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"Episode 4" is the fourth and final webisode of the web series Chronicles of Cisco. It was released on May 10, 2016.


Shawna kneels down by Cisco's body and looks for his phone, suddenly, he wakes up causing her to teleport a few feet.

Confused, she asks what the hell is going on, Cisco says that the stain on his shirt saved his life meaning that orange soda is the perfect catalyst for "element 47". Shawna demands to be let go, but Cisco sprays her in the eyes with hydrogen peroxide which temporarily blinds her.

Cisco leads her down to The Pipeline, intent on locking her up again, however she is able to teleport him into a cell and teleport back out with his phone, leaving him there to go and find the store room, downtrodden, Cisco tells himself, "Bro, you designed this".

All of the sudden Cisco wakes up from his dream to a call from Barry. He answers but tells him that he has to call him back, saying he has to write something in his dream journal. He looks down to find a bullet on the floor and as he picks it up, he gets an idea.

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