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Emma Falk (died April 2012) was a convenience store worker at a bodega in the Glades and the wife of the late Joseph Falk. Her death was the catalyst for Joseph's cyber-crusade as "The Savior".


Emma met Joseph Falk at St. Therese Academy, where he was working as a custodian. They fell in love and married in 2005.

One night in April 2012, Emma was working at a convenience store when robbers entered the bodega. They demanded money from the register, which she gave them. As Emma tried reaching for the phone to call the police, one of the robbers shot her in the gut, killing her.[1]


Emma's husband, Joseph, was heartbroken and devastated over her death. A year later, he began a cyber-crusade in Emma's name to target and kill those he deemed had wronged the Glades. One of Joseph's targets was ADA Gavin Carnahan, who failed to prosecute Emma's killers. Joseph was eventually killed by the Hood after refusing to be reasoned with.[1]



Season 1[]


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