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"My sister will do everything she can to stop us."

The England Zombie Apocalypse was an event that took place in Great Britain, centered around the invasion of zombies caused by the Fate, Atropos to kill the Legends. This lead to the destruction of London and the death of many citizens that were eventually turned into zombies.


"Astra's friends will be searching for us by now; do something productive to take care of them..."
—Lachesis to Atropos[src]

Knowing that the Legends were in England, Atropos donned her ring from the Loom of Fate and cast a spell specifically aimed at the island. When she did, the flesh on her hand disappeared, showing the bones underneath.

Meanwhile, the Legends, who had just drunk from the Chalice of Dionysus, thus gaining a day of immortality, had noticed that Astra Logue along with the Waverider and the Loom of Fate were missing. Ava Sharpe remembered that Rip Hunter had established safe houses for the Time Bureau throughout the world, London included; so the Legends decided to leave John Constantine's house to go there.

After commandeering a bus, Mick Rory, while driving incorrectly, hits a woman. However, upon further investigation, it turns out she was a zombie. Other zombies quickly encircled the Legends and a fight ensued; John Constantine realized that this must be the work of Atropos,[1] since she attacked with zombie minions one time before.[2] The Legends defeated the undead, but as their bus got damaged they were unable to continue their journey.

London Zombie Apocalypse.png

Later, the British military arrived and told the Legends not to move; to emphasize their seriousness, Ava was given a fatal headshot. Suddenly, thanks to the chalice, Ava was revived and expelled the bullet; this caused the military to fear the Legends even more as "sentient zombies". The Legends were captured by the military but quickly escaped. Constantine and Zari Tarazi separated from the others and acquired a vehicle to continue the journey.

Zombies swarm Sara.

Arriving at the London safe house, the Legends learned that the time courier they sought was not charged and temporarily useless; they decided to drink and talk as it recharged. Meanwhile, zombies surrounded their location. [1]

The zombies waited until time had run out and the Legends were mortal once more, to which the zombies broke into the building and attacked the Legends. Sara drew the zombies away from the time courier and fought them from a billiard table. Fighting bravely, she eventually got pulled down and got ripped apart by the zombies. As the Time Courier was charged, Charlie was able to escape and flee to the Waverider.[1]


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  • The England Zombie Apocalypse is similar to the DC comics literature called "DCeased" where a zombie conquest spreads from Metropolis and various heroes are killed during the attack.
  • It is likely, though unconfirmed, that the consequences of this event were reversed by the Fates using the Loom of Fate, as if they haven't, then the countless unfated deaths (and extreme lack of working hands) in England would have created a massive imbalance in their supposedly perfect Loomworld.