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Empire Strikes Back, also known as Empire, was a Star Wars film directed by George Lucas from Earth-1.[1] The film is known to have featured Jedi, as well as the AT-AT.[2] After the film's release, it became quite well known on the Earth of Earth-1, such that scenes and characters were often quoted.


Sometime after 1967, Empire Strikes Back was produced, having been directed by George Lucas.

By mid 2016, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, and Barry Allen had all seen the movie, such that they were all familiar with the AT-AT, which featured in the movie.[2] By this point Barry also regarded the Jedi as something he had always wanted to be.[2]

By 2019, Barry Allen believed that Empire Strikes Back was his favorite movie, until B.A.R.I. reveals that his favorite movie is actually Jurassic Park.[3]


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