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This wheelchair was and is property of S.T.A.R. Labs. Eobard pretended to have been injured after the particle accelerator exploded and started using it after the event, and ditched it after his identity was found out. He used it for two simple reasons, to act crippled in order to deflect or deter any attention or thought of him being the Reverse-Flash until Barry was fast enough to get him home, but also to charge his super speed, using a device that was stored on its underside. He stopped using it after the team discovered his identity.


After the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, Eobard acted crippled and began using the wheelchair. He used it to eliminate any consideration of him being the Reverse-Flash and for sympathy, as well as to charge his super speed.

After Eobard was erased from existence when his ancestor Eddie killed himself, the team stowed away the wheelchair. The parts used to charge Thawne's speed were used as parts to the Power Cane, a device employed to stabilize the condition of Martin Stein during the search for a second Firestorm.[1]

After Zoom damaged Barry's spine, Barry used the wheelchair until he could walk again.[2]

During Earth X's New Reich's attempt to invade Earth-1, Eobard briefly used the wheelchair, mainly due to his sentiment that he had built and run S.T.A.R. Labs for 15 years.[3]

The wheelchair was later used by Harrison Sherloque Wells to determine Nora West-Allen's motive for time-traveling to 2018, suspecting that it had something to do with Eobard. He discovered a flash drive within the wheelchair containing Eobard's personal notes, one of them on the nature of timelines and their malleability as well as Eobard's discovery of the time language.[4]

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  • Eobard prepared to get out of it distinctively twice when he was still using it, once when he almost stepped out of it to save Barry,[5] and a second time when he almost sped out of it when a robotic bee almost stung him.[6]