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"Just call us your rental family!"
—Endeavor Car Rental slogan[src]

Eadeaver Car Rental is a car rental company located in Atlanta.


Established at some point before 2014, the company was situated in Atlanta and was renting cars to people in the area.[1]

Endeavor Car Rental office from inside

Endeavor Car Rental office from inside.

In 2014 strange events started to happen to Liv Aberdine, an employee of the company, which were later revealed to be an assassination attempts by demon Furcifer. One day he attacked her on a company's parking lot, denting the logo, leaving a lot of cracks and a deep hole in the ground.[1]

The next day as Liv approached the office she was intercepted by John Constantine and Chas Chandler, which prevented her from being at her working place at time. That in turn saved her life as medical examiner van crashed through the place, destroying Liv's workspace entirely and heavily damaging the building.[1]

The van, which was driven by reanimated corpse of Talia, possessed by Furcifer then stopped in the building with Furcifer, causing additional electrical disturbances as he was exorcised from the body by John.[1]

As Liv left the city, it is safe to assume that she no longer works in Endeavor Car Rental.[1]

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