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"If Gotham can handle the Batman, they can handle the Green Arrow."
Barry Allen

"Elseworlds, Part 2" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-forty-seventh episode overall. It aired on December 10, 2018. The episode is the second part of the three-part crossover, Elseworlds​, with the ninth episode of the fifth season of The Flash​, and the ninth episode of the fourth season of Supergirl​.



Grant Gustin does the conventional starting monologue as Oliver.

During an ARGUS operation, Diggle drives his group while Curtis watches from a van. The group is assaulted by a vigorously defensively covered Joe Wilson, who is going to execute Dig when Supergirl, The Flash, and The Green Arrow appear and stop him.

Back at ARGUS, they clarify their body trading issue to Curtis and Diggle. At the point when Felicity appears at help, it turns out to be certain that Oliver didn't inform her concerning the trade and she trusts Barry is Oliver.

As the three legends prepare to make a beeline for Gotham, Oliver propose Barry stay behind, since Oliver Queen's acclaim will make things troublesome. Barry counters by reminding Ollie to keep the cover on as The Flash. They likewise contend about Batman, who Ollie demands is a fantasy.

Kara at last settles things by getting Barry and traveling to Gotham. They land on a housetop and are before long joined by Oliver, who keeps on battling with his speedster capacities. They examine how to discover the individuals from Cisco's vibe, and Oliver specifies knowing a neighborhood correspondent. He doesn't know she will help however, as he can't recall whether he laid down with her. They discover The Bat Signal on the rooftop, while Ollie keeps on considering Batman a legend. Batwoman watches them from the top of Wayne Enterprises.

In their non military personnel garments, the legends stroll towards the radio broadcast where Ollie's journalist contact works. They see a couple shopping with an outfitted watch and examine how wrongdoing ridden Gotham City is. As though on sign, a group of hooligans stroll up and endeavor to mug them at gunpoint. Ollie attempts to talk them down yet is rapidly stuck between a rock and a hard place and Barry battles, taking it excessively far. The cops show up, perceive Barry as Oliver, and capture everybody.

Felicity and Curtis work at ARGUS, attempting to discover an example with the red lightning storms they have taken note. They understand it is reliable with a break and need Cisco. Fortunately, Cisco understood something very similar and shows up at ARGUS with Caitlin right away. Caitlin incidentally uncovers to Felicity that Ollie and Barry have exchanged bodies.

In prison, Kara is tired of Barry and Ollie quibbling and gets them both out for how the took care of the robbing, calling attention to she could have gotten them away so quick they wouldn't have been seen. Ollie surrenders that she ought to be in control next time. Their bail is posted and the three are discharged.

Outside a man meets them. They understand he works for the individual who rescued them and when he shows then a firearm, they go with him.

He drops them off at Bruce Wayne's home, which was pleasant once, yet not any longer. Inside they are welcomed by an inked lady who perceives the truth about Barry and Ollie. She is Kate Kane and she needs them to leave her city as quickly as time permits.

Caitlin and Cisco are distraught at Diggle and Curtis for concealing reality from Felicity. Felicity is generally disturbed that Iris perceived her better half while Felicity didn't. Yet, she says they have to concentrate on the lightning.

On the rooftop, Kate converses with Kara and Ollie. She also says that Bruce Wayne and Batman both disappeared three years prior. Kate says Bruce couldn't live with what Gotham became after Batman left.

Barry appears, but Ollie's contact won't help. Kate gives them the wifi secret key and heads inside to work while Ollie uncovers he took police information.

Caitlin converses with Felicity, calling attention to that Iris has much more involvement in exchange real factors and that would have made her increasingly open to the body trade. Felicity doesn't think Ollie regards her, while Caitlin supports her. Felicity in the interim has plans for a quantum motion grapple to help open the penetrate.

Oliver look through facial acknowledgment and gets some answers concerning John Deegan. He probed his patients, but was cleared because of details. He can't locate Deegan's present location or work. Kara chooses to look through the city.

Inside the structure, Kara sees Kate and connects with her. Kate clarifies that she is Bruce's cousin. Kara says her own cousin is frenemies with Kate's. They talk and Kate teases a bit. Kate knows John Deegan and says he works at Arkham Asylum.

Kate makes a beeline for the Bat Cave, where she keeps the Batwoman suit and hairpiece.

Curtis, Diggle, Felicity, and Caitlin set up Felicity's quantum transition stay while Cisco handles the PCs inside. There's different floods, and a break nearly opens, with the Flash from alternate reality peering through, Caitlin calls him Jay, but he overlooks her and instructs them to get the book before the penetrate closes once more.

Outside of Arkham, Kara, Oliver, and Barry talk about how to break in. Cisco penetrates through with Diggle to pass the message.

Kara pushes Caitlin in a wheelchair and tells the manager that she is conveying another patient from the medical clinic, utilizing Killer Frost's forces to reinforce the untruth. In the interim, Ollie utilizes Barry's CCPD certifications and Diggle utilizes his Argus ones to menace their way into an investigation. They stroll a few doors down, where a few natural names are on the patient entryways, before they discover Deegan's lab.

Deegan sees the truth about Oliver, and presses a catch which triggers an alert and discharges all the patients so he can get away.

Diggle, The Flash, Supergirl, Killer Frost, and The Green Arrow help recover the patients. At the point when a couple nearly escape, Batwoman appears and stops them.

In the interim, Killer Frost is going head to head with Nora Fries, who has a portion of her significant other's chilly innovation. Killer Frost calls for help and both The Green Arrow and The Flash rush to help her.

Deegan snatches the book from a concealing spot inside the dividers, yet is found by Supergirl who takes the book.

The Green Arrow and The Flash appear and discover Killer Frost took out. The Flash throws a lightning left hook, but Oliver doesn't have an idea about these forces and he thumps more than a few vials marked 'Crane' which spill and discharge a gas into the air.

Before Barry, Malcolm Merlyn shows up and addresses him as Oliver. Before Ollie, the Reverse Flash (as Harrison Wells) shows up and insults him like Barry. They battle each other's chief enemy yet when Caitlin comes to as herself, she understands they are battling one another.

Barry and Oliver keep on battling as they daydream themselves being provoked. Batwoman shows up and stops them, perceiving the vials and disclosing they were presented to a genuine drug.

Batwoman kicks them all out of her city. Supergirl remains behind and uncovers she is Kara, and because of her x-beam vision she knows Kate is Batwoman. They share a snapshot of solidarity.

The book is presently at ARGUS, and Felicity is anxious to interpret the cryptographs inside. Barry and Oliver talk about their pipedreams and recognizes each other's weights. Barry urges Ollie not to hold back to chat with Felicity.

Ollie sits with Felicity and reveals to her they will be alright. Ongoing occasions have given him that they may change as individuals, yet he will consistently adore her regardless and they make up.

At last, the other Flash can break into Argus. While some think it is another Jay Garrick, he is actually Barry Allen from Earth-90 which was obliterated by The Monitor – the other man in Cisco's vibe. He utilizes The Book of Destiny all through the multiverse.

The Monitor is in the road. Supergirl, The Green Arrow, and the two Flashes go up against him. The O.G. Streak heads towards The Monitor who causes him to evaporate. The Monitor says he is attempting to spare the multiverse from an emergency. He brings the book from ARGUS and vanishes.

Deegan is crying when The Monitor shows up before him and hands the book back finished, advising Deegan to think greater and improve.

Out of nowhere, Barry and Oliver acknowledge they are dressed indistinguishably, and a paper title text says they are needed lawbreakers known as The Trigger Twins. Kara is no place to be seen and neither of them is a speedster. A cop vehicle pulls up and three cops rise. Joe Wilson, Malcolm Merlyn, and Ricardo Diaz. Diaz begins to capture Oliver, who retaliates and he and Barry run. They are halted by a variant of Superman who is dressed all in dark.


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  • The episode was previously titled "Hour Two".[1]
  • Nora Fries is played by Stephen Amell's wife Cassandra Jean.
  • Some of the locations in Chicago that were filmed in this episode were the same locations used in The Dark Knight trilogy to replicate Gotham City.
  • This episode marks the very first time in the Arrowverse where Batman is mentioned by name on-screen.
    • Bruce Wayne, who was mentioned before in "Tribute", is also mentioned several times in the episode.
  • This episode features many references to Batman:
  • The Earth-90 Barry points out that the John Diggle of Earth-1 doesn't wear a ring like his Earth-90 counterpart. This might be a reference to John Stewart, who in the comics is one of the characters who wear the Green Lantern Ring and becomes Green Lantern.
  • Barry narrates the opening introduction (using the name Oliver Queen) due to the altered reality where he's Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. This monologue would later be used as the mid-Season 7 intro.
  • At the end of the episode, the Monitor reveals that he is preparing them for a "Crisis". This ties in with the red skies emerging in the first two parts of the crossover. Both are a reference to the Crisis story arc, which includes Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, and Final Crisis.
  • The scene where Earth-90's Flash was trying to tell the team about the Book of Destiny while stuck in the portal may have been a nod to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when future Barry Allen in that film was trying to warn Bruce Wayne in the present.
  • When Barry, Kara, and Oliver go to A.R.G.U.S. and tell John and Curtis that Barry and Oliver have swapped lives, John says "An immortal Egyptian, aliens, parallel Earth Nazis; I have no idea why I'm not even surprised at this point". These are references to three previous crossover events; Heroes Join Forces, Invasion!, and Crisis on Earth-X, respectively.
  • This is the second ninth episode of an Arrow season to feature Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) since "Three Ghosts".
  • This episode marks the final appereance of Malcolm Merlyn as John Barrowman later returns as his Earth-2 counterpart
  • When Barry, Kara and Oliver arrive in Gotham, everyone is still out of their normal character and switched up. There is a homeless man searching through some garbage. It is a quick nod that billionaire Bruce Wayne may be switched to a broke homeless man. The actor who portrays the homeless man here (Matthew Allen) has played Batman in several short films and does charity work for kids as Batman. He has also made appearances on the TV series Batwoman and in the films, Batman Vs Superman, and The Dark Knight.
  • When the Flash of Earth-90 materializes on Earth-1, the theme from the 1990 Flash TV series can be heard.
  • The writing seen in the Book of Destiny matches Barry Allen's wall scribbles in "The Flash Reborn", when he returns from the Speed Force, apparently insane, as well as the writing in Nora Allen's journal and some of the writing Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker used.


  • Between cuts while the hero trio were on the roof in Gotham running facial recognition for John Deegan Kara is seen flapping open her coat and looking down while in the next cut she is looking straight and has her coat closed. Barry is also seen looking around but is looking very straight after the cut.
  • Cisco said that it was like the red skies packed their bags and followed them to Star City, but when Barry, Oliver, and Kara go to Gotham City, the skies are still in Star City
  • Even in the chaotic history of Arkham Asylum, it would never make sense to place an unlocked lab/weapon storage facility in the hallway amidst prisoner cells.