For other uses of the phrase "Episode 6", see Episode 6.

"Episode 6" is the sixth and final episode of the first season of Vixen, and the sixth episode overall. It was released on September 29, 2015.


Mari awoke with a herd of animals surrounding her. They told her that her mother left as she needed to keep the totem as far away from Kuasa as possible. The animals then told Mari that they would all stand with her if she stood with them. Mari then told the animals she would stand with them.

Kuasa held the Anansi Totem as a few worshiped her. Mari came by and told Kuasa she was the real "mental illness" of the family. Kuasa told Mari she was impressed that Mari survived. When Mari talked about how older siblings always stole from the younger siblings, Kuasa claimed the totem was rightfully hers. Mari told Kuasa how their mother wanted to keep the totem as far away from her as possible. Kuasa tapped into the totem, asking Mari which form she prefer to be killed by. Mari charged with the animals, who all went after Kuasa's men. Kuasa fought with a couple of animal spirits, before being grazed on an arm by Mari. Kuasa activated the spirit of the tiger as she claimed a mere stick couldn't harm her. Kuasa attacked Mari and bit her in the shoulder, before being bitten by the same spider she had previously used on Mari. Kuasa tapped into the spirit of a gorilla before losing strength. Kuasa told Mari it wasn't over, though she was knocked out as Mari reclaimed the totem.

Back at Detroit, Mari stopped a couple of muggers. At Chuck's house, Chuck asked if Mari was giving up fashion design to be a vigilante. Mari admitted that her work lacked identity because she hadn't needed it until now. Mari then told Chuck that the totem should be used to protect her village and she claimed Detroit to be her village. Chuck and Mari embrace before Mari's totem lit up.

Mari greeted The Arrow and The Flash outside Chuck's home. Mari reminded the two of her warning, though Oliver told her if she is to be a vigilante, she should have proper training despite having her totem. Mari told the two she'd prefer if she could figure everything on her own first. Mari asked if she could have a vigilante name in which Barry told Mari that Cisco Ramon had been calling her Vixen. Barry immediately regretted naming one of his teammates, and Oliver asked Barry if he was separated from Felicity at birth due to his awkwardness. Barry said he had better hope not, as he had kissed Felicity before, much to Oliver's dismay. Oliver then told Mari that the vigilante life isn't easy, though Mari told him she could handle it.

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