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"Look at your hero. This man is no god. He is nothing! The days of The Flash protecting this city are over. [...] Now what will you do without your precious hero?"
Zoom declaring his victory over The Flash

"Enter Zoom" is the sixth episode of the second season of The Flash, and the twenty-ninth episode overall. It aired on November 10, 2015. It acts as the second half of a two-part episode.[1]



The Flash and Doctor Light fight, in which Light gets the advantage and repeatedly blasts him with her powers, takes the emblem off his chest and leaves.

72 hours earlier, in a cell in the pipeline, Dr. Light asks Barry to release her into stowing away. He needs her to figure out how to find Zoom. She says she was supposed to toss his emblem through the break to flag Zoom, and afterward he would come to gather the body.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry thinks he realizes an approach to stop Zoom by shooting him with a weapon he needs Cisco to plan as a conveyance gadget for an enemy of speed serum. Joe concurs, yet after Barry leaves, Joe asks Cisco to "vibe" on Wells.

Wells streaks back to Earth-2, where he's shouting at somebody via telephone when his girl comes in. Her name is without a doubt Jesse...and she's here to inquire as to whether it's truly evident that the atom smasher made the metahumans.

She doesn't comprehend why her dad loathed Jay, whom she believes is a saint. At the point when he attempts to give her a few sayings to legitimize his conduct, she leaves upset.

At the Central City Police Department, Patty is amped up for a thought she has on the best way to discover Doctor Light, however Joe reveals to her the case is shut, and won't clarify why. Barry comes to consider her to be Joe leaves, and the two tease, making free arrangements for a subsequent date.

At the Central City Picture News, Linda gets some information about the metahuman who executed Larkin. She needs to converse with The Flash, and needs to help capture Dr. Light.Iris says she'll converse with him yet that The Flash has everything leveled out

Cisco heads to the pipeline to bring Dr. Light her food, however she's pre-owned her forces to get undetectable, stripped her garments, and is getting away.

At S.T.A.R., Barry is disturbed that Light is gone, and the group is all differing on what to do. Barry is resolved to figure out how to complete the arrangement they previously had, while Joe attempts to persuade him to change the arrangement and join Jay.

In Cisco's lab, he attempts and neglects to get a vibration on Wells, who calls him on it, shouts at him and afterward streaks back to the day a metahuman assaulted his little girl's school and grabbed her.

At the Police Department, Patty admits to Joe that she and Barry kissed. She's stressed he's miserable over that, however he says no. She attempts to cajole data out of him and he doesn't give her anything.

When Barry goes to see Linda at Iris' home, he and Iris come up with an arrangement to utilize her as snare by imagining she's Doctor Light. Iris takes her to S.T.A.R., where Barry comes out dressed as The Flash to make the pitch.

Afterward, they're setting up a snare for Zoom, including utilizing Doctor Light's weapons to make sham blasters for Linda that have a lower yield as far as force. She's terrible at utilizing them, taking out some of an inappropriate fakers in a snag course they set up for her and at one point they even short out and begin to consume. In the end she gets the hang of utilizing the forces, and utilizing them effectively, and afterward Barry is all set. Everybody aside from Barry and Wells loathe the thought, however Barry is focused.

In the elevator, West blames Barry for following Zoom so forcefully to overcompensate for the manner in which things went with the Reverse-Flash. Barry is disturbed about it. He goes to Linda's home (as The Flash) and when she says she can't do it, he gives her a motivational speech. At the point when she hint he doesn't have any acquaintance with her, he exposes for her.

At S.T.A.R., Cisco expresses gratitude toward Harrison for his assistance, at that point there's a spill. At the point when the two both race to tidy it up, they contact, and Vibe sees Zoom cross examining Jesse in her cell.

At the Police Department, Patty goes to Joe about Doctor Light once more. She reveals to him that he's not being straightforward with her and she's unsettled about it. After he leaves, saying he needs a couple of days, she asks Barry to supper and Barry says he has plans with Joe. He asks her to supper tomorrow, and she says indeed, yet is obviously dubious.

That night, the fight from the beginning of the scene plays out simply like previously, including Light bringing him down and taking as much time as is needed, it's somewhat less persuading until they get into their section. She hollers to Zoom that she did what he needed, and tosses the logo into a break.

When nothing occurs following 60 minutes, Barry gets up and the group begins to pack it in. Wells is pissed, knocking things around with his gun. Barry admits to Joe that there was something in particular about the Reverse Flash: Wells told Barry on that tape that he despite everything wins in light of the fact that Barry will never truly be happy. Since the time he didn't spare his mom, he says there's been a void in him that is continually going to be there. Joe informs him to overlook regarding the entirety of that, and that Barry is liable for his own happiness. He tells him to pursue what he needs. Barry recognizes him however doesn't appear to truly be tuning in.

At the police office, Barry approaches Patty, who is viewing a video on her telephone. He overlooks it and kisses her, and the two conclude they ought to become more acquainted with one another more.

At the Picture News, Linda is sitting at her work area when Iris brings both of them brew. She's freeloaded that she can't compose a tale about everything that happened the most recent couple of days. Iris discloses to her you never become acclimated to it. Both of them prepare to leave, and as Linda leaves the workplace, she gets herself eye to eye with Zoom, who gets her and disappears. Iris witnesses it and pursues her shouting. At S.T.A.R., Barry gets a call similarly as Wells' sensors begin to go off. Zoom has Linda on the rooftop; he holds her over the edge, and afterward drops her and Barry spares her by hurrying to the ground and making an updraft. Zoom comes down to confront him and the two deadlock before the structure.

Barry runs a mammoth hover around S.T.A.R., developing enough vitality to toss lightning at Zoom. Zoom evades it, snatches it and tosses it back at Barry. Wells heads outside with his firearm. Barry has the serum in his grasp, and insults Zoom to get him to pursue him. Barry gets to the head of a structure a jumps off, removing Zoom's speed from the condition by adequately making both of their speed maximum speed. It doesn't work, and Zoom is going to execute Barry when Wells shoots Zoom. he misses, however, and Zoom hits Barry with the dart, at that point goes to Wells and says he's straightaway. He brings Barry, frail and bloodied, to the Picture News office, and afterward to the Police Department, to insult them. A hail of slugs at the police headquarters are completely gotten and disposed of, at that point Zoom takes Barry and leaves.

At last, Zoom heads to S.T.A.R., where he stands up to Wells. He exposes Barry and afterward wounds him with his hooks. At the point when he's going to execute Barry, Cisco shoots him with the speed-hosing serum, however everything it does is cause Zoom to run.

Barry's on an emergency clinic bed later, and Joe is prepared to take Wells' head off when Cisco asks who Jesse is. Wells uncovers that he's just there to catch Zoom, not to hurt Barry, yet he can see Barry can't support him.

Afterward, Barry awakens and gets some information about Linda, who's staying with companions in Coast City. Cisco lays a hand on his leg and Barry baffled by not being able to feel it attempts to get up however the group won't let him. He redirects notifying them that he doesn't have feeling in his legs and the trio begins to grow worrisome.



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  • After Barry wakes up, Cisco informs him that Linda is staying in Coast City. In the comics, Coast City is the home of Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern.
  • The Earth-2 equivalents of Oliver Queen and Robert Queen are referenced in a news broadcast that Harry Wells was listening to in a flashback, but their fates have apparently been reversed: Oliver Queen is revealed to have died in the Queen's Gambit shipwreck while Robert Queen survives and becomes The Hood, later The Arrow. This is reminiscent of the "Flashpoint" arc, which depicted an alternate timeline unwittingly created by the Flash in which Thomas Wayne became Batman and Bruce was killed instead.
  • The events of this episode are similar to the comic storyline Batman: Knightfall, with both stories featuring villains (Bane/Zoom) attacking the heroes (Batman/Flash) on their home territory (Batcave/S.T.A.R. Labs) after wearing them down with multiple villains, culminating in the villains breaking the heroes' backs in a public location.
    • Although whereas Bruce required external aid to heal from his injuries, Barry is able to heal on his own thanks to his powers.


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