Elliott Cotrell is the brother of Wayne Cotrell and the mastermind behind his arrest.[1]


Early life

In 1989, Elliott was Linda Lake's producer and since he was too manipulative, Linda prepared to meet another producer in LA but Elliott beat her up knocking her out. Elliott almost killed her but thanks to Whisper she was alive. He then started to drug her with a "medicine" that would make her constantly lose her memory forgetting what he did. He also tasked Whisper into killing Suzy Storm and destroy her body in order to frame Wayne for Linda's murder. He then started to make the amnesiac Linda record song in order to heal her while in reality, he was using her recording to make rumor about Linda's unreleased tape.[1]

Wayne's execution

A year later, at Take Five, Elliott was giving an interview with Joe Kline about the fact that he believed that his brother was innocent. Later, he met Barry Allen and Julio Mendez that came and asked question about Dave Buell disappearances (he previously sent Whisper to kill him). Elliott pretended that Dave was currently in Chicago and that he hasn't heard from him for a while. Later, he discussed the fact that Dave didn't have the tape on his body that would prove Wayne's innocence and Elliott ordered Whisper to kill Julio because he believed that he knows something. Later, while he made Linda record another song, Whisper entered the room and revealed that S.T.A.R. Labs had proof of Wayne's innocence and because of that, Elliott had no other choice than accepting to kill Linda while he went to his brother's execution. In the execution chamber, he tearfully said goodbye to Wayne and before Wayne was executed, the Flash came to rescue him and revealed that Linda was alive. Elliott took a guard's gun and threaten everyone but the Flash disarmed him so that he could be arrested.[1]


The Flash


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