"Humanity's status quo should be shaken up every few millennia. It's good for them."
—Enchantress on the destruction of the Loom of Fate[src]

The Enchantress is an immortal magical entity and trusted friend of Clotho who was believed by John Constantine to have been banned form meddling with mortals.[1]


The Enchantress was living in Ancient Egypt in the body of a woman playing a harp when she was approached by her friend Clotho, who teased her about her preference of "artsy types". The harp player quipped back that her powers weren't entertainment before uttering the word "Enchantress", revealing her true form. Enchantress guessed correctly that the visit was about the destruction of the Loom of Fate, which she didn't disapprove of, as she agrees with shaking up the status quo. She warned her friend that destroying her reason for existence meant she had to decide who she would now become and how much of Clotho would remain. Since Clotho needed to make a Loom fragment unfindable, the Enchantress cast a spell on it that would make it invisible to anyone who thought of it.

At some point, Enchantress became acquainted with John Constantine, who was led to believe she had been restricted from meddling with mortals.

In 1910, the Loom fragment that Enchantress hid was summoned by Constantine to his house. Constantine and Zari Tarazi fell through a portal and arrived soon after, encountering Enchantress disguised as an old lady who introduced herself as "Mrs. Hughes". She claimed this was her boarding house and offered them a room, on the condition that they be a couple since she claimed to be very old-fashioned. They agreed but were interrupted by the arrival of another guest, causing John and Zari to quickly move on.

"Mrs. Hughes" later welcomed a band of Encores that arrived at the house looking for the Loom fragment, while unbeknownst to them, Constantine and Zari observed from afar.

After Constantine and Zari defeated all the Encores and found the Loom fragment, "Mrs. Hughes" entered the room just as they were being picked up by the rest of the Legends. Constantine, having deduced her true identity, slyly told her he thought she wasn't allowed to meddle anymore, and that she could have been a bit more direct, to which "Mrs. Hughes" giggled and affirmed she didn't know what he meant. As he left, however, she promised to see him around, and turned back to her true form.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, June Moon is a human who can transform into the Enchantress, a powerful magic user whose power is derived from an extra-dimensional entity named Dzamor that has taken her as its host. She has been a prominent member of the Suicide Squad and Shadowpact, regularly switching back and forth from villain to anti-hero. As on the show, she is transformed whenever she says the word "Enchantress".


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