and friction that nearly caused it to collapse.[1]
    • Superhuman reflexes: Eliza's increased speed also augments her reaction time, allowing her to react to danger and events far faster than a normal human.
    • Superhuman speed: Eliza's mobility becomes able to run at speeds up to between Mach 2.2 and 3.3. This allowed her to initially easily outpace, plow over, and even transport the Flash into a holding chamber before the heroic speedster could react. After the Flash was able to exceed his previous limits and overwhelm Eliza, she took an excessive dose of pure Velocity 9, which briefly tremendously increased her speed.[1]
      • Seismokinesis: Eliza can create tremors with her speed when running with the right momentum. These tremors were powerful enough to bring down an entire bridge.[1]
    • Superhuman stamina: Eliza's body can handle the stresses of superhuman racing without noticeable distress, and her body's enhanced stamina allows her to function much longer than a normal human without becoming tired or weak.


  • Genius-level intellect/Master scientist: Eliza was an exceptionally brilliant scientist, having helped Caitlin Snow reformat the extracellular matrix for Velocity 9, something the latter was unable to do on her own. Eliza was even able to reverse-engineer the formula so it could give a non-speedster the abilities of a legitimate one, which she accomplished even though Caitlin only gave her 3 of the 8 components of the drug.
  • Markswomanship: Eliza was shown to have some basic skill with a gun.


  • Velocity 9: Velocity 9 periodically gave Eliza the power of superspeed, but as she used it too many times, it brought on some undesirable side-effects.
    • Cellular deterioration: The cells of Eliza's body began to quickly degenerate from frequent V-9 use as she didn't have a natural connection to the Speed Force outside of the speed-enhancing drug, ultimately causing her body to dissolve into nothing.
    • Dissociative identity disorder: The side effects of Velocity-9 psychologically split Eliza's personality and separated her mind into two: herself and her alter ego Trajectory, who was hungry for entertainment and power and often influenced Eliza to get another "fix" of V-9.
  • Power limitation: Eliza needed to periodically inject herself with doses of Velocity-9, otherwise her powers would only be temporary.


  • Trajectory suit: Eliza wore a suit as her super-villainess alter-ego, Trajectory, to hide her identity from her victims. Its composite materials are unknown.
  • Velocity-9: Eliza had become addicted to the Velocity serums, like the Velocity-9.
  • Gun: Trajectory used a gun to threaten the Team Flash.


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  • Eliza is the first female speedster to appear in the Arrowverse.
  • Eliza appeared in only one episode, making her the speedster with the shortest run of appearances in the Arrowverse.
  • Eliza is one of the few individuals to become a meta-human without the use of a particle accelerator on either Earth-1 or Earth-2, the others being Valentina Vostok and Jake Simmons. However it's unknown how Jay Garrick gained his superpowers, making him a possible fourth, and the Flashpoint versions of Wally West and Edward Clariss the fifth and sixth. Additionally, it was revealed that Vandal Savage as well as Chay-Ara and Khufu received their powers of longevity and reincarnation/regeneration not due to magic, but rather due to being mutated after exposure to the Thanagarian meteor, which was actually a piece of futuristic technology ahead of anything humanity created on Earth.
  • The coexistence of Eliza and Trajectory is similar to that of Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost:
    • In both instances, the split personalities (Trajectory and Killer Frost) were rebellious, dangerous, and possessed a lesser moral sense, having a higher tendency to break bad. Meanwhile, the women's original personas were kind, compassionate, and well-meaning.
    • Both Caitlin and Eliza were aware of their darker sides and the damage they caused, but initially helpless to control it.
      • However, Caitlin was eventually able to reign in her impulses as Killer Frost with the help of Team Flash and coexist peacefully with her. Eliza eventually succumbed to Trajectory's influence and abused Velocity-9 to the point of death, ignoring others' attempts to help her.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Eliza Harmon instead of being a supervillain is the superhero known as Trajectory, and a big fan of the Flash since she was saved by Impulse as a child. She got her power by the Everyman Project created by Lex Luthor, the same project that gave Hannibal Bates his shapeshifting's powers. Eliza's actions as a speedster were restricted by the need to take a drug called Sharp to slow down her speed back to normal. She was eventually killed when Luthor used his remote control of the artificial superhuman gene to deactivate her powers during a fight with Blockbuster, giving his team a martyr and eliminating the rebellious element Eliza represented.