"Killing me won't prevent the referendum from passing. If anything, it will make sure it does."
—Emily Pollard to Vigilante[src]

Emily Pollard is the mayor of Star City and a former city councilwoman.



Emily Pollard agrees to the gun registry law.

For several years, Pollard had been trying to prevent the creation of a gun registration in Star City and each time thanks to her efforts, the project was rejected. It was only after 2017 that discussions on this topic reappeared, and for this purpose the mayor Oliver Queen wanted to talk to the councilor after James Edlund's terrorist attack on the town hall. The woman expressed concern about the fact that the police still had not found the perpetrator of the murder of seven people. Knowing the terrorist's past, Oliver conveyed to Emily that the attacker may have meant to express concern over the rejection of the city's arms registration application. In addition, he presented his deceased friends and parents as evidence that an amendment to the law in their time could change a lot. His intention was to force the councilor to work together to create a reasonable set of restrictions that would respect everyone's rights. For hours and late into the evening, the two talked to try to find a level of understanding, when a phone call forced Queen to leave the office. In fact, the mayor went to the site of Edlund's potential next target, saving many lives and contributing to the arrest of the murderer. The next day, Pollard expressed her satisfaction with Oliver's behavior and received the gun law amendments he co-invented with Rene Ramirez. The councilor agreed to support the idea, believing that after the recent incidents, further fighting was pointless, warning that the mayor would pay a political price for these changes.[1]

When the murder of Detective Malone became known, Pollard appeared at a council meeting that accused Oliver of perjury and giving false testimony to the police.[2]

Pollard opted to draft some anti-vigilante legislation for Star City, which she discussed with deputy mayor Quentin Lance. Following a vigilante attack, Pollard used it as a pretext to introduce her legislation to the council, most of whom supported it. This was opposed, however, by mayor Oliver Queen, who invoked a chapter of the city charter in order to turn the bill into a citywide referendum.[3]

Visiting the Star City Police Department, Pollard was stopped by lieutenant Dinah Drake, who gave her a CompStat from Captain Pike to review. While reading the papers, she was pushed out of the way by Drake, who noticed a sniper about to fire. That night, she returned home, nearly to be interrupted by the same vigilante she had previously been attacked by, but was saved again by Drake. Emily sat down with Jane Woods at Channel 52 to discuss the anti-vigilante referendum. The interview was interrupted as the power went out, and Pollard looked up and noticed Vigilante, causing her to run off. She was intercepted by him, but he was in turn stopped by Black Canary, who allowed Pollard to go. Ultimately, Pollard still kept her stance on vigilantes, despite being saved by one.[4]

Becoming the new Mayor of Star City

After Quentin Lance's death, Pollard became the new mayor of Star City.[5] On her watch as the Mayor, the city lost faith in her and the Star City Police Department because of Ricardo Diaz and the anti-vigilante law and the main reason why the crime wave and the corruption is very high.

Pollard visited the Star City Police Department after Dinah Drake and Green Arrow apprehended Max Fuller. While she disapproved Oliver violating the anti-vigilante law, Dinah stated that Green Arrow is now working with the Star City Police Department. Pollard plans to get the district attorney into taking action to which Dinah claims that the current district attorney is on her side.[6]

She is beginning to trust Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow and the rest of his team when they saved her from a criminal. After their first day in SCPD, they apprehend the criminal with the police.[7]

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"She may be the tiniest, most unpleasant person I’ve ever met."
Rene Ramirez[src]

Emily has an anti-view on vigilantes in general despite all the good that most vigilantes have done for Star City; for example, even after being saved by Black Canary from Vigilante, she still kept her anti-stance on vigilantes, proving that she is both short-sighted and narrow-minded.

After becoming the mayor of Star City, as noted by Rene Ramirez, unlike Oliver Queen and the late Quentin Lance respectively; Emily does not care about the welfare of the citizens of Star City, as she only cares about her approval ratings, as she is proven to be a selfish individual, evidenced by the fact how she tried (yet failed) to take down Emiko Adachi, who was the Green Arrow in disguise and even tried to blame her for crimes she did not commit without any evidence; such as the Glades Youth center fire, however, the citizens of Star City were not fooled at all by her lies, as their opinion towards Emily became much more lower than before, Emily also was more concerned with Oliver Queen violating the anti-vigilante law than with Max Fuller having Frank Cassaday kill Sam Hutchinson and Clayton Ford, Emily even blamed Oliver for making Star City dangerous by being the Green Arrow but eventually deputized his team only because they saved her. Emily even made Team Arrow a separate task force from the S.C.P.D. when Dinah Drake threatened to expose Pollard getting support from James Midas, who was a criminal, in her campaign.

Even when Oliver turned himself over to the FBI and went to prison, the city lost faith in the police department and her. Even as mayor, the crime wave and corrupted went very high on her watch, the only reason why Emily became mayor was because of Ricardo Diaz, as he was the one who exposed Oliver as Green Arrow that got him impeached and shortly after, Diaz murdered Quentin; that is how she got into office.

Emily is beginning to trust Oliver as the Green Arrow and the rest of his team when they saved her from a criminal. After their first day in SCPD, they apprehend the criminal with the police.



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  • According to Quentin Lance, Emily believes in the concept of spiritual enlightenment.[8]


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