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"Episode Five" is the fifth episode of the first season of Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and the fifth episode overall. It was released on December 8, 2017.


After a short discussion, Terrill decided to practice flying again, discovering a new ability that he showed his friend shortly after landing. For he could manipulate light to such an extent that his body was invisible. Meanwhile at S.T.A.R. Labs in Central City Caitlin discovered strange radiation from another world, so she summoned Cisco to distract him from the show's marathon. Someone came through the breach a few hours ago outside Tulsa. The energy, however, disappeared as quickly as it appeared, confusing scientists. After a while, Snow discovered that radioactive energy, the energy of which was comparable to that of nuclear weapons, was spreading through the entire vicinity of the city they observed. Meanwhile in Tulsa, Ray and John returned to the bar, where Trujillo was finally going to persuade his friend to meet the boy watching him. Terrill finally gave in and scared the boy away from the table with his abilities, giving himself the opportunity to talk to him alone. Ray spoke to him, learning his name and starting a long chat that led them both towards the park. Suddenly, the men heard a woman's scream, immediately running towards it and noticing the robbery. Terrill ordered a friend to escape while he would deal with the criminal as The Ray. As everything went smoothly and quickly, the hero took advantage of the situation and hung the thief on a street lamp, where he waited for the arrival of the officers. Two criminals were robbing a bank in Tulsa when the alarm went off unexpectedly. The thieves did not care about him, as they knew perfectly well that the police would not arrive on time. Suddenly, The Ray appeared and forced the criminals to surrender. His confidence, however, failed, as he failed to see the third criminal who managed to shoot the hero in the shoulder. Thus, Terrill found himself trapped, but he used his wits to force his enemies to shoot himself. As soon as he heard the police sirens, he immediately left the building and returned home.



  • Cisco mentions that he had a Buffy marathon, referencing Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series.
  • It is unclear to which version of Harrison Wells Cisco refers to as "the current one", but considering the setup of the episodes it is most likely H.R. Wells.

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