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"Episode 2" is the second episode of the first season of Vixen, and the second episode overall. It was released on September 1, 2015.


Mari taps into her Anansi Totem and takes down the street thugs, before Chuck regains consciousness. They return to Chuck's house for coffee and Chuck offers Mari to stay for the night, telling her that her room was exactly the way she left it. When she returns to her room, she recalls receiving the Anansi Totem.

Some years ago, at ten years old, Mari comes home crying, as kids have been bullying her. Her foster mother, Patty McCabe, gives her a gift belonging to her birth parents, the Anansi Totem.

In the present day, later that day, Mari visits Dr. Maclester to learn more about her Anansi Totem. When Macalester begins explaining the Anansi Totem, Mari becomes frustrated, already knowing everything he explains. Mari explains she had the totem since she was ten and thought it was a piece of junk then, but due to recent events, believes it to be the key to learning about her family. Macalester is curious who her family is, but Mari is unsure. Before Mari leaves, Macalester tells Mari of the legend that whoever possesses the totem could gain access to the "ashe" of the animal kingdom. Mari sarcastically claims that she simply wanted to sell it, before leaving.

Macalester calls a mysterious woman, reporting that Mari was in his office with the totem. He tells the woman he could get Mari back whenever he wants and the woman tells him that once he acquires the totem for her, his next expedition would be fully funded. He queries the woman's intentions, and she simply states that she needs Mari alive.

Behind the scenes

  • Mari refers to the identity of her parents as the "$52 million question", a reference to the DC's New 52 run.

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