For the eponymous documentary and character, see Emerald Archer: The Hood and the Rise of Vigilantism and Oliver Queen, respectively.
For the documentary film on Earth-Prime, see Emerald Archer (Earth-Prime).
"Villains or vigilantes? Criminals or heroes? From Star City to Central City to Gotham City, Americans have debated this question. Do the ends justify the means? Does the law have to be broken to uphold it?"
"Emerald Archer" is the twelfth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fiftieth episode overall. It aired on February 4, 2019.


The 150th episode of Arrow​ showcases a documentary entitled "The Hood and the Rise of Vigilantism" starring Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak and the rest of Team Arrow. As a camera crew follows Oliver and team around to talk about their past as vigilantes and what the Green Arrow means to Star City, Oliver must also deal with William's return from boarding school as well as a new threat to the city. The episode will feature "documentary footage" captured by the BTS crew and interviews from those who have worked alongside the Green Arrow. The documentary is narrated by Kelsey Grammer.[src]


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  • The episode's title references the name of the documentary Emerald Archer: The Hood and the Rise of Vigilantism. In addition, Emerald Archer was one of Green Arrow's nicknames.
  • Stephen Amell previously teased the episode having a mockumentary feel that appeared in several shows like The Office.[1]
  • The clapper contains two easter eggs. Marcia Pedowitz's surname pays homage to The CW president Mark Pedowitz while the photographer references J.D. Davison who worked as an A-camera operator for "Pilot" and this episode.[2]
  • The intersection where Rene got shot was named after Arrowverse directors David Nutter and Glen Winter.
  • This episode was the final performance of Bex Taylor-Klaus as Sin for she doesn't return for the duration of the series.


Shooting finished on December 4, 2018.[3]


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