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"Episode 1" is the first episode of the second season of Vixen, and the seventh episode overall. It was released on October 13, 2016.


Vixen faces a man with a mystical totem who noted how she looked like her mother. When Vixen asked how he knew her mother, the man hurled flames toward her. As Mari fell out of the building, she tapped into the totem to land unharmed. The man noted that he scoured all over Africa for the lost totems of Zambesi, and that one evening he was presented with two of them. Mari demanded to know who he was and how he knew her mother.

Two weeks earlier, Dr. Macalester presented the story of the Zambesi Totems. Macalester noted Zambesi was known as the envy of western Africa. After numerous attacks, the people of Zambesi prayed for protection, and legend said that their prayers were answered when they were presented with five mystical totems harnessing powers of five elemental forces - air, earth, water, fire, and spirit. For nearly a thousand years, Zambesi lived in a state of prosperity. However, Zambesi succumbed to colonialism and war and the totems became lost and forgotten. Macalester noted that several archeologists dedicated their lives to search for the lost totems, before presenting the totem of fire. Macalester believed it to be the real totem, though stated it had yet to grant him magical powers. Macalester then told the audience the totem would be on display at the Detroit Museum's hall of gemstones. Mari watched the presentation from a distance.

After the presentation, Macalester was shocked to see Mari alive, believing to have been killed by Kuasa. Mari noted she would've confronted him sooner but Macalester had returned to Africa by the time Mari came back from being kidnapped. Macalester revealed he gave her up as Kuasa funded his expedition in return and that she wasn't going to hurt Mari. Macalester told Mari that her totem is indeed one of the lost totems of Zambesi. Mari was told they could learn more about the totems, but Mari refused. Macalester told Mari she was connected to it, whether she wanted to be or not. Mari was then contacted by Cisco Ramon as Mark Mardon was tearing Monument Point up.

At Monument Point, Firestorm and the Flash arrived, where the latter handled the tornadoes as the former dealt with the tsunami. However, Weather Wizard used his powers to knock Firestorm down with the ocean. Vixen then arrived, harnessing the spirit of an eagle. The Flash then aided Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein. As Vixen took care of Weather Wizard, the latter struck her with lightning, knocking her down in the ocean as Barry screamed for her.


  • Barry mentions that unraveling a tornado was the very first trick he learned, referring to the events of the "Pilot" episode of The Flash, where Barry unraveled Clyde Mardon's tornado.
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