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For other uses of the phrase "Episode 5", see Episode 5.

"Episode 5" is the fifth episode of the first season of Vixen, and the fifth episode overall. It was released on September 22, 2015.


Kuasa threatened Mari to hand the Anansi Totem over. Mari agreed, claiming she didn't care much for it and only kept it for sentimental reasons. Mari told Kuasa she just wants to know where it came from. When Mari tried to remove the necklace, she was unable to as Professor Macalester realized the necklace was bound to her. Kuasa said she'd just have to remove the necklace from her corpse but Mari quickly tapped into the totem to camouflage and get away. When Mari tried to jump to another building, she was shot in the shoulder and fell unconscious.

Mari awoke next to Kuasa, telling the latter she actually intended to hand over the necklace. Mari told Kuasa they need to figure a way to remove the necklace from her neck, without removing her neck as she found Kuasa's methods unnecessary. Kuasa revealed to herself to Mari as her older sister and welcomed Mari home. Kuasa revealed she had brought her to Zambesi Village, their home. Mari was outraged, she was kidnapped all the way to Africa but Kuasa told her she gave her everything she wanted. Kuasa told Mari that their people asked the god Anansi to protect their village. Kuasa told Mari in exchange for worship, Anansi gave them a totem to channel his power. Kuasa tells her she was supposed to be the totem's guardian, up until a local war lord attacked the village and their mother ran off with Mari and the totem. Kuasa told that there may be only death left in their village, it was still her home and obligation to protect it.

Kuasa revealed that when she learned Mari was in possession of the totem, she came after it, revealing the real reason why the totem began to activate, however, it ended up being bound to the latter. Kuasa apologized as they had only been reunited and there only being one way to unbind Mari with the totem. Mari ran off but was quickly stopped. Kuasa set off Anansi to bite Mari, though the totem activated and gave Mari the power of a rhino. Mari knocked Kuasa's guards away and ran off, though she passed out later. Kuasa eventually caught up and took the necklace from Mari.