Elizabeth Hawkings (born c. 1998) is a resident of National City and a human-alien hybrid. She is the daughter of Amadei Derros and Natalie Hawkings.


Early life

Elizabeth was born around 1998 to Amadei Derros, an alien spiritual healer, and Natalie Hawkings. She was raised in National City by her mother alone.

At some point, Elizabeth learned the identity of her father through her aunt. Deeply wanting to know Amadei, Elizabeth wrote to him for years up until high school, even sending her drawings and school projects in spite of Natalie's protests. However, Amadei seemingly never reached out, much to her heartache. As a result, Elizabeth also grew up feeling insecure about her alien heritage, which she tried to keep hidden.[1]

Reconciliation with her father and disowning her mother

Kara Danvers and J'onn J'onzz arrive at Elizabeth's home to question her, as they believe she was the last one who saw Amadei Derros' last night just before someone took his amulet from the, however, she stated that she was at work all night and went home with her boyfriend, after they reveal that she was the last individual on his mind just before he was attacked, Elizabeth then reveals that Amadei is in fact her father.

Initially, Elizabeth did not want to believe that her father cares about her (due to the lies that her mother had told her, as well as the fact she made sure that Elizabeth did receive his letters) after Kara and J'onn leave, she tore her house apart and discovered Amadei's letters, enraged and disgusted by her mother, Natalie's betrayal, she sees right through her mother's ugly nature and severs all ties with her. Which allowed her to properly meet her father, therefore; rejecting her mother who she had to come to realize that always did her harm with emotional manipulative and her false persona that Elizabeth endure growing up.

After Amadei gets his amulet back, his life is saved, Elizabeth then apologies to her father for how her mother, Natalie had hurt him and begins a new relationship with Amadei, it is very likely that Elizabeth had become even more estranged from her mother after being informed (off-screen) that she was the one who tried to kill Amadei.[1]



Season 4


  • Elizabeth is the second human-alien hybrid to appear in the Arrowverse, after Nia Nal.


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