"Well, I'm sorry, Jay. If this is the only way to save everyone in the city, I have to."
Barry Allen to Jay Garrick

"Enter Flashtime" is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the eighty-fourth episode overall. It aired on March 6, 2018.


When a nuclear bomb detonates in downtown Central City, Barry, Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick slow down time by entering Flashtime. As everyone in the city is frozen, the three speedsters push themselves to the breaking point to save the city and everyone in it.[src]


"Enter Flashtime" begins with a closeup shot of an exhausted Barry sweating vigorously. He goes to Iris and reveals to her that he can't spare her this time.

We see a flashback to eight minutes earlier where Cisco and Iris are preparing Barry to have the option to run quick enough to catch up to DeVoe when he's teleporting away. Cisco enjoys a break, while Barry and Iris talk about setting aside some effort for their own life. Barry concurs and chooses to reserve a spot for dinner at a sentimental spot.

Wells calls them to the Cortex to disclose to them that DeVoe's been anticipating taking the powers from the metahumans on the bus for a long while. As they're talking, Wells' daughter, Jesse Quick appears.

Wells pulls his daughter aside and the two talk about Jesse's mother. Jesse accuses their stressed relationship on her dad's failure to appropriately lament over her mom's demise.

Team Flash gets ready that a gunfight has broken out at a distribution center. We see outfitted aggressors shooting their weapons at Joe and a crew of ARGUS operators. One of the aggressors opens a delivery compartment in the distribution center, where we see an atomic weapon is put away.

Barry, Jesse, Cisco, and Caitlin show up on scene and deal with most of the shooters, yet it's past the point of no return, the instigator has just set off the nuke.

Barry and Jesse — both ready to travel quicker than the remainder of the masses — talk about what their subsequent stages are. Barry makes reference to that Jay Garrick may realize what to do and Jesse hurries off to Earth-3 to get him.

Barry utilizes his forces to bring Cisco into Flashtime and the last has a go at penetrating the nuke onto a dead Earth. With his body incapable to deal with Flashtime, Cisco cannot open a penetrate. Barry leaves Cisco in ordinary time and hurries off to converse with Harry about potential arrangements. Harry thinks they'll have the option to bring the nuke into the Speed Force and have it explode there.

Jesse shows up with Jay and after hearing Barry's arrangement of bringing the nuke into the Speed Force, Jay is uncertain about assisting. Jay makes reference to that placing the nuke into the Speed Force could crush it, removing powers from all speedsters over the multiverse. Jay understands that the nuke could be chilled off, potentially freezing it

The trio of speedsters head back to the stockroom and use Killer Frost to have a go at freezing the nuke, yet like Cisco, her forces don't work in Flashtime. Jesse specifies that they might toss lightning jolts at the nuke, shocking it. As they begin accelerating to toss lightning, Jay trips and needs to expel himself from Flashtime to recuperate.

With Jay out of the condition, Barry and Jesse contend on what to do straightaway. Barry takes a stab at persuading Jesse to bring the nuke into the Speed Force however she opposes this idea. The two acknowledge they're easing back down as the nuke begins to develop in size speedier. Barry persuades Jesse to utilize her outstanding rate to head out back to Earth-2. Jesse attempts to return to STAR Labs and take her go into Flashtime, however she's coming up short on speed to get it going.

Barry then speeds back to Iris, where we see a similar scene from the opening of the scene.

Iris brings up to Barry that Cisco and Caitlin deceived the Speed Force with the quark circle, and if Barry can discover it once more, he may have the option to utilize it to stop the nuke. He enters the Speed Force, finds the circle, and like Iris anticipated, the circle had the option to assimilate the impact from the nuke.

Everybody begins moving at typical speed once more, and Joe discovers Barry dropped on the distribution center floor. Joe goes to ensure Barry is okay, and Barry comes to following a couple of moments.

Back at STAR Labs, Joe shows the group a video found at the loft of the psychological oppressor instigator. She recognizes herself as Veronica Dale of the Eden Corps, an eco-fear monger gathering.

Jay strolls in to say goodbye to the group, he needs to return to Earth-3 to prepare another speedster to supplant him. Somewhere else, Jesse discloses to her father that he doesn't need to clarify why he can't discuss the death of his better half.

Caitlin and Harry go to Jitters to snatch some espresso. They're talking when their espressos thumped over by the energized secret young lady we've seen twice previously.



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  • Cisco refers to Barry as "Miyagi", referencing the character from The Karate Kid franchise.
  • Cisco refers to the nuclear bomb as their "Ark of the Covenant", referring to the legendary object's depiction in the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, from which a pillar of holy fire rises and shoots oncoming soldiers.
  • Barry calls Iris his "lightning rod". This is a reference to the concept introduced in The Flash: Rebirth; a speedster's "lightning rod" is his or her loved one who can help him or her escape the Speed Force and return to a certain point in time.
  • The group responsible for attempting to set off the nuclear detonation is identified in a video message as the "Eden Corps", with their leader being Veronica Dale. In the New Earth comics, Dale was one of the leaders of the Eden Corps, a terrorist organization that was indirectly responsible for Oliver Queen's death.
  • The concept of "Flashtime" was created for the series.
  • In an interview, John Wesley Shipp stated that the studio hired over 100 mimes to help with the "Flashtime" scenes, where the extras were to remain frozen in time. In those scenes however, CGI wasn't an option due to all of the interaction between moving and frozen people in the episode.[citation needed]
  • The equation written on the board in the Speed lab at the beginning of the episode, 3x2(9yz)4A, is the speed equation that Barry created to increase his speed in order to defeat Zoom, which he went back in time to get help for in "Flash Back".
    • In the comics, the same formula was also used by Johnny Quick to create his speed.


  • When Barry is in "Flashtime", he is using a pen to write on a glass screen. However, the pen's ink would simply not flow fast enough to allow him to use it. Furthermore, Barry drops the pen and it appears to fall at normal speed, instead of appearing to fall in slow motion as one would expect. Even if the pen had been brought into the Flashtime state to allow him to use it (though no suggestion is ever made that Barry can do this with inanimate objects), the pen would have still fallen at the rate determined by gravitational pull (9.81 m/s^2).
    • From the time the button was pressed until the bomb went off would have been less than 5 nanoseconds. Barry made the one-way trip between S.T.A.R. Labs and the hangar 4 times, so he would have to travel at nearly 5000 times the speed of light to accomplish this feat, even if the two facilities were next door to each other.




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