The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley (1935-77), was the unknown possessor of the Death Totem in Memphis, Tennessee, circa 1954. The totem was connected to his guitar that allowed his deceased Twin brother Jesse to help him create his sound, allowing him to become the first Rock and Roll Legend. Nate Heywood and Amaya Jiwe helped convince Elvis's preacher Uncle Lucious not to stop his career, thereby presumably saving Rock and Roll, until Elvis's music rose the dead as ghosts. Luckily, Elvis was able to use the Death Totem in his guitar to release their spirits by leading everyone into singing "Amazing Grace." This also enabled Elvis to convince Jesse to move on to the next lift.

In real life

Elvis Presley was nicknamed The King of Rock and Roll due to his recordings of versions of songs like Hound Dog, Blue Suade Shoes and Jail House Rock. Elvis was also in fact what is known as a Twinless Twin with his brother Jesse Garon Presley dying before Elvis was born.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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