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For other uses of the phrase Episode 2, see Episode 2.

"Episode 2" is the second episode of the second season of Vixen, and the eighth episode overall. It was released on October 21, 2016.


The episode begins with Mari in a hospital bed, recovering from being struck by lightning by Mark Mardon. Chuck is with her, telling her that she should go back to fashion design. The TV in the room was on, saying that a totem from Zambesi, among other things, was stolen from the Detroit Museum of Natural History. The TV is muted by Chuck, and he begins to talk about how he used to take Mari there when she was younger.

The scene then changes to a man running across a street with Vixen right behind him, using her totem to gain cheetah speed and other animal powers to get to him. He eventually gets away by closing a door in Vixen's face, taking out a cigarette because he thinks he's safe. Vixen quickly sees him, and sneaks up on him with the spirit of a snake, and asks him who robbed the Museum. The man, whose name is revealed to be Drake, denies that he knows anything, but Mari tells him that she's using a bear spirit, and bears can smell lies. He gives up his information, telling her that word on the street was that it was "bankrolled" by a foreigner from Africa.

Then, in another place, a man with glasses comes to sell the stolen gems. He offers $100,000 for them all, but, the man who wants them tosses all but the stolen Fire Totem on the floor and puts it on. The robber threatens the man, but is burned by the fire.

All of a sudden, Vixen hurdles in, and the man orders his two bodyguards to catch her. She easily defeats them.

The episode ends with the man telling her "You look just like your mother."