Elseworlds, Part 2 title card "Things were looking a little grim, but part of me was, admittedly, a little excited for a "reunion" of old friends."

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This episode is part of a larger crossover series, Elseworlds.

"If Gotham can handle the Batman, they can handle the Green Arrow."
Barry Allen
"Elseworlds, Part 2" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-forty-seventh episode overall. It aired on December 10, 2018.

The episode is the second part of the three-part crossover, Elseworlds​, with the ninth episode of the fifth season of The Flash​, and the ninth episode of the fourth season of Supergirl​.


With Oliver and Barry still stuck in the other's bodies, the two get a lead on John Deegan and head to Gotham City with Supergirl to figure out why their reality has changed. While there, they meet the mysterious Kate Kane who provides them with information that leads the group to Arkham Asylum.[src]


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  • The episode was previously titled "Hour Two".[1]
  • Some of the locations in Chicago that were filmed in this episode were the same locations used in The Dark Knight trilogy to replicate Gotham City.
  • This episode marks the very first time in the Arrowverse where Batman is mentioned by name on-screen.
    • Bruce Wayne, who was mentioned before in "Tribute", is also mentioned several times in the episode.
  • This episode features many references to Batman:
  • The Earth-90 Barry points out that the John Diggle of Earth-1 doesn't wear a ring like his Earth-90 counterpart. This is a reference to John Stewart, who in the comics is one of the characters who wear the Green Lantern Ring and becomes Green Lantern.
  • Barry narrates the opening introduction (using the name Oliver Queen) due to the altered reality where he's Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. This monologue would later be used as the mid-Season 7 intro.
  • At the end of the episode, the Monitor reveals that he is preparing them for a "Crisis". This ties in with the red skies emerging in the first two parts of the crossover. Both are a reference to the Crisis story arc, which includes Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, and Final Crisis.
  • The scene where Earth-90's Flash was trying to tell the team about the Book of Destiny while stuck in the portal may have been a nod to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when future Barry Allen in that film was trying to warn Bruce Wayne in the present.
  • When Barry, Kara, and Oliver go to A.R.G.U.S. and tell John and Curtis that Barry and Oliver have swapped lives, John says "An immortal Egyptian, aliens, parallel Earth Nazis; I have no idea why I'm not even surprised at this point." These are references to three previous crossover events; Heroes Join Forces, Invasion!, and Crisis on Earth-X, respectively.
  • This is the second ninth episode of an Arrow season to feature Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) since "Three Ghosts".


  • Between cuts while the hero trio were on the roof in Gotham running facial recognition for John Deegan Kara is seen flapping open her coat and looking down while in the next cut she is looking straight and has her coat closed. Barry is also seen looking around but is looking very straight after the cut. As if the cast had spent a long time on that scene and wanted to go home.


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