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For other uses of the phrase Episode 4, see Episode 4.

"Episode 4" is the fourth episode of the first season of Vixen, and the fourth episode overall. It was released on September 15, 2015.


The Flash ran after Mari McCabe while the Arrow chased after her on his motorbike. Mari tapped into her totem, using the spirit of an elephant to knock the Flash away. Mari tapped into the spirit of a cheetah once more and ran off while the two continued to chase her. Mari ran up a building, much to Oliver's shock, though he quickly used a grappling arrow to catch up. Oliver caught up and pointed an arrow at Mari. When Oliver told Mari to stop, Mari assumed it was because Oliver was approaching her as she believed she had "failed her city". Mari ran past Oliver and Oliver fired an arrow at her, though Mari caught the arrow and snapped the arrowhead off. Mari then tapped into the spirit of a tiger for agility and managed to evade Barry. When Mari disappeared, Barry believed she was able to teleport, though Oliver proved she just camouflaged. Oliver fired a trick arrow to capture Mari, though while trying to evade it, Mari fell off a building, however, Mari used her totem to fly. Mari flew off to get away from the two, though Oliver told Mari they just needed to talk.

Mari told the two she wasn't in Central City when the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, though Oliver was skeptical. Oliver asked Felicity if she could check where Mari was that night and Felicity told Oliver she used her credit card at a Big Belly Burger in Detroit. Oliver and Barry offer Mari help, though Mari told the two the only thing she needed help with, the two couldn't supply help. Mari then told the two if they showed up at Chuck's house again, they'd learn what it would be like to be disemboweled by a lion.

Mari went to Dr. Macalester and reported that she was chased by the two. Mari asked Macalester to help learn where the necklace came from. When Macalester asked Mari what gave her the idea he could help, Mari camouflaged in front of Macalester's eyes. Macalester apologized to Mari as Kuasa busted through his office with two men. Kuasa demanded Mari hand over the Tantu Totem or she'd get one of her men to kill her.