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|occupation= Physicist<br/>Supervillain <small>(in secret)</small><br/>Director of [[S.T.A.R. Labs]] <small>(formerly)</small><br/>Leader of [[Team Flash]] <small>(formerly; in secret)</small>
|occupation= Physicist<br/>Supervillain <small>(in secret)</small><br/>Director of [[S.T.A.R. Labs]] <small>(formerly)</small><br/>Leader of [[Team Flash]] <small>(formerly; in secret)</small>
|status= Alive
|status= Deceased
|family= Agnes <small>(ancestor)</small><br/>[[Eddie Thawne]] <small>(ancestor; deceased)</small>
|family= Agnes <small>(ancestor)</small><br/>[[Eddie Thawne]] <small>(ancestor; deceased)</small>
|actor= [[Matt Letscher]]<br>[[Tom Cavanagh]] <small>(As [[Harrison Wells]])</small>
|actor= [[Matt Letscher]]<br>[[Tom Cavanagh]] <small>(As [[Harrison Wells]])</small>

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For the scientist whose identity was stolen, see Harrison Wells (Earth One).
"This ability to travel through time revealed the truth. My fate was to become your greatest enemy. I was never going to be The Flash. So I became the reverse of everything that you were. The more people you saved, the more you were loved…the more I had to take from you."
—Eobard Thawne to Barry Allen[src]

Professor Eobard Thawne (c. 2151), also known as the "Reverse-Flash", is a meta-human from the future, and the archenemy of The Flash.

Obsessed with the 21st Century's Flash, Eobard recreated the accident that gave him his powers. But after travelling back in time, Eobard learned that he was destined to become the Flash's archenemy and grew to despise the hero, attempting to prove his superiority as the Reverse-Flash.

After learning the Flash's secret identity, Eobard traveled back in time to kill Barry as a child, but was intercepted when the Flash brought his younger self to safety. An angered Eobard then killed Nora Allen and framed Henry Allen for the crime instead. But when he attempted to travel back to his own time, however, Eobard lost his connection to the Speed Force, becoming stranded in the 21st century. Impersonating Dr. Harrison Wells, he forged a life for himself as the director of S.T.A.R. Labs, and pushed through for the creation of a particle accelerator to ensure that Barry Allen would become the Flash. Eobard would then teach the Flash to increase his speed so that Eobard could use the hero's connection to the Speed Force to return to his own time. But when his ancestor, Eddie Thawne, killed himself, Eobard was erased from existence.

Over one year later, however, it was discovered that a younger Eobard was able to return due to time remnants of the Speed Force protecting him and linking him to the timeline, despite his ancestor preventing him from ever being born. This time remnant protects Barry's timeline, and serves as Eobard's past prior to killing Barry's mother.



Eobard was born in 2151 into the Thawne family, an affluent bloodline of politicians, scientists, and captains of industry, and is a descendant of Eddie Thawne. Eobard has stated that he is a distinguished member of his family, and that even his first name "Eobard" is distinguished. At some point in his life, Eobard became a science professor.[1] Eobard was a big fan of the Flash, a superhero from the 21st century, and became obsessed with him and desired to be the Flash himself. Eobard, after years of research at some point during the 2180s or 2190s, learned how the Flash gained his powers and duplicated the reaction that originally gave the Flash his powers of super speed, resulting in Eobard gaining super speed himself and the power of time travel. However, for reasons unclear, Eobard suffers the flaw of having a limited connection to the Speed Force and sometimes loses his speed altogether, although the reason why this happened is unknown. After gaining the Speed Force, Eobard eventually traveled back in time only to learn that he was destined to become the Flash's greatest enemy. Eobard became consumed with rage to know he would never be the Flash himself, and grew to despise the Flash with every fiber in his being, and decided to become the reverse of everything the Flash was, giving himself the supervillain moniker of the "Reverse-Flash", and made it his life's work to kill the Flash. [2] He also somehow obtained possession of Gideon, an artificial intelligence program created by The Flash. Eventually Eobard began searching various moments throughout history to find when Flash was active.

First Encounter with Flash

Eobard Thawne questions Gideon as to where he is

Eobard arrives in the past for the first time.

Reverse-Flash, at some point of his life after learning to be the Flash's destined archenemy, traveled to early 2016 from a not yet identified timeline and Gideon confirmed his spatio-temporal whereabouts, prompting Eobard to search for Flash. Eobard rigged an oil truck to drive at high speeds and collide with a building to lure Flash out, and was successful. Pleased to have located the exact time era Flash is active, Eobard planned his return home to properly plan his next attack and broke into one of Mercury Labs offsite facilities, and prepared equipment designed to act as a time machine to send him back to his own time. However Eobard was unable to replicate the Tachyon power source and sought out Dr. Tina McGee. Before he could take her though Flash arrived and Reverse-Flash was surprised when Barry addressed him by his real name and that Flash believed him dead, revealing to a confused Reverse-Flash that he had already met an older version of himself and knocked Flash out before taking McGee. Eobard showed his device to Tina who revealed Eobard's future attempt to steal her tachyon device before, and Eobard realized that his future counterpart has been stuck in the past before, and was unable to access enough Speed Force energy. Eobard ordered Tina to accelerate the energetic properties within the tachyon device but she expressed doubts that she could until Eobard vibrated his hand and calmly told her to learn or die . After McGee finished her work, Eobard tried to kill her but Flash arrived, subdued him and destroyed the machine. Eobard, unwavered by his nemesis's sabotage to his trip home, said he would find another way to travel to the future and boasted his superiority to Barry before issuing a challenge to catch him. Both Reverse-Flash and Flash began racing throughout the streets of Central City though Reverse-Flash proved to be faster than his enemy, Flash began anticipating his paths and caught up to him and proceeded to severely beat Reverse-Flash almost to death. Flash instead knocked him out and Reverse-Flash was placed in a pipeline prison at S.T.A.R. Labs. which was formerly a particle accelerator he made.

Barry about to bring Eobard Thawne back to the future

Eobard before Barry sends him back to the future.

Eobard was visited by a young engineer named Cisco Ramon who Eobard deduced must have history with his older counterpart, but was confused as to why he wanted to know how how his ring works. Cisco however told Eobard that he was the one that found him because of his powers, which Eobard gave to him which has lead to his capture and imprisonment in the prison he helped him build, leaving Eobard puzzled and stunned to learn of his future actions. Eobard was later approached by Flash asking why he despises him and Eobard explained his obsession with him and his desire to be The Flash himself and succeeded, only to travel through time and learn he would become his greatest enemy. Flash however was disgusted to learn why Eobard would murder his mother, because he couldn’t be him and Eobard angrily stated that he'd become better than Flash, became the one thing Flash could never stop and promises that one day he’ll learn his real name. Shortly after he was approached by a member of Team Flash and Eobard realized that his imprisonment has ruptured the timeline. The man however stated he had an alternate method to send him home and Eobard became fascinated with his interrogator but refused to identify himself and stated he was no one of importance, though Eobard was unconvinced. Eobard was released from his cell and informed of Team Flash’s alternate method of sending him back to the future, to have both him and Flash run at high enough speeds to create a wormhole through which Eobard can return to his own time. As they prepared Eobard vowed they would meet again and Flash agreed but also vowed he would stop him every time he tries, and both Flash and Reverse-Flash speed around the ring of the particle accelerator. After gaining enough speed, the wormhole was created and Flash hurled Reverse-Flash through the portal and Eobard successfully returned to his own time.

War with the Flash

After this encounter the two speedsters would then fight each other for a long time in various different times, with neither of them managing to defeat the other, though Eobard was confident that he was always one step ahead of his enemy. At some point Eobard also discovered that his interrogator was Harrison Wells (though unaware his interrogator was Wells' Earth-2 counterpart), the man whose particle accelerator created the Flash in the year 2020 in a different timeline. In 2024 Eobard learned Flash's secret identity of Barry Allen, and decided the best way to kill his archenemy was to murder Barry as a child, erasing the existence of The Flash altogether. Reverse-Flash however was opposed by Flash, Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkgirl and the 5 fought in the streets of Central City atop two leaking oil trucks, but in the confusion both speedsters vanished in an explosion of light.

Trapped in the past

Unbeknownst to anyone however both speedsters traveled back to the night of March 18 in the year 2000, aiming to murder Barry, but was pursued by his archenemy. The two fought inside the Allen house around Nora Allen, each landing solid hits on each other with Reverse-Flash gaining a slight upper hand. When the 11 year old Barry comes into the room, Nora is in the center of the room surrounded by streaks of yellow and red lightning and gets a brief glimpse of Reverse-Flash's face. Despite his efforts Flash manages to take his younger self 20 blocks away to safety and Reverse-Flash was enraged but quickly thought of another way to achieve his goal, kill Nora to traumatize Barry in the hopes that Barry wouldn't achieve his destin and stabs Nora in the heart.[3] He flees the scene to return to his own time which he hopes will now be one without The Flash but he is stopped by his sudden loss of connection to the Speed Force. After Gideon confirms that his powers have been drained due to his latest time jump, he realizes that he is now stranded in the 21st Century with no way back to his time and screams in frustration.

Eobard Thawne looks down at Harrison Wells

Eobard looking down on Harrison Wells.

Realizing he needed to harness Barry's speed to return to his own time Eobard begins devoting himself to ensuring Barry does indeed become the Flash, and traveled to Starling City to stalk Dr. Harrison Wells the one who created the Flash via a particle accelerator. One month after killing Nora, Eobard caused Wells' car to crash, killing Tess Morgan and injuring Harrison, then drags Wells out of the car and uses a device to absorb Wells's DNA and literally make himself look exactly like Wells, intending to use the scientist's reputation and his own futuristic knowledge to create the particle accelerator as quickly as possible. After Harrison dies in the process, he buries Harrison's body in a field near the bridge and takes his place in the car as police find him.[4]

Life as Harrison Wells

After taking Wells' identity, Eobard subsequently devoted his life to S.T.A.R. Labs' creation and its particle accelerator as quickly as possible, but took precautions to ensure his plan would work and kept close observation throughout Barry's whole life by setting up cameras all over Central City even in the West house where Barry lived following Nora's death. He also inherited Wells' mansion but for security reasons he never kept any personal belongings in his house Eobard also came to like Big Belly Burger, even remarking it was one the few reasons to stay in the 21st century since cows are extinct in his time. After opening S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard built a secret room accessible only via hand print where he kept the Gideon program which was still able to stay informed of future events, including a news paper article written by Iris titled "Flash Missing: Vanishes In Crisis" dated in 2024, an event currently set to occur in the new timeline. Eobard also kept his Reverse-Flash suit on a display case, and also stored a second suit away in the room. He also observed his nemesis's life including science fairs and soccer games, looking upon Barry with nothing but hate but would eventually begin to grow genuinely fond of Barry (15 years later would claim he didn't hate Barry, he hated but his future counterpart from the original timeline). Despite his new found fondness, he still vowed that Barry would die. He also kept just as close observation of his ancestor Eddie Thawne and took whatever precautions were needed to ensure Eddie would continue the Thawne family bloodline, thus ensuring Eobard's existence. Through Harrison's previous connections Eobard also became associated with Dr. Tina McGee, though Tina always sensed something was different about "Harrison". He also knew Simon Stagg who though famous for "his" scientific achievements, Eobard knew the greedy and corrupt philanthropist he really was. Eobard also once met Robert Queen at a charity event, one of their subjects of discussion was Robert's son Oliver. In his search for promising young minds to help with his work he became aware of Felicity Smoak and foresaw "great things" from her.

Harrison Wells and Hartley Rathaway playing a game of chess

Eobard playing a game of chess with Hartley Rathaway.

At some point Eobard hired Dr. Caitlin Snow, Ronnie Raymond and Hartley Rathaway, the latter of whom Eobard also grew close to and he became his protégé, to assist in the construction of the accelerator. It's possible he also hired them because of his future knowledge their achievements, later claiming that his actions have given them better lives than what they had. Eobard and Hartley often bonded through activities such as games of chess. He also adopted a pet gorilla named Grodd that he kept at S.T.A.R. Labs who he became close to and Grodd would view Eobard as a "father". In 2009, Eobard was approached by General Wade Eiling to work on a military project together to create soldiers with physic abilities and Eobard agreed, but Eiling begun using Grodd as a test subject and tortured the gorilla without Eobard's knowledge. When Eobard discovered this, he cancelled the project but still had "big plans" for Grodd.

In 2013, Eobard found Cisco and hired him acting on the knowledge of his future self and begun growing close to him also, much to Hartley's dismay, though Eobard still assured that Hartley was still "his guy". When Hartley realized the particle accelerator could fail and cause an explosion, Eobard was threatened so Eobard had Hartley fired and threatened to ruin Hartley's career if anyone was ever told.[5] After Hartley's firing, Eobard grew closer to Cisco and came to view Cisco as a surrogate son. Eventually Eobard finished the accelerator but unlike the original accelerator Eobard built his version to also act as a time machine for Barry for him to travel back in time to undo Eobard's murder of Nora, thus giving Barry sufficient reasoning to help Eobard return to his time.

Explosion of the particle accelerator

On December 23, 2013, he held an event at which he planned to switch on S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator, which he had created. He began speaking on stage, claiming that the particle accelerator would create a brighter future, bringing advancements in power and medicine, as well as physics as they knew it.[6] Later that night, the particle accelerator was switched on. However, particles began to behave abnormally, such as liquids floating in the air, followed by a loud bang from the accelerator. Eobard sent Ronnie Raymond and Cisco down to manually shut the particle accelerator down before anything bad happened. After Ronnie had vented the system, assuring S.T.A.R. Labs' safety but sacrificing himself in the process, Cisco called Eobard down to the chamber. Eobard made his way down, but not before entering his secret room and watching Barry in his lab be struck by the lightning bolt as planned. In addition to Barry, Eobard also ensured that Cisco was affected by the particle accelerator ensuring that Cisco does indeed pain his powers as his future self told him. He also ensured that Grodd was affected by the accelerator and the dark mater combined with the drugs Eiling injected in him years earlier activated and mutated him into a hyper-intelligent gorilla and escaped his cage, though Eobard allowed him to roam free in the sewers where he continued to grow in intelligence and size.

After the explosion Eobard begun pretending to be paralyzed from the waist down not just to keep suspicion of his future activities as the Reverse-Flash away from himself, but also rigging it with a machine to feed him Speed Force and make him faster than even Barry. After Barry was put in to a coma due to the lightning strike caused by the shock-wave, his condition eventually went critical, at which point Eobard convinced Joe West, Barry's foster father, to allow him to move Barry to S.T.A.R. Labs.[6] However Joe was never fully trusting of Eobard and knew something wasn't right but was too desperate to see Barry awake that he ignored his feelings.

Working with The Flash

After Barry woke from his coma, Eobard was called down to the lab to talk to Barry. He took Barry around S.T.A.R. Labs, explaining what had actually happened on the night of the particle accelerator explosion and how they'd moved him. Before they could run more tests, Barry left. After having realized he had the ability to run super fast, Eobard and the team went to an airfield where they sought to test Barry's speed. Eobard cautioned restraint, though Barry instead ran at full pelt, accidentally running in to barrels of water. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry told Eobard of his belief that perhaps there were more powered humans like himself, perhaps even another with super speed, though he said he believed that Barry was most definitely unique. Following a later run-in with Clyde Mardon's weather manipulation, however, Barry returned, angry that Eobard had seemingly lied to him. The latter admitted fault, explaining that the explosion had released various forms of seemingly theoretical energy across the city, including anti-matter, dark energy and x-elements. Barry mentioned that he planned to stop Clyde, though Eobard attempted to stop Barry from taking the risk, as he was incredibly important in terms of scientific advancement. Despite Eobard's claims that Barry was not a hero, only simply a boy who was struck by lightning, he headed out to find Mardon anyway. As Barry struggled to unravel a tornado Mardon had made, Eobard intervened over the communication, apologizing, reassuring Barry that he did in fact believe in him, that he could undo Eobard's wrongs. Later Eobard went into his secret room and checked up on the future and was relieved to see the future was intact.[6]

File:Dr. Wells.png

After having acted as a hero, Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Eobard again cautioned restraint to Barry, telling him to make sure he knew his limits. Barry later tried to act the hero again, though he passed out. He was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs and despite being scolded, they decided to try some tests. Barry began running on a modified treadmill, causing him to eventually pass out. Eobard identified that it had to do with his glucose levels, due to an extremely fast metabolism processing it too fast. They hooked Barry up to 40 IV bags before he finally awoke. As they began discussing a new diet for Barry, Joe West entered the room; Eobard was surprised to see him. He reassured Joe that they were looking out for what was best for Barry, though Joe disagreed that what they were doing was the way to do it. Barry yelled at Joe, causing him to get upset and leave. A while later Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, having been beaten up by another meta-human, who they identified by blood samples as Danton Black. Barry decided against trying to take him down, and despite Eobard's support, he was adamant that what they were doing was a mistake. Following that, Eobard went to talk to Joe. He claimed that next time Barry suited up, he would doubt himself. Eobard headed back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Caitlin was able to grow a clone of Danton Black from a replicating cell, so they called Barry in and explained this. The clone promptly awakened, presumably due to the prime Black activating some clones, and Joe hurried in through the doors, shooting the clone and reassuring Barry that only he could stop meta-humans, being one himself. They talked to Barry when he reached Stagg Industries and Eobard noted that he had to find the prime one, the original Danton Black. Ultimately, Danton was knocked over an edge, but despite being caught by Barry, forced himself to drop, killing him. The team watched a news report of it on the TV afterwards. Following that, Eobard visited Simon Stagg. After Stagg claimed that he wanted to find and use "the streak," Eobard stood up from his wheelchair and stabbed the man, claiming that The Flash, as he would one day come to be known as, had to be kept safe.[7]

After the Darbinyan crime family were gassed to death by a presumed meta-human, the S.T.A.R. Labs team began researching what they could, all of them excited by the potential prospects. Joe noted that they would have to find somewhere to hold them, as Iron Heights was less than ideal, and Cisco suggested the particle accelerator. Cisco and Eobard went down to the particle accelerator's core chamber. Eobard had to go do some modifications while Cisco waited, and they soon went back up. Eobard realized it was hard for Cisco to be there. The two later assisted Barry when he went after a mist-controlling meta-human inside the Central City Shopping Mall. However, Barry discovered that the man could turn himself in to gas, and inhaled some of his toxic gasses, before racing back to S.T.A.R. Labs where the team painfully extracted the poisonous gas. The team was soon able to identify the makeup of the gas: hydrogen cyanide with traces of a sedative. Barry figured that the two would be mixed in a death row execution and they identified the meta-human as Kyle Nimbus, proudly nicknamed The Mist by Cisco. Barry went to protect Nimbus' next target, Joe, and the team supported him. Unable to outrun The Mist, they suggested he make him tired, as he would have to revert to his physical, human form eventually. Barry succeeded and Nimbus was taken back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he was locked up in the particle accelerator prison.[8]

Eobard defeated Barry in a game of chess while Barry also played a game of table tennis with Cisco and a game of Operation with Caitlin. When Felicity visited S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard greeted her and was more than pleased to meet her, noting he's aware of all her accolades and that he always keeps an eye out for such talent. When Felicity questioned about the possible dangers of what Barry does, Eobard reassured her that everything they do is to ensure Barry's safety and that Barry is in good hands. Eobard was later furious at Cisco, who built a weapon powerful enough to kill Barry despite his speed without any consent, though Cisco built it prior to Barry waking from his coma. Eobard ordered Cisco to track down where the cold gun is and to do so immediately after telling him weapons don't belong in S.T.A.R. Labs. After Felicity left, Eobard noted she was a remarkable young woman. Eobard told Cisco to never do anything as to build such a weapon again, though he was unaware of another similar weapon that Cisco had built which was also stolen.[9]

After Barry failed to stop Tony Woodward, Eobard told Barry they'd find a way to stop him, but told Barry to rest and heal for the time being. A day later, Joe visited Eobard, asking for help on Nora Allen's murder case. When Joe asked if his particle accelerator was possibly involved, Eobard reminded Joe that the murder occurred 14 years ago. After a few other suggestions from Joe, Eobard told him that they were all highly unlikely. After Barry tried to stop Tony Woodward alone, Eobard was furious as they had yet to find a way to stop him. When Barry told him that he could just heal, Eobard told Barry he can't heal if he was killed. Eobard then told Barry could stop Tony Woodward if he moved fast enough as any material can be struck at a high enough velocity. The following day, Eobard had a drink with Joe, where Joe suggested that he was involved as Eobard arrived shortly after Nora was murdered. Eobard told Joe to look up Tess Morgan before leaving. Joe visited Eobard at S.T.A.R. Labs, apologizing for accusing him for murder. Eobard then told Joe about his past and why he moved to Central City. Reverse-Flash reappeared in Joe West's house, while he was investigating him, and stole the evidence and threatened Iris by pining a photograph of her with a similar knife Reverse-Flash killed Nora with, to scare Joe away from investigating Nora's murder.[10]

In an entry in his personal log, Eobard noted that Barry was driven to use his powers to help people, and stated that this was keeping Barry from realizing his full potential. He later told Barry that he had to "kick it up a notch" in his training. When Farooq Gibran attacked S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard released Tony Woodward, offering him his freedom in exchange for killing Farooq. Later, he had a brief argument with Barry about sacrificing Woodward to stall Farooq, angrily insisting that he had merely done what was necessary. When Farooq cornered Team Flash, Eobard confronted him, reciting from memory the names of everyone who died in the particle accelerator disaster, and demanding that Farooq leave the others alone, saying that he was the only one who deserved to be punished. After Flash defeated Farooq, Eobard made another log entry, stating that he had previously been mistaken and that Barry's desire to help others was the key to developing the Flash's potential, not an obstacle as he had thought. He then took a blood sample from Blackout's corpse, saying that he was interested in finding out how the latter had drained the Flash's powers.

File:The RF vs Eddie, S.W.A.T. and Joe.png

As a thank you for helping him Barry gave Eobard, Cisco and Caitlin a birthday present each but Eobard declined Barry's offer of eggnog. A few hours later Reverse-Flash stormed Mercury Labs looking for a tachyon prototype device, killing the guards but was unable to reach the device due to the doctor sealing it away and he stormed off. Eobard "helped" Joe and Barry track down Reverse-Flash by building a trap for him as Joe and Barry secured the bait. Later Reverse-Flash spied on Barry as he talked to Iris then when Barry noticed him he ran after him, demanding to know why he killed his mother, but Reverse-Flash instead challenged him to a fight in a stadium. Reverse-Flash proved to be the better speedster but also claimed that Barry already knew his identity, that they'd fought for a long time with Barry always losing. He also told Barry it would be his destiny to die at his hands, as it was his mother's. Later S.T.A.R. Labs orchestrated the trap using the tachyon prototype and lured the Reverse-Flash in.[11] A holographic recording, seemingly actually real to almost everyone, played of the Reverse-Flash, who only answered to "Dr. Wells". As the force-field appeared to fail, Eobard rushed into the force-field so fast that no one had time to think and were all frozen, making it look like the Reverse Flash pulled him into the field. In the field, Eobard created a lifelike speed mirage of himself then suiting up as Reverse-Flash in the place of his hologram and repeatedly punched his after image, making it appear to everyone else that Reverse-Flash was trying to kill "Wells".[3] After the field disappeared, Reverse-Flash grabs the device and takes it to his secret room then reappears in the basement, and while still bouncing back and forth to maintain the speed-mirage of Eobard, Reverse-Flash kills Eddie's task-force in seconds without any effort but hesitates when he approaches Eddie, shoving him to the side rather than killing him (since this would cause Eobard to be erased from existence), and attacks Joe. Reverse-Flash reminds Joe he was warned but before he can kill him Flash intercepts him and drags him outside. However, Reverse-Flash again proved superior to Flash, but he was timely saved by a still-alive Ronnie Raymond. The Reverse-Flash vowed their fight wasn't over and ran off. Arriving back in time to take the place of his speed mirage Eobard was tended to by Caitlin and Cisco profusely apologies for the force-field failing. Though Eobard assured Cisco it wasn't his fault he expressed annoyance towards them for not informing him of Ronnie's survival, but assures Caitlin that they will find Ronnie and bring him home. Later Eobard place the tachyon prototype on his Reverse-Flash suit and while watching it harness it's power, says "Merry Christmas" with his distorted voice.[11]

Eobard, Cisco, and Caitlin continued to train Barry to improve his speed using a drone to fire at him. After Cisco called the man in yellow "The Reverse-Flash", Eobard approved of the name, unlike Caitlin. After Snart returned, Barry decided to pursue Snart, though Eobard warned Barry The Reverse-Flash is a greater threat. Due to Snart's threat, Eobard and Cisco presented the CCPD with a shield that could withstand Snart's cold gun. During Barry's battle with Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, Eobard realized the best way to let Snart's and Rory's guns cross streams is to move slower.[12]

Photograph of Barry Allen&#039;s team
Eobard guided Barry to detour the Royal Flush Gang. After a suggestion from Cisco, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Eobard all took a group picture together. Later that night, Eobard went to his mansion and got off his wheelchair. He received a phone call and was attacked by Hartley Rathaway. After Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin arrived, Eobard told them he won't require their help with the case. Barry realized it couldn't have been a teenage prank and Eobard told Barry he knew who it was. After Barry stopped Hartley from attacking his families company, Hartley told Barry he knew of Eobard's secret. After Hartley was locked up in the meta-human prison, Eobard asked how Hartley figured out that The Flash worked with them and Eobard was told he figured out through triangulation. Eobard returned to his team and admitted he knew there was a chance of the explosion. After Hartley escaped the prison, Eobard ran out of his Time Vault but collapsed to the ground after losing his speed. Hartley approached Eobard and asked the latter if he was still "his guy". Eobard later decided to regain his team's trust by publicly admitting he was aware of the chance of the particle accelerator exploding. He was then asked by Mason Bridge if he had any plans in the future of turning the particle accelerator on.
File:Wells smiling when Iris asks him if he's going to rebuild the accelerator.png
After Hartley attacked the Keystone Cleveland Dam, Barry went to stop Hartley. Barry was quickly stopped with sound waves though Eobard transmitted waves through the cars at the damn, stopping Hartley. Eobard then told he wished to one day regain the trust of the team but Barry told him he already had. Later, Eobard returned to his Time Vault, reporting to Gideon that his speed comes and goes. Gideon reported that it is unsure how longer the Tachyon device is viable and Eobard told Gideon that it was only meant to be a temporary fix and the real end game was coming.[5]

After Shawna Baez broke Clay Parker out of Iron Heights, Joe deduced Clay was a meta-human, however, Eobard corrected Joe, stating there was a woman's DNA matched with Clay's. Using the DNA, they learn the DNA belonged to Shawna. After learning Shawna's powers, Eobard told Barry they should focus on learning Shawna's limits. The following day, Eobard learned from Cisco that the latter let Hartley out of the meta-human prison, much to his disappointment. Later, Eobard learned Shawna can't teleport in dark space, as she can only teleport to what she can see. When Barry went after Shawna, he reminded Barry that she can't teleport if she couldn't see, leading to Barry busting out all the lights in the tunnel.[13]

After Firestorm attacked Quentin Quale, Eobard told the team letting Ronnie roam free was no longer an option. Eobard deduced the reason why Stein was in control of Ronnie's body was due to simple Darwinism. Eobard and Caitlin decide to have a stakeout outside of Professor Stein's home assuming Martin would be nearby to watch over his wife. While waiting for Martin Stein, Eobard swore to Caitlin his work won't be finished until he brings Stein and Ronnie back to normal. Shortly after, Firestorm came by and the two quickly contacted Barry. While Barry and Firestorm battled, the two followed, though accidentally hit Barry as the latter fell. After learning Martin claimed he could be separated, Eobard said it was possible, but only theoretically as splitting a human and an atom were different concepts. Eobard learned that Ronnie's body was rejecting Martin Stein, causing an exothermic reaction and a possible nuclear explosion. Due to them only have hours before Ronnie's body detonates, Eobard suggested they may have to kill Ronnie. While the team were outraged of the concept, Eobard told them if Ronnie and Martin Stein knew the consequences, they'd likely sacrifice themselves. In his time vault, Eobard pulled a hand gun and Gideon told him it was a crude weapon. Eobard then decided to make a quantum splicer using the tachyon device, though Eobard was told it would delay his timeline. Eobard told Gideon there would be no timeline if Central City was blown up. Cisco and Eobard built the tachyon device and gave it to Barry and Caitlin to take to Firestorm. After the splicer was placed on Firestorm, Eobard told the two to get away from Firestorm.[14]

Eobard greeted Ronnie as he returned, thanking him for sacrificing himself to protect those around him. Eobard then did medical work on Martin Stein, checking if he still had the ability to harness nuclear energy. Eobard learned he was unable to and reported this to the team. After Wade Eiling attacked Ronnie, he payed a visit to the former. Eiling asked Eobard to surrender Firestorm, though Eobard refused. Later, Eobard spiked Martin's drink before conversing with him. After Professor Stein passed out, Eobard contacted Eiling, who took him away. Eobard claimed to the team he was left helpless when Eiling came by to take Martin. When Barry said he would go after Eiling, Eobard reminded Barry what Eiling could do to him. In search for Martin, the team used Ronnie as he was still connected with Stein. To silence Eiling, Reverse-Flash abducted him from his office and took him Grodd's home in the sewers, and revealed himself to Eiling. Upon unmasking Eobard told Eiling that he protected his own and watched as Grodd took Eiling away.[15]

Eobard and Cisco passed the time at S.T.A.R. Labs watching a Buster Keaton movie though Cisco was shocked that he'd never seen it before, and Eobard sarcastically remarked "must have been before my time" and approved Cisco's request to make a list of movies to see. However Eobard also reminded Cisco of his brother Dante's birthday party but Cisco said he'd decided the best thing was to not go at all, and remarked how things had been much better since he stopped seeing them. Though Eobard was saddened to learn Cisco was still on bad terms with his family they were distracted by an alert of a break in at the Central City Morgue, though Eobard was confused as to why anyone would rob a morgue.[3]

Eobard kills Cisco to protect his secret

Eobard kills Cisco.

When Barry returned he told them all that Mark Mardon was the killer and was on a vendetta to avenge Clyde and Eobard deduced Mark was affected by the particle accelerator the same way Clyde was. Eobard was later told by Barry the former saw himself while running toward the morgue. Eobard told it could've been a speed mirage or an illusion. Eobard then told he would further investigate it after Mark is taken in. A couple days later, Caitlin took Eobard to Jitters for a coffee, while Cisco investigated how the Reverse Flash escaped. Eobard suggested if they adjusted the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite, they could possibly pick up a storm, helping catch Mark. When Eobard told Caitlin they should go to S.T.A.R. Labs to alert Cisco, Caitlin turned around to get their coffee's in to go cups. When Caitlin turned around, Eobard was gone. When Cisco had just discovered a hologram was used the night they "trapped" the Reverse-Flash, Eobard revealed himself to Cisco and reveals his true name. Eobard revealed to Cisco the night Nora was murdered, he intended to kill a young Barry. Eobard then revealed that he only trained Barry as if he didn't he wouldn't be able to get the speed to return to his time. Eobard told Cisco nothing would stop him from returning to his home, though Cisco offered help. Eobard noted Cisco to be smart, but not smart enough to bring him back. Eobard told Cisco he showed him what it was like to have a son, before phasing his arm through Cisco's chest, killing him.[3] However, because Barry time-traveled back to the previous day none of these events came to pass.

Identity revealed

The Reverse Flash snatching Mason

Reverse-Flash kills Mason Bridge

While running Barry stopped confusing Eobard and Cisco and reminded him to get to the morgue but he'd claimed to have been yesterday, confusing them both. When Barry returned he told them all that Mark Mardon was the killer and was on a vendetta to avenge Clyde and Eobard deduced Mark was affected by the particle accelerator the same way Clyde was. However Barry finished Eobard's sentence and correctly guessed almost every word Cisco and Caitlin were about to say to each other before they did, and with this Eobard realized that Barry had in fact time traveled. After learning he had travelled back one day Eobard stressed the importance of keeping history in tact which meant not telling him and tells Barry that he is to repeat the events of the day again and to not tell anyone or alter anything. Eobard checked in with Gideon but was assured the future remained in tact. Barry however, ignoring Eobard's advise, went after Mark anyway and captured him before he could commit his crimes. Eobard, angered that Barry had altered time, reminded him that whatever tragedies he'd averted time would somehow replace it and maybe even worse than before. Eobard had Barry run at his to speed on the treadmill in an attempt to re-create the conditions that allowed Barry to time travel in the first place, but even his highest speeds couldn't achieve it. After learning that Leonard Snart had returned with his sister Lisa and kidnapped Cisco, Eobard begun trying to track him down but Barry begged Eobard to let him talk about the previous yesterday and Eobard reluctantly agreed. Barry states that Mark was about to destroy the city and Iris admitted to have feelings for Barry but now she doesn't and though Barry claimed that Iris still had them, Eobard reminded him they were buried deep in her consciousness and without Mark's actions they remained unrealized. Furthermore, that Barry's powers are dangerous could cause serious havoc upon the world, though Barry knew he would have the chance Eobard suggests maybe he shouldn't since more people could die if Nora lives. Cisco then came back to S.T.A.R. Labs, Snart having realized him but only if Cisco told Leonard who The Flash is or he'd have killed Dante and Cisco tearfully quits the team in shame. However Eobard talks to him and reminded him that choosing between loved ones is an impossible choice and regardless he is still family and Cisco stays. Later Reverse-Flash went to Central City Picture News where Mason Bridge was writing an article implicating Eobard (Harrison Wells) to the murder of Stagg and disappearance of Eiling, and attacked him. After learning from Mason that everything he knew about him was on his drive Reverse-Flash killed him, hid his body and fixed the office to cover his tracks. Reverse-Flash then looked at Mason's computer and noted that he really was onto him and destroyed all his evidence.[16]

When a terrorist named The Trickster, named after the previous Trickster James Jesse, attacked the park by dropping bombs disguised as presents Eobard assisted the team in searching for a means to locate the new Trickster. However Eobard noticed Barry seemed cranky but Joe assured him that he was just having a bad morning. Later however when the Trickster made another broadcast Barry showed further signs of angst towards Eobard but he surmised it must be because of his previous visit to James Jesse in prison, bringing back memories of Nora's murder. When The Trickster uploaded a broadcast informing the public of a bomb in the city and left it's rough location Flash failed to find it, but Eobard realized it was a trick but Flash refused to listen to him much to everyone else confusion. Eobard was proven right as there was no bomb and it was a diversion so the Trickster, now identified as Axel Walker, could break James Jesse out of prison and take Henry hostage. When both Trickster's made their move to poison everyone at a fund raiser held by Mayor Bellows, Iris called Joe on his cellphone to clue him in and Eobard begun working on the antidote to the poison. However Barry had a bomb placed on him by Axel which would explode if he didn't run faster than 600 miles an hour or try to remove it, so Eobard taught Barry how to phase through a truck which separated him from the bomb and saved him. After succeeding in foiling The Trickster's plot Barry brought Henry to S.T.A.R. Labs to meet everyone where he thanked all of them for their efforts, especially Eobard.[17]

Eobard helped Barry investigate the strange death of Lindsay Kang at the hands of numerous honey bees, but where interrupted when Felicity and her boyfriend Ray Palmer/The Atom arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs seeking help on Ray's suit. After the bees took a second victim, Bill Carlisle, one of the bees followed Barry back to S.T.A.R. Labs while Barry, Felicity and Ray were out to dinner with Iris and Eddie leaving only Caitlin, Cisco and Eobard to fend off the bees. When it came for him Eobard almost broke his cover to evade it but Barry arrived in time to stop it. They shockingly discovered it wasn't a bee at all but a robot and learned the previous victims worked at Mercury Labs and paid a visit to an "old friend" Tina McGee. Dr. McGee confirmed the bees were the work of Brie Larvan but the bees went after Tina while Brie herself was sheltered some miles away, so Barry and Ray teamed up to stop Brie and the bees while Eobard and Felicity assisted over communications.[18] After Flash failed to catch up to a thief who could change into any person of any age Eobard became worried that this metahuman if he/she were to copy Barry, then he/she may be able to copy his speed and told him to stay away from the criminal. After confirming the meta's identity as Hannibal Bates Barry and Eddie went after him but failed when Bates took on Eddie's appearance and made him go on a killing spree. Meanwhile, Bates infiltrated S.T.A.R. Labs, disguised as Barry, and came close to killing Iris and Caitlin but Eobard used a taser to force him into unconsciousness. After Joe and Cisco returned from Starling City Eobard gave his regards to Eddie and talked to Joe about his visit, but Joe questioned why he never went back. Eobard again lied and claimed it was because of Tess but Eobard changed the subject and asked why Joe never talks about Iris' mother but Joe didn't reply and Eobard offered to have another drink with him sometime which Joe agreed to.[19]

Eobard later returned to his secret room to ask for an update from Gideon but she assured him everything was fine and later helped Cisco and Caitlin work on a device to induce lucid dreaming, which they claimed was for physiologists dealing with people traumatized by metahuman incidents. Later Eobard called Barry and informed him of a fire in a building nearby but Flash was unable to retrieve all the civilians before the fire burnt out of control, but Eobard told him to rotate his arms at high velocities which extinguished the flames. After Eobard returned from a conference Caitlin informed him that Cisco finally figured out how the "Reverse-Flash" "escaped", and Eobard realized his cover was blown. Eobard instead sent Hannibal Bates to pose as him and spring the trap the team had set for him as a means to get him to confess to Nora's murder. After Joe killed Bates, Eobard finally dropped his facade and addresses the team over the intercom and admits to using Bates as s distraction in exchange for his freedom. Barry and Caitlin expressed their anger for ruining their lives but Eobard claimed to understand their anger, but tried to assure them that his actions have actually improved their lives. Barry then angrily tells Eobard to face him and he assures him that they will fight again, very soon. To secure leverage Reverse-Flash ambushes Eddie and Iris, just as Eddie is proposing, and knocks out Eddie before moving in on Iris. However, before Reverse-Flash can kill her Flash arrives and Reverse-Flash abducts Eddie instead.[20] Reverse-Flash takes Eddie to his secondary lair underneath S.T.A.R. Labs [21] where Eddie reveals her already knows he's Wells, whoever he really is. Upon hearing this Reverse-Flash decides to reveal his true identity and relation to him, answering his questions as to why Reverse-Flash didn't kill him at Christmas, and informs him he is his "insurance".[20]

To distract Team Flash Eobard ordered Grodd to distract them using whatever means he saw fit while he constructed a device to re-power the particle accelerator, while keeping Eddie tied to a chair. While Eddie questioned Eobard's claims he stood by his pride to be a member of their family but revealed that history has virtually no record of Eddie and is considered to be a failure, and even shows Eddie the newspaper showing that Iris marries Barry and not Eddie. Later Eobard finished his device and activate the accelerator.[22] Before leaving Eobard tries to justify himself to Eddie by asking him to reflect on his own life and think of all the things that define it and what would he do if he lost everything, if he would accept his new life or get back everything he lost. After the accelerator activates Reverse-Flash escapes the facility with Barry in pursuit but releases Shawna as a distraction for the rest of the team. Despite Barry's efforts he is unable to keep up and Reverse-Flash escapes but Eobard returns 36 hours later when the accelerator is ready for activation, but Barry meets him outside. Eobard commends Barry's failed but brave attempt to transport the metahuman prisoners to safety, foiled by Captain Cold, but questions Barry's plan to face him again since he failed every time before. At that moment Firestorm and The Arrow arrive and despite being outnumbered Eobard was confident he could fight them, and he engaged them all at once. Reverse-Flash and Flash fought but Reverse-Flash manage to subdue Flash and sent Firestorm flying miles away forcing Flash to save him, but Arrow was able to hit him with an arrow laced with nanites, courtesy of Ray, which disabled Reverse-Flash's speed forcing him to fight Arrow in hand to hand. When Reverse-Flash recovered he pinned Arrow to the ground and prepared for the kill only for Flash to save him and both speedsters fought above S.T.A.R. Labs. While both fought Firestorm intervened and blasted Reverse-Flash off the roof before Arrow finished him off with another arrow.[23]


Eobard was placed inside the pipeline and after sometime Barry visited him to get answers, addressing him as "Thawne" and confirming he was now aware of his real identity and asked why Eobard killed Nora. Eobard explained the circumstances and reasoning for his murder of Nora and that he needed Barry to become The Flash in order to generate enough Speed Force to create a wormhole though which he could return home, and in the process Barry could return to the night Nora died and undo Eobard's actions. Barry didn't believe him but eventually opened up to Eobard's plan and explained that his plan required using the particle accelerator, explaining that Barry would have to run at Mack-2 speed through the accelerator and collide with a single hydrogen particle. Doing so would send him back to any time Barry desired and create a wormhole behind him which could be used by Eobard to return to his time. However what Eobard neglected to tell them is that doing so would result in the creation of a singularity. When he was chastised he assured them they would have enough time for both to achieve their goals, 1 minute and 52 seconds, and once accomplished they would be able to close the portal. Later while building a time machine for Eobard, Cisco visited him for advise on materials and after he told Cisco what he required Eobard became infuriated that Cisco didn't have as much sympathy for his predicament. However Cisco revealed to Eobard that he had murdered him in an alternate timeline and Eobard, though unsympathetic for killing Cisco justifying that he had a good reason, showed great concern and joy to learn that Cisco had indeed become a metahuman and informed Cisco that a "great destiny" awaited him. Eventually Barry prepared for the jump and ran at the speed required and Eobard tutored him on how to access the time he wanted, and successfully time jumped to the night Nora died. After the portal opened Eobard admired Cisco's newly built Time Sphere, admitting that it's original creator Rip Hunter would be impressed. After a strange helmet arrived Eobard knew it was time to leave and bid farewell to Cisco but before he could take off, Flash returned and destroyed the pod. Enraged, Reverse-Flash charged at Flash and fought him. As Team Flash worked to close the portal, Reverse-Flash beat Barry into submission and prepared to kill him, vowing to kill everyone else he loved. Eddie, however, shot himself in the heart in the last second before Eobard's killing blow to Barry. As Eddie's heart failed Reverse-Flash's face reverted from Harrison Wells back into Eobard Thawne, as he himself begun phasing out of existence. When Eddie died of his self-inflicted injuries, Eobard's body begun to crack apart. He arrogantly told Barry that he had controlled his life for so long, and asked how he'd get along without him, right before his body was incinerated and his existence erased from the timeline. However, his removal from existence all together caused a paradox that reopened the singularity which also served as a doorway to Earth Two.[24]


In the event of his death, where his plan to use Barry's speed to return to his own time were to fail, Eobard arranged for Barry to inherit S.T.A.R. Labs and also made the confession video to the murder of Nora Allen for Barry to give to the police to free Henry. A few days later Barry received the message but before confessing, Eobard stood his ground in saying that despite having what he wants, Barry will never truly be happy. Eobard then confesses to Nora's murder much to Barry's shock and delight.[25]


Under his Harrison Wells façade, Eobard is a scientific genius responsible for numerous achievements in the scientific field and had a large sense of respect from the scientific community, as was the very genius behind the particle accelerator's existence. Harrison was a character of duel-identities towards his team and himself as he openly appears caring and compassionate, guiding Barry Allen's journey of becoming the Flash, but had been shown to be willing to kill to ensure Barry's safety, and willing to sacrifice the meta-human prisoners to ensure the protection. Eobard was also willing to sacrifice other people as he activated the particle accelerator after being warned of its possible malfunction at the risk of the city, all to ensure Barry would be struck by the lightning bolt to turn into the Flash.

He is shown to be a very secretive man, as not neither Cisco Ramon nor Caitlin Snow had ever visited his house, and had either killed or manipulated people to their deaths. He did, however, seem to care about Barry's life, as he nearly gave up his own secret to rush to Barry when he chose to take a missile head on, instead of running from it. He was also willing to confront Blackout, in a bid to divert him from attacking Barry, Cisco and Caitlin, and spurring the return of Barry's powers. He also protected Grodd from being tortured by Wade Eiling's inhumane experiments. Despite at first being tempted to kill Firestorm, Eobard decided to help separate into two people again. This can be either from the fact that killing Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein would cost Eobard the trust and respect of Barry, Cisco and Caitlin or the fact he genuinely had a change of heart. Eobard is a man of sophistication, it's unknown if he was raised in this manner of upbringing, or if it was another thing he had picked up from Harrison Wells, in any case he is a man of the finer things in life, such as his own private collection of scotch, showing an interest in classical orchestra and was able to fluently speak in Latin, a trait he shared with his former protege Hartley Rathaway.

He is also somewhat short tempered and unstable, which can be seen in his murder of Nora Allen after Barry's younger self is saved from danger (though he reasoned that he did that to try and ward off Barry from becoming the Flash) and his numerous threats to Iris West and the rest of Barry's loved ones whenever his plans start to fail, attempting to kill seemingly on a whim.

After abandoning his dual-identities, Eobard Thawne's real personality is shown; a self-righteous sociopath that tries to justify his immoral actions, stating that everything he's done has made his own team's lives better, despite the fact that he had been selfishly using Barry to get back to his own time, and both Cisco and Catlin were pariahs from the particle accelerator incident.

Eobard is also shown to have a very arrogant and somewhat sadistic side, mocking his enemies for their vain attempts to stop him. He also showed delight in others' confusion at the situation. Another notable personality trait is his deep and insatiable hatred for the Flash from the year 2024. He hated Flash so much and was frustrated by his failed attempts that he went back to a time when Barry was a child, killing his mother in a fit of rage when he failed yet again.

However, in addition to absorbing the genetic makeup and physical appearance of Harrison Wells, Eobard also ended up taking on some of the personality traits of the latter. Most significantly, this included the late scientist's love for Tess Morgan, the presence of which helped him to convince Joe West of his innocence in Nora's murder. This may have also influenced Eobard in other ways, as possibly indicated below.

In spite of his status as a villain, Eobard was stated by the show's creators to not be an inherently evil man; he was only truly willing to hurt innocents unless he was absolutely required to, and showed no pleasure in doing so. He also genuinely came to care for his co-workers at S.T.A.R. Labs, even coming to see Cisco as a son, and having a heart-to-heart talk with him in order to convince him to keep working at S.T.A.R. Labs, after Cisco was preparing to leave out of feeling guilty for rebuilding Captain Cold and Heat Wave's weapons for the latter.

Throughout the series, Eobard justifies his murders by stating that all those whom he had killed had already been dead for centuries from his perspective. In particular, he has used this rationale to justify his murders of Nora Allen, Tess Morgan, and Cisco as stated above. While he has felt genuine remorse for all of these murders, it wasn't enough to dissuade him from his plans to return to his future by any means necessary.

As long as none of his "friends" knew his secret, he treated them like they were his own children. Before Barry changed the timeline, Eobard stated he wanted to keep Cisco from finding out most of all because he wanted to avoid killing him if necessary. However, when Eobard found out he killed Cisco in that alternate timeline, he stated he didn't care nor was he sorry for it because he was certain he had a good reason for doing so, which was true. Even though he hated the future Barry, he grew to care for the current Barry, having looked after and raised him, in spite of seeing him as a means to an end - the end being Eobard's return to his own time.

However, when Eddie sacrificed himself to kill Eobard (taking advantage of the fact that Eobard was Eddie's descendant, and as such would cease to exist if Eddie died), however, Eobard seemingly calmed down and merely asked Barry about how the latter would get on in his life without him there to manipulate Barry's life any more, shortly before fading from existence.

Eobard was also very laid-back about what happens to him, though this usually happened when he believed that his plan will not be affected. Even when confronted with the combined forces of the Flash, the Arrow and Firestorm, Eobard showed absolutely no signs of fear or concern and instead smirked, remarking "this would be fun". It is probable that Eobard was holding back the entire time and was planning on being thrown into the pipeline anyway, so he could gain S.T.A.R. Labs' full cooperation with helping him return to his time. Despite all his villainous traits, Eobard does have honor in him as he left behind a video confessing he killed Nora Allen in the event he died before he could return to his time and knowing Barry might be reluctant to see the contents of the video, left behind a will saying Barry would only inherit S.T.A.R Labs once the video was viewed by him.

Powers and abilities


  • Speed Force/Meta-human physiology: Eobard gained the powers of the Speed Force, which lets him run at extraordinary speeds. The Speed Force also granted him intricate powers such as intangibility and time traveling. It was unknown how Eobard obtained the powers of the Speed Force. Even if Eobard was faster than the Flash, it was the Speed Force's inter dimensional nature that allowed speedsters to pass through the fabric of reality and time itself. Since Eobard had a fluctuating connection to the Speed Force, he could not distort reality and time on his own and ultimately needed Barry to create one through time to allow him to travel through it to his own time, which was his ultimate end game. His body is conditioned to peak human vitality and performance due to his inhuman metabolism. Eobard is arguably one of the most powerful characters shown in the Arrowverse, with only the original timeline Barry Allen (the one he hated and fought as an enemy) only being capable of equaling him.
    The Reverse-Flash killing two guards

    The Reverse-Flash using his superhuman speed.

    • Superhuman speed: Eobard can move breathtakingly fast and is significantly faster than Barry from 2014-2015. Even when Barry reached Mach 2 and beyond, Eobard had no problem defeating Barry during their final battle. Barry said that he's so fast that he could kill everyone in the police precinct in seconds. In "Rogue Air", it is revealed that the reason why Eobard was so much faster than Barry, was because he was using a device that was stored on the underside of his wheelchair, that was charging his super speed. While Eobard is running at super speed, he has a completely different speed sound than Barry while running.
    • Rapid cellular regeneration: Eobard's fast healing was displayed when the wounds inflicted upon him had vanished almost instantly after putting on the tachyonic device on his suit. Without the tachyon device, he healed completely in an hour and not instantly. Harrison's wounds from being attacked with the force of a speeding car by the "Man In Yellow" were completely gone without a trace afterwards, which he covered up by isolating himself to avoid speculation of any kind.
    • Extreme force generation: By building up enough physical force from any part of his body, Reverse-Flash is able to deal very punishing blows. This ability allowed him to exert inhuman physical strength with almost absolute ease and not experience any strain. Even Barry Allen with his accelerated recovery abilities was quickly pummeled to the point he was unable to fight back. He was able to tear up Barry's face a little bit by punching him an insane amount of times repeatedly and Barry still hadn't healed ever after he was defeated. Wells was able to run through the field and beat himself up and left similar damage that which a person would sustain from being hit by a car.
    • Bodily vibration: Eobard has the ability to vibrate some or all of his cells and overall parts of his body on command, with varying effects based on the speed and intensity of the vibrational energy he uses. Being able to move any part of his body at varying speed and intensity, He is able to vibrate at varying frequencies and with different levels of force. He can vibrate his whole body which hazes it to the point that people can't perceive him clearly, as well as to garble his voice with a deep growl to disguise it. This caused him to be able to further conceal his identity, especially to people who could notice his face in the Reverse Flash mask.
    • Speed vacuum: With accelerated speed, Eobard can create fierce waves and vacuums of air by shaking a body part very fast. His speed vacuum is much more powerful as he was able to blow away Firestorm by rotating just one hand.
    • Accelerated perception: Eobard's speed also extends to his senses and mental capacities, allowing him to take in information and process it at much faster rates than a normal human. This ability allows Eobard to see the world as if it is in slow motion, which, combined with his physical speed, lets him perform thoughts and actions long before a normal human around him could even perceive them. Even Eobard was having troubles keeping up with how fast Shawna's cells were moving when he was trying to look at them.[26] When Barry was running at mach 2, Eobard was able to follow his movements with his eyes.[24]
    • Superhuman endurance: Eobard was able to recover from attack and exertion much quicker than normal humans. While this does not enhance his durability above normal levels, it allows him to less able to be weakened or crippled by attack or damage. He can survive most extreme forces and make quick ground recovery if knocked off his feet. It was much harder to stun him when he is using his abilities as he can take multiple hits while moving and not be knocked down or stopped in his tracks. He can use the physical forces he generates around him when moving to protect him from other forces that are directed at him, though usually these forces must be indirect forces, such as concussion and impactive forces, if they were not as high or higher than that which he generates.
    • Speed mirages: Eobard can create after-images with his speed, making it appear like he's in two places at once, when in reality, he's just in one place at a time but he's bouncing back and forth so fast that the human mind can't perceive the difference. He used this ability to appear as if he was laying on the ground as the beaten down Wells, while he took out the team as the Reverse-Flash, but was moving so fast while doing all of it that the team couldn't perceive the difference in individuals. It's unknown how many speed-mirages Eobard can make, but he may be able to make much more as Barry was shown to do.
    • Intangibility: Eobard can move and vibrate any part of his body so fast, that he can phase himself through people or objects. This ability appears to have damaging effects on electrical equipment, as it shorted out Mason Bridge's computer. It is believed that he used intangibility to phase his arm into Cisco's chest and shred apart his heart. When Eobard tried to get the Tachyon Prototype at Mercury Labs, the doctor sealed it with him in a room, and Eobard couldn't get it and left. It could be that his speed wasn't replenished enough to use his intangibility at this point and that's why he didn't just phase through the door.
    • Time travel: Eobard traveled through time to 2000 to kill Barry, but killed Nora in his anger and frustration and failing to kill Barry yet again, as well as to traumatize the younger Barry to keep him from becoming the Flash. After Eobard lost his connection to the Speed Force, he was trapped in the 21st century and devised a plan to return to his proper century by time traveling.
    • Electrokinesis: As a speedster, Eobard can produce powerful red electricity from his body and use it in any way he chooses. While running at super speed, red static emanates off of him. He could use this in combination with his ability to phase through objects to send static and electricity directly into it or with his ability to move and vibrate fast enough to increase the physical damage he causes, to further the effectiveness and applications of these abilities. Eobard is also capable of making his eyes glow bright red, which most likely is an effect of his electrokinesis.
    • Flight: Eobard is so fast that, with enough momentum, he can propel himself through the air and move across it, just as he can move through liquid or solid surfaces, as well defy gravitational force and not be pulled down easily by it. He can push off any form of matter, though he would need other masses, such as falling debris of various sizes to run on air, unless the air is moving at a speed that generates force which he can utilize to move across it or if he is moving at a speed that is far beyond supersonic, such as the speed of light. No matter the substance, he can create movement and move on or through any matter if he is moving at the right speed and utilizing the right amount of force and momentum.


  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen: Eobard is very intelligent, as evidenced by the crucial role he played in Team Flash, also due to his knowledge of the future, he spend the last 14 years trying to create the particle accelerator, and eventually succeeded. Eobard managed to run S.T.A.R. Labs very successfully for 14 years, until the particle accelerator explosion incident; caused the company to shut down. As stated by himself, Eobard was considered a genius in the (late) 22nd century which makes him potentially smarter than most, if not any person of the early 21st century, given the scientific advance of nearly two centuries.
  • Expert tactician/Manipulator/Negotiation: Eobard is a great tactician, as evidenced by him coming up with plans to help Barry Allen defeat the meta-humans he goes up against as the Flash. He managed to prevent Barry and his team from figuring out that he is the Reverse-Flash, until he made the slip up, by killing Mason Bridge and making his body disappear, who was gathering evidence to prove that he was involved in Simon Stagg's murder. Eobard was always one step ahead of Barry, due to the fact that he planted hidden cameras to spy on the letter and his team. Eobard was a capable manipulator, he managed to manipulate Tony Woodward, and later Hannibal Bates, by negotiating that he will release them, if they help him, these have resulted in the latter two's deaths. When he crossed the fence leading to S.T.A.R. Labs, he instigated Barry to confront him. He wanted to get back into the pipeline anyway, so when Barry, the Arrow and Firestorm fought him, he let himself lose so that he could get captured.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Whereas Barry relies primarily on his speed, enhanced physical force and momentum to overwhelm his slower opponents with random striking, Eobard as the Reverse-Flash was shown to be a very methodical fighter, striking at precise spots to systemically wear down his opponent. He was able to easily defeat Barry in hand-to-hand combat twice, and would have defeated him for a third time, if Eddie didn't sacrifice himself. While more often relying on his speed to quickly win him a fight, he was shown to be able to hold his own against a master unarmed fighter like Oliver Queen, while temporarily deprived of his speed, but once he got his speed back, he instantly had the Arrow pinned on the ground.
  • Expert Speed Force user: Eobard was shown to have great intelligence about the Speed Force and its usage. He has many times helped and guided Barry to use it better. He knew it has powers to create vacuums, move seamlessly pass through any solid target and was able to direct Barry on how-to use the Speed Force to time travel. He also used it fluently in combat, much better than Barry is able to due to his experience.


  • Speed Force connection flux: While originally having access to the Speed Force similar to Barry Allen, Eobard lost this connection when he suffered a massive power drain as he traveled back in time to kill Barry as a child. While later regaining his super speed and most of its related powers, he still lacks actual access to the Speed Force, rendering him unable to travel through time and stranded in the distant past. At the same time, his recovered speed is unstable, randomly appearing and disappearing, forcing Eobard to rely on the tachyon prototype to stabilize his powers for longer durations. Even if he could collide with a particle at Mach 2 or beyond he still could not break through the fabric of reality as the Speed Force's inter dimensional nature was the key to doing so. Even though Thawne was faster than the Flash, it was the Speed Force's inter dimensional nature that allowed speedsters to pass through the fabric of reality and time itself. Since Eobard had a fluctuating connection to the Speed Force, he could not distort reality and time on his own and ultimately needed Barry to create one through time to allow him to travel through it to his own time, which was his ultimate end game.
  • Liquids: When Eobard is near a liquid, it floats in the air, giving a hint that he is present. This is caused by tachyons he is exposed to when working with them, handling objects related to temporal distortion such as future technologies in the present. It can also be caused if Eobard has recently moved through time, as tachyons usually have this effect when around time traveling speedsters who have used this power or where temporal distortions have been, such as time being altered on the road where the real Harrison Wells and his wife died, causing massive change in time and having marked the area to have tachyons.
  • Nanites: When he was shot with a nanite arrow, he lost his powers for a short amount of time even though Oliver said it'd take away his speed for "quite awhile", and he could somewhat vibrate, allowing him to phase them out of his body, instantly restoring his powers.
  • Ancestry: Being from the future, Eobard's fate was tied to the fate of his ancestors, more specifically Eddie Thawne. This was shown when he stole the tachyon prototype, sparing Eddie as Reverse-Flash while killing all the other police officers in seconds. His lineage to Eddie ultimately became his undoing when Eddie committed suicide, erasing Eobard from history.
  • Cold temperatures: Because speed is produced by a build-up of heat in the target's atoms, Eobard is vulnerable to extreme cold temperatures. Under these conditions, Eobard's speed will be greatly reduced, and it will also temporarily stunt his healing capacities. If cold temperatures can weaken Barry, it can weaken Eobard.
  • Electricity absorption: Eobard's unique biology causes his body to produce massive amounts of electricity, which charges his molecules and allows him to accelerate his movement. This electricity charges his cells, which gives him his speed. Should Eobard be drained of this electrical energy, he will lose his enhanced speed power. However, this power is genetically coded to his DNA, meaning he is incapable of losing his potential for enhanced speed, but the electricity in his body is needed to jump start it. If this electricity is absorbed by another source, such as in the case with the electricity vampire Blackout, all of Eobard's powers will be suppressed, including his healing and accelerated perception. Much like an electrical device, which needs to recharge, he must electrify himself to a great extent in order to jump start his powers once more. If Barry's powers can be absorbed, so can Eobard's.
  • Hyper-metabolism: While moving at accelerated speeds, Eobard burns calories much faster than a normal person. This requires him to consume large amounts of nutrients to maintain his peak physical performance. Continued usage of his speed while deprived of such render him disoriented and weak before ultimately passing out as a result of low blood glucose. Also, because of his accelerated healing, he is unable to be given painkillers, sedatives, or anesthetics, as his body's metabolism burns through them too quickly for them to have any effect. Likewise, even a highly concentrated drug or toxin will only affect him for a few seconds of before completely wearing off. As seen drinking champagne and not getting him drunk, and eating big belly burger a lot.


  • Reverse-Flash suit: Eobard wears a protective suit whilst acting as the Reverse-Flash, to hide his identity from his victims. It is similar to future Barry's Flash suit, but only reversing the colors (red to yellow, white to black).
  • Earpieces: On the suit's cowl, there are two lightning-bolt shaped earpieces, also similar to those on Barry's Flash suit.
  • Reverse-Flash ring: Eobard owns a ring with a Reverse-Flash lightning-bolt symbol on it that can open secret rooms within S.T.A.R. Labs. He uses it to open up a wall that contains a mannequin which his Reverse-Flash suit is draped over. Eobard is able to hold his entire costume in his ring, and shoot it out of the top, allowing him to change into it at super speed and always have it ready for wear.[23]
  • Various Future Technologies: Eobard has several devices and gadgets from his time at his disposal. Some of them have been displayed and their functions have been shown, though there are those that are still unknown.
    • Appearance-stealing cord: This device has two cords that are connected to two organisms, corroding one of them, and transferring that one's genetics, especially phenotypes, to the other, allowing the survivor to physically resemble the other in every way. This was used by Eobard on the true Dr. Harrison Wells and physically became him, as well as gaining the memories of Dr. Wells and of his love for Tess Morgan.
  • Wheelchair: After the particle accelerator exploded, Eobard pretended he became paralyzed in his legs and uses the wheelchair to charge his speed and hide his identity from the team.



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  • He appears to be a fan of the Back to the Future film trilogy. He also claims to have never seen any Buster Keaton movies even in his time.
  • He seems to have a liking for food from Big Belly Burger.
  • When he runs at high velocity speeds, the electricity that radiates off of the Reverse-Flash is red while the Flash's is yellow.
  • The Reverse Flash was able to leave a residual part of himself where he just was, being able to literally occupy two places at once.[3]
  • Both Eobard and Barry hide their identities, aside from wearing masks, by vibrating the molecules of their faces, similar to how Jay Garrick, the original Flash from the comics, did so during the Golden Age of Comic Books (1938-1957).
  • In the DC comics, Eobard Thawne was originally a fan of Barry Allen from the 25th century who traveled back in time using the Cosmic treadmill to meet his hero and obtain an autograph, going to such great lengths as to waste his entire fortune and even kill a man. However, he arrived a few years after Barry's death and stumbled into the Flash museum, where he discovered an exhibit dubbed "The Flash's Greatest Enemy, Professor Zoom" with Eobard's own name and face. This, coupled with the stresses of time-travel and Thawne's own instability, drove Eobard completely insane, thus beginning his career as Professor Zoom.
  • In the Arrowverse, Eobard already had an unstable nature, he also had a deep hatred for future Barry (prior to him being erased from existence), possibly the one from the year 2024, it was never revealed why he hated Barry or what the future Flash did to Eobard to make him hate the latter so much.
  • In the mobile game version of Injustice: Gods Among Us, the 2.6 update introduced the "Reverse Flash" card based on Tom Cavanagh's portrayal. His second special attack is named "Out of Time", and its description is likely a reference to the fight in "Rogue Air" as it has the unusual ability to deal damage to the entire enemy team at once. His passive is "Cellular Regeneration", which allows him to recover from the damage and most effects of a special attack three times per match, referring to Reverse Flash's ability to heal rapidly.
  • Unlike the other main antagonists of the Arrowverse, like Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson, Ra's al Ghul, Damien Darhk and Zoom, Eobard is the only main antagonist to have appeared in every episode of that said season he's feature in.
  • Eobard pretending to be wheelchair-bound to cover his double identity is a reference to another Reverse-Flash in the DC comics, Hunter Zolomon, who's the civilian alter ego of Zoom.

Behind the scenes

  • Though Harrison Wells was in fact a real person, Eobard Thawne's adoption of the name is ironic, considering his status as a time traveler; H. G. Wells is an author who wrote the novel The Time Machine.
  • The writing team thought of the Reverse Flash as a "speed warrior".[27]


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