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"Episode 3" is the third episode of the first season of Vixen, and the third episode overall. It was released on September 8, 2015.


Mari and Chuck are back in his house, sitting at the kitchen table. Mari attempts to explain the powers she has been granted by the Anansi Totem, but Chuck thinks that the idea is "crazy" until Mari activates the Totem and uses the strength of an elephant to lift the table in front of them. She then makes her way up onto the roof of the house next door, calling upon various animal spirits to aide her as she explores their abilities, while Chuck watches from her bedroom window. Mari eventually reaches the edge of the roof and touches the Totem to utilize the flight of an eagle, but stops short of jumping off the edge for fear of falling to the ground below. Instead, she turns around and heads back inside.

Meanwhile, Cisco Ramon has been running a modified facial recognition algorithm created by Felicity Smoak at S.T.A.R. Labs in an attempt to locate Meta-humans outside Central City. The software picks up Mari's encounter with the thugs from "Episode 1", and Cisco alerts a distracted Barry Allen, who is attempting to locate a missing USB drive containing crime scene statistics. Cisco gives Mari the name "Vixen", and tells Barry that she's currently in Detroit before asking him to check out the situation. Barry comments that a Meta-human outside Central City could be something more, and that he should bring back up, before speeding out of the room and leaving Cisco mid-sentence.

Back at Chuck's house, Mari and Chuck have returned to the kitchen table, where Chuck pours himself a drink. Mari remarks that the Totem could finally lead her to some answers about who she really is, before Chuck gets up to answer the doorbell, quipping that it's "Probably the magical necklace collection agency." Instead, Chuck finds the Flash and the Arrow at the door. Mari also comes out to see who's at the door, and when the Flash calls her by name, she panics and activates the Totem, using the speed of a cheetah to run out of the back of the house. The two vigilantes give chase, while Chuck looks on helplessly from behind his front door.


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