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For the eponymous character, see August Heart.

"Enemy At the Gates" is the fifteenth episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-forty-eighth episode overall. It aired on June 29, 2021.



In the lab at STAR, Caitlin works with Ultraviolet however her circumstance is convoluted. Caitlin figures she can fix things, yet Ultraviolet is reluctant to proceed with it. Allegra begs her to rethink.

At the bar, Mark is getting pounded when Frost shows up and saves him. He's quite seriously injured and there isn't actually anyplace that Frost can take him that Mark hasn't misled. She winds up taking him to STAR Labs.

Barry winds up taking his examples to the investigative laboratory for testing since Caitlin is occupied. Cecile appears and sorts out the thing he's doing however before they can get an outcome on the test, the windows victory of the lab, annihilating the examples. Barry and Cecile barely escape.

The group begins to figure things out at STAR, finding that there are different Godspeeds causing issues, and not just that, they're vanishing as fast as they're appearing. Barry takes off to attempt to manage the circumstance. Imprint attempts to get Frost to consent to allow him to help, yet she says no. Bright consents to the medical procedure and Caitlin starts to work. Barry goes to face one of the Godspeeds at the force plant. Chester can decipher what he's platitude and it turns out it was a snare. A great deal of different Godspeeds appear, inciting Barry to have Chester drop the defensive safeguard around STAR Labs. Barry makes it back in the nick of time and the Godspeeds are bolted out.

The Godspeeds attempt to overcome the power field around STAR. Barry and Chester attempt to concoct an arrangement since the power field will not keep going forever, however Chester catches Barry conversing with Iris on the telephone and finds that Barry thinks they are pregnant and they momentarily talk about forms of things to come. Chester then, at that point uncovers he has an arrangement to utilize the unusual against the Godspeeds. Chester needs to over-burden them with the modem talk, making disarray so the group can bring them down individually.

Frost enrolls Mark's assistance and gives him back his Chillblaine weapons and reveals to him that on the off chance that he breaks her trust, he'll never get it back. Cecile utilizes her forces to assist Ultraviolet with resisting the urge to panic while in medical procedure. The Godspeeds figure out how to traverse the power field.

The Godspeeds get into STAR Labs, Chester hurries to the Time Vault for wellbeing on Barry's orders. Gideon recommends that they adjust Chester's arrangement to pipe the modem talk all through the office since the arrangement to do everything over Central City will not work. Very quickly, the Godspeeds are befuddled giving The Flash, Frost, and Chillblaine an opportunity to genuinely battle. Notwithstanding, one of them blasts into the Time Vault and takes out Gideon, finishing the benefit. The Flash baits them all away before they can kill the group.

Encircled by Godspeeds, The Flash is assaulted, yet another gathering of Godspeeds appear and they begin battling one another, a lot to The Flash's disarray. The Godspeeds then, at that point vanish.

Bright endures her medical procedure and ought to have returned to typical. The Godspeeds scarcely took any of his speed, yet Barry believes that the Godspeeds that came to save him were less about saving him and more about needing to kill the other six. Ends up, they may have a Godspeed common conflict on their hands.

Frost chooses to allow Mark an opportunity and after a second, they move to kiss yet there's a little blast and Mark evaporates. He's left.

Back at the investigative laboratory, Barry goes to run those tests he had intended to before, yet it just so happens, Iris isn't pregnant. The test outcomes return negative. He currently questions what's to come.

Outside of Central City, Joe and Kramer stakeout where they hope to discover Adam. Kramer is somewhat anxious about defying him. She's attempting to get what could be sufficient to transform him into somebody who might betray her. While they are talking, Joe sees something and Kramer alarms, advising him to escape the vehicle and afterward the vehicle detonates.



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  • The title, although references the novel Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad, refers to the Godspeed clones breaking into S.T.A.R. Labs.
  • The Babel Protocol is used to protect S.T.A.R. labs again. Having previously been used in "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2".
  • This is the first episode to feature Nora West-Allen since "Legacy".
  • Cecile's powers have evolved to the point she can even control heartrates by manipulating emotion; which she does to calm Ultraviolet during surgery.
  • Chester P. Runk asks Barry if he has a "Flashmobile". In the Justice League animated series, the Flashmobile was a vehicle purchased by the Flash, making its debut in the two-part episode "Eclipsed".
  • The Godspeed clones appear to be getting stronger, as the Godspeed that Barry fights is able to absorb his lightning punches without much stress, and also seems to be a close match for him.
  • Barry and Cecile Horton mention having monthly Tuesday lunches, a reference to how the show airs on Tuesdays.
  • As stated by Kristen Kramer, this episode picks up a week after the previous one.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Jon Cor's name was misspelt as "John Cor".