Pastor Ellis McGee is the pastor of the Good Shepherd Church of St. Asaph.


Following the death of his son, Pastor McGee abandoned the Good Shepherd Church of St. Asaph and began drinking.[1]

At the wake of Lannis Cadogan, Ellis was sitting by himself at the bar. John Constantine approached him, asking him for his opinion on the mysterious death. He suggested that fire through the pipes was possible in mining towns, though Constantine rebutted that that only occurred with fracking. That night, Ellis was approached by Zed Martin, looking for Constantine. He lamented how women would always be hopelessly attached to his son, before his death, as Zed appeared to be with John, and also lamented that more people sought faith in the barkeeper over him. Ellis revealed to Zed that he had left his faith due to his son's death.[1]

Believing a spirit to be possessing Ellis, the same that was terrorizing the mines, Constantine and Zed approached Ellis down by Rooster Creek. They attempted to exorcise him to no avail, simply resulting in Ellis recognizing the Breastplate of St. Patrick. He noted how all of the above-ground killings had been executives, rather than actual miners, and noted that only the owner, Thad Bowman, was left. Later, Zed brought the priest to the mines in order to see the Coblynau, who had been behind the killings, laid to rest. Constantine allowed Ellis to push the trigger to blow the mines up, avenging his son. Putting his memory to rest, Pastor McGee began to reopen his church.[1]




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