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Emily Phan is a resident of Smallville and a childhood friend of Lana Lang Cushing.

Emily was also one of Morgan Edge's experiments, which caused her to be possessed by a Kryptonian consciousness, but she was returned to normal by Superman after he used his heat vision along with those of the subjects in the Eradicator. Initially, Emily blamed Lana Lang for what happened, but she soon forgive her when Lana helped people during the latest attacks on Smallville.


Early life

Emily was born and raised in Smallville.

In 1987 or 1988, while in the fifth grade, Emily met Lana Lang. As they grew up she witnessed when Clark Kent and Lana had a relationship.

As an adult, Emily married Duc Phan and they had a daughter named Avery, who when she grew up began attending Smallville High School.[1]

Edge EnerCorp

Desperate for work

As Emily sat with Duc, Avery practiced for the talent show. Emily was stressed because the bills were mounting; Duc tried to be supportive, but it was not enough.[1]

Emily learned that Lana Lang Cushing worked for Edge EnerCorp and was hiring for a new leadership program. Hoping that their old friendship would hold sway, Emily went to Edge EnerCorp and talked to Lana, asking for help. As Morgan Edge sliently observed, Lana said that the positions were filled, but hoped that she could find a way to help Emily. Later, Emily got a call from Morgan himself, telling her that she could start soon.

Emily was elated to have such an opportunity. Emily bought Lana a present and went to the Cushing house where Sophie Cushing opened the door. Lana was surprised by the developments; Emily thought that Lana was being modest.[2]

Brand new woman

Emily Phan is placed in the X-Kryptonite Machine.

Emily accompanied Leslie Larr and Morgan Edge to the X-Kryptonite machine and laid down as Dabney Donovan took her vitals. Emily asked Leslie if the process would be painful; Leslie took Emily's hand and told her that she would be fine. Emily screamed as the pain erupted within her. Dabney told Morgan that Emily had full acceptance while Emily emerged feeling like a brand new woman.[1] Emily now shares her mind with a Kryptonian.[3]

As per the Young Executives Program of Edge EnerCorp, Emily had brunches and meeting with other people in the program at Victoria May's; she enjoyed herself as she learned lessons about friendship and business. The money that Morgan paid them just for training truly helped her household. Emily told others that she had made the right decision in joining EnerCorp.

Emily and Duc Phan at their house.

On one occasion at Victoria May's, Emily ran into Clark Kent who told her that he has been busy since returning to Smallville; Emily was happy to see Lana's past lover and laughed with him about the past. She noticed that Jasper Townes and the others were leaving the diner, so Emily excused herself and followed.

Duc and Emily went to the Smallville High School talent show and sat near the Cushing family. The Phans and the Cushings watched as Sarah and Avery did their performances. Everyone stood together and talked after the show ended, letting the children know how proud they were for their bravery and skills. Suddenly, Emily left the auditorium saying that she was needed elsewhere; Kyle followed, telling Lana that he wanted to know what was so important that Emily would leave so abruptly.

Emily Phan and Jasper Townes attacks Jon and Lois.

Emily and Jasper Townes went to the Kent Farm, as Lois was on the phone; Lois' look told Emily that Lois had been warned of her arrival. Lois reached for the ELT, but Emily used her speed to grab it first. Just as Emily was about to attack, Sam Lane entered and fought the attackers, allowing Jonathan Kent and Lois to flee. Emily told Jasper that killing Sam was not as important as fulfilling their primary mission. Emily took the ELT to Morgan, for her boss to use.[1]

A couple of nights later, Emily and all of the participants of the X-Kryptonite machine converge on Morgan's location so that they can kill Superman. Emily and the dozens of people chase Superman and fire upon him with their heat vision. Superman uses his solar flare power, which causes the Kryptonian within Emily's mind to leave. Emily awakens and rejoins her family.[3]

Back to normal

Emily and her husband blamed Kyle and Lana for what had happened to her and her family,[4] but they later reconciled when Lana helped people during the last Tal-Rho attack on Smallville.[5]

Smallville elections

During the Smallville elections, Lana decided to run and Emily saw her livestream. She later met Lana at Victoria May's and told her she did a good job, and George Dean was investigating her family, including Sarah.[6][7]

Powers and abilities

Former powers

  • Kryptonian physiology: Due to having a Kryptonian consciousness placed in her body by the Eradicator, Emily's DNA was altered, gaining Kryptonian powers.[1]
    • Heat vision: Emily was able to emit red energy beams of intense heat from her eyes.[1]
    • Superhuman strength: Emily had super strength.[1]
    • Superhuman speed: Emily had super speed.[1]


Superman & Lois


  • While not directly stated, Emily likely graduated as part of the Class of '95 with Clark Kent and Lana Lang, as she has said that she knew Lana since the fifth grade.