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"Look at your hero. This man is no god. He is nothing! The days of The Flash protecting this city are over. [...] Now what will you do without your precious hero?"
Zoom declaring his victory over The Flash

"Enter Zoom" is the sixth episode of the second season of The Flash, and the twenty-ninth episode overall. It aired on November 10, 2015. It acts as the second half of a two-part episode.[1]



The Flash and Doctor Light fight, during which Light gets the advantage and repeatedly blasts him with her powers, takes the emblem off his chest and leaves.

72 hours earlier, in a cell in the pipeline, Dr. Light asks Barry to release her, saying she wants to just disappear and live her life. He needs her in order to figure out how to find Zoom. She says she was supposed to toss his emblem through the breach to notify Zoom to the Flash's death, and afterward Zoom would come to gather the body.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry thinks he's figured out a way to stop Zoom by injecting him with a serum to slow Zoom down, for which he needs Cisco to make gadget to shoot at Zoom. Joe concurs, yet after Barry leaves, Joe asks Cisco to "vibe" on Wells.

Wells flashes back to Earth-2, where he's shouting at somebody via telephone when Jesse, his daughter, comes in. Her name is without a doubt Jesse, and she inquires as to whether it's true that the atom smasher made the metahumans. She doesn't comprehend why her dad loathes Jay, whom she believes is a hero. At the point when he attempts to give her a few sayings to legitimize his conduct, she leaves, upset.

At the Central City Police Department, Patty is amped up from a thought she had on the best way to find Doctor Light, however Joe tells her the case is shut, and won't clarify why. Barry comes to talk to her after Joe leaves, and after Patty worries that Joe is mad at her because she kissed Barry, the two tease each other, Barry saying that he could talk to Joe about it because it was a good kiss, and Patty saying she might need a reminder.

At the Central City Picture News, Linda asks Iris for information about the metahuman who killed Larkin. She expresses her desire to converse with The Flash, which Iris condemns. After Linda asks again, Iris reassures her that she'll ask and the Flash has everything under control.

Cisco heads to the pipeline to bring Dr. Light her food. However, she's used her powers to become invisible (including stripping her garments), which fools Cisco into thinking she's gone. Cisco opens the door to investigate, but then an invisible figure shoves past him, which is Doctor Light, and she escapes the building.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry is disturbed that Light is gone, and the group is all differing on what to do. Barry is resolved to figure out how to complete the arrangement they previously had, while Joe attempts to persuade him to change the arrangement and join Jay, worrying that Barry is going after Zoom prematurely.

In Cisco's lab, he attempts but fails to get a vibration on Wells, who calls him on it and shouts at him. Cisco tells Caitlin he wasn't able to learn anything and Caitlin comments that there must be a personal reason for the feud between Wells and Zoom.

Wells, meanwhile, flashes back to a day he was working in his lab on Earth-2. The news is reporting about the Arrow, when suddenly the program is interrupted and an announcement is made about an attack on Central City College. Wells calls his daughter to make sure she's okay, but the camera pans and zooms in on a phone lying in the rubble, on which Wells sees that his call is lying unanswered, indicating that it is his daughter's phone. The news anchor reports that a metahuman arrived and grabbed a female student before the Flash was able to intervene.

At the Police Department, Patty admits to Joe that she and Barry kissed in an effort to open Joe up. This backfires however, as Joe calls her out on being too transparent and doesn't reveal anything.

When Barry goes to see Linda at his home, Iris and he realize they can utilize her identicality to Doctor Light to enact the trap they had come up with earlier. Iris takes her to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Barry comes out dressed as The Flash to make the pitch.

Using the clothes that Doctor Light left behind earlier, Linda practices being Doctor Light, including training with gloves that Cisco made meant to imitate Doctor Light's powers that have a far lower power than the real thing but still look believable. She attempts multiple times to shoot giant cardboard cutouts of the people at S.T.A.R. Labs, but Cisco has to make adjustments to the gloves which do not originally operate at the intended power. In the end she manages to shoot the cutouts of the Flash and no one else, successfully completing her training.

After Linda leaves, Caitlin expresses her doubts about Linda's readiness, but Barry is adamant on proceeding, and Wells tunes up the gloves to make sure they don't misfire again.

In the elevator, Joe questions Barry's true motives for pursuing Zoom so hastily, whether it was really about Zoom or if Barry was still fixated on the Reverse-Flash. Barry tries to convince Joe that it is truly about Zoom, but Joe still believes that it's because Barry had been waiting his whole life to catch the Reverse-Flash who was ultimately killed by Eddie's sacrifice.

Barry goes to his home (as The Flash) to to talk to Linda. When she says she can't do it, he gives her a motivational speech, saying that she's one of the strongest women he's ever met. When Linda wonders why he says that as they barely know each other. At this point, Barry reveals himself to Linda.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco pretends to express gratitude toward Wells in order to vibe some information, which doesn't work, after which he causes a spill that he has to clean up and tries to move Wells out of the way, and after a lot of fumbling around with what Wells was working on, he does manage to touch him.

In Cisco's vision, he sees a girl crying in a mysterious location. Suddenly, Zoom comes in and asks the girl about the reason for Wells' trip to Earth-1. She say she doesn't know, and Zoom replies that her loyalty is admirable, addressing her as Jesse, before Cisco looks away and Jesse screams.

At the Police Department, Patty goes to Joe about Doctor Light once more. She reveals to him that she's unsettled about him not being straightforward. Joe asks Patty to trust him for a few days, then leaves, right as Barry's coming down the stairs. Patty asks Barry out to dinner and Barry says he has something he needs to do with Joe. He counters by asking her about the following night, which she agrees to.

That night, the fight from the beginning of the episode plays out like shown previously, except this time Linda's inexperience in this type of role is clearly visible, and even Barry is having trouble acting the part, at one point not realizing he was supposed to pretend to have been hit until a few seconds after Linda shot at him. After Linda "takes him down", she calls out to Zoom and takes the Flash's emblem and tosses into the breach.

When nothing occurs following 60 minutes, Barry gets up and the group begins to pack up. Wells is angered, knocking some can over with his gun. Barry admits to Joe that this was related to the Reverse Flash: Wells (Thawne) told Barry on the tape where he confessed to Barry's mom's murder that he won despite everything because Barry will never truly be happy. Barry says since the time he didn't spare his mom, there's been a void in him, and Wells knew him. Joe counters that he raised Barry and knows Barry better, and advises Barry he should go out and pursue his own happiness, because if he lets Wells mess with his head, he lets him win.

At the CCPD, Barry approaches Patty, who is watching a video on her phone. He kisses her, surprising her, and Barry says it's because he's been thinking about what makes him happy. The two resolve to get to know each other better.

At Central City Picture News, Linda is sitting at her work area when Iris brings over beers. She laments that she can't compose an article about everything that has happened the past couple of days. Iris shares that she's never gotten used to it. As Linda leaves, she walks into Zoom, who kidnaps her and speeds off.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry gets a call from Iris as Wells' speedster sensor goes off. The Flash runs to the rooftop to confront Zoom where he has Linda, Zoom says he like playing with bait too. He drops Linda over the edge who is saved by Barry creating an updraft then catching her, telling her to leave.

Zoom and the Flash stare each other down. As Caitlin, Wells, and Cisco are watching the scene unfold on the security cameras, Wells comments that Zoom "is... or was [human]." The Flash begins to run around S.T.A.R. Labs, developing enough speed to toss lightning at Zoom. Zoom catches the lightning and throws it back at Barry, who is hit by it. Wells heads outside with his speed-dampening serum gun. Barry pulls out a syringe containing the serum, and baits Zoom into pursuing him. As the Flash and Zoom race to the top of S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco realizes Barry's trying to remove Zoom's speed from the equation by making both of them fall at terminal velocity. They jump off the top of one of S.T.A.R. Labs's spires, and as they're falling through the air Barry loses grip of the syringe. Before they hit the ground, Zoom manages to catch the syringe and inject it into Barry, landing on him as they hit the ground. Zoom beats Barry up. As Zoom is about to go in for a final blow, Wells shoots Zoom. Zoom catches the dart, reminding Wells that he's the fastest man alive, then jabs it and the syringe into Barry's chest. He warns Wells that he's next.

He brings Barry, beat up and bloodied, to the Central City Picture News office, saying the Flash is no god. Then he takes him to the CCPD, saying the Flash is down protecting the city. Singh orders the police to shoot at Zoom, but he catches all the bullets, then drops them on the floor. Zoom speeds off with Barry.

At last, Zoom heads to S.T.A.R., where he confronts Wells. He strips Barry of his mask and stabs him with a claw. Right when he's about to execute Barry, he gets hit by Cisco with a dart from the speed-dampening serum gun, causing Zoom to falter then run off.

Barry's on an emergency clinic bed later, and Joe is prepared to take Wells' head off when Cisco asks who Jesse is. Wells uncovers that he's just there to catch Zoom, not to hurt Barry, yet he can see Barry can't fulfill his needs.

Afterward, Barry awakens to Caitlin and Cisco and gets some information about Linda, who's staying with companions in Coast City. Cisco lays a hand on his leg and Barry baffled by not being able to feel it attempts to get up however the group won't let him. He redirects notifying them that he doesn't have feeling in his legs and the trio begins to grow worrisome.



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  • This is the highest rated episode of Season 2 with a rating of 9.3 on IMDb.
  • After Barry wakes up, Cisco informs him that Linda is staying in Coast City. In the comics, Coast City is the home of Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern.
  • The Earth-2 equivalents of Oliver Queen and Robert Queen are referenced in a news broadcast that Harry Wells was listening to in a flashback, but their fates have apparently been reversed: Oliver Queen is revealed to have died in the Queen's Gambit shipwreck while Robert Queen survives and becomes The Hood, later The Arrow. This is reminiscent of the "Flashpoint" arc, which depicted an alternate timeline unwittingly created by the Flash in which Thomas Wayne became Batman and Bruce was killed instead.
  • The events of this episode are similar to the comic storyline Batman: Knightfall, with both stories featuring villains (Bane/Zoom) attacking the heroes (Batman/Flash) on their home territory (Batcave/S.T.A.R. Labs) after wearing them down with multiple villains, culminating in the villains breaking the heroes' backs in a public location.
    • Although whereas Bruce required external aid to heal from his injuries, Barry is able to heal on his own thanks to his powers.


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