"Just yank the tarp off. I'm ready for my super-suit. "
"Ralph... this tarp is your super-suit. When you stretch, it stretches. When you squish, it squishes. "
Ralph Dibny and Cisco Ramon[src]

The Elongated Man suits are a series of protective suits worn by Ralph Dibny when he is out on the field as the superhero Elongated Man.


First suit

Ralph looking at his miniature suit

Ralph looking at his suit in its shrunken down form.

While the suit may only look like a plain old tarp it actually has an "adaptive nano-weave structure that is malleable on the sub-molecular level" so that, according to Cisco, when Ralph stretches, it stretches and when he squishes, it squishes. The suit is a blue-grey leotard with a matching mask and black tennis shoes. Both wishing for and needing his own suit for superheroics, Cisco Ramon presented Ralph Dibny with the suit, much to the latter's disbelief. He later wore it in the field while fighting Mina Chaytan.[1]

Second suit

Elongated Man faces Axel and Prank

Ralph wearing his second suit for the first time.

The second suit, which Cisco created when Axel Walker and Zoey Clark were attacking Central City was designed more like a tracksuit. It was a dark burgundy color with white stripes on it, it also had black boots and black fingerless leather gloves with a black domino mask.[2]

After Clifford DeVoe stole his body, he escaped to his pocket dimension and took the suit, which was on Ralph when Clifford took over the latter's body.[3] Its unknown what DeVoe did with the suit, but when Barry Allen helped Ralph to regain control of his body, Ralph donned the suit again, suggesting that DeVoe had kept it.[4]

Barry gives Ralph the Elongated Man emblem

Barry pins the Elongated Man emblem onto Ralph's second suit.

Barry later gave Ralph an emblem to wear on his suit as a gift for his heroism and protection of Central City.[5]


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  • Malleability: The suit's main function is enabling it to contort and stretch along with Ralph.
  • Identity concealment: The suit also serves to conceal Ralph's identity to an extent, coming with an eye mask.
  • Recognition: An emblem reading "E.M." helps denote Ralph as the Elongated Man.

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