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"They are going to have to kill me if they want me to give this up!"
—Emily on seeking justice for her father[src]

Emily Nocenti is a resident of Starling City. She is the daughter of the late Victor Nocenti and a late unnamed woman.


Early life[]

Emily Nocenti lost her mother when she was just a baby. She was subsequently raised by her father, Victor, who was Emily's only family.[1]

Civil suit against Martin Somers[]

After Victor was found murdered, Emily learned her father was going to testify that Martin Somers was accepting bribes from the Triad to smuggle drugs into Starling City. She filed a civil suit against Somers, represented by Laurel Lance of CNRI.

About four weeks later in October 2012, Emily, Laurel, and Joanna de la Vega arrived at the courthouse for the hearing against Somers.[1] Emily became nervous at the prospect of court and was upset at the sight of Somers casually addressing the press. However, Laurel promised her they would take Somers down for what he did to her father, renewing Emily's confidence.[2] Inside, the trio met Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn. Later at the hearing, Emily listened as Laurel spoke about Victor's murder.

The next day at CNRI, Joanna warned Emily that Somers' attorney would try to paint her as blinded by grief or attempting to make money from the suit during the trial. Emily was outraged, as she only cared about getting justice for her father. Laurel pointed out that there were a lot of dangerous people who didn't want the trial to proceed, but Emily adamantly refused to drop her case for Victor's sake. Detective Quentin Lance then arrived to put Emily, Joanna, and Laurel under police protection due to their battle against the Triad.

Somers was eventually prosecuted by the district attorney due to a recording obtained by The Hood in which he confessed to giving the order of having Victor murdered. Upon seeing the news, an overjoyed Emily thanked Laurel for fighting for her case.[1]



Season 1[]


  • The surname Nocenti derives from a root of knowledge, the opposite of which is "innocent".

Behind the scenes[]

  • Emily and her father's surname, Nocenti, is likely a reference to the comic book writer Ann Nocenti, who had a brief stint on Green Arrow comics from 2012-2013.