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For other uses of the phrase Episode 3, see Episode 3.

"Episode 3" is the third webisode of the web series Chronicles of Cisco. It was released on May 3, 2016.


Cisco brings up the fact that he thought Shawna and her boyfriend were "Bonnie and Clyding" up the Eastern Seaboard, but she states that he (the boyfriend) couldn't keep up with her and that she is done dating regular humans, at which Cisco tells her that he is a meta. However, she is not interested and doesn't date guys with juice stains, he tries to explain but snaps out of it and asks whys she is even there and that she has 10 seconds to respond, but she is not scared.

He tries to turns the light out on her but she has started wearing lights on here clothing to fix the problem. She says that she wants him to build her a gun, he responds that she is holding one, but she wants a special one.

While he says he doesn't make guns for super criminals, she brings up Golden Glider as an example and he does confirm that he built her gun, and her brother's and Rory's but he has to draw the line.

When he asks her why she even needs a gun, she says that she is tired of being afraid of the dark and wants a laser gun, he seems to agree to help and then tries to throw a beaker at her but misses, telling her "hell no". She then says she is fine with "settling for thrift" and asks for his phone to get access to the store room. Cisco laughs her of saying that even if she had his phone, she would need finger print and retinal scans and the only way she gets those is over his dead... she shoots him in the chest and he falls to the floor to which she replies, "took the words right out of my mouth".


  • In the previous episode, Cisco said it is 3 AM, but his phone says it's 12:13 PM.
    • This is a dream sequence, so perhaps Cisco's mind forgot.