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"Episode Four" is the fourth episode of the first season of Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and the fourth episode overall. It was released on December 8, 2017.


After the last experiences, Ray went to John, to whom he told about everything - noting the existence of a double. Trujillo, however, did not believe his friend, considering his story to be invented and unsupported by evidence. When Terrill showed him the secret core, the man still didn't believe him until the device was accidentally activated. The friends got scared and ran away from him, and finally a hologram of the robot's stature appeared. Red Torando's hologram quickly noticed that he was on Earth-1 and introduced the male theory of the multiverse, noting that he came from the cruel world of Earth-X. He told a story that distinguishes both worlds from each other, adding information about a group of fighters called Freedom Fighters, as well as their enemies in the New Reich. Terrill's task was to destroy the core that contained secret information that would not fall into enemy hands. Ray, however, did not intend to destroy the device, and a small dispute arose between the friends, during which the boy unknowingly activated his abilities and put on a costume. It was then that John realized that when a doppelganger from another world exploded, he passed on to Terrill his abilities, which the men, after a short discussion, decided to test by destroying Trujillo's apartment. Meanwhile, on Earth-X, Overgirl watched with pride as her world fell under the rule of the New Reich. Her thoughts were interrupted by Dark Arrow and Blitzkrieg, who informed about the death of Dollman and the further search for Phantom Lady, Black Condor and Vibe. They also let the woman know that The Ray escaped with the Red Tornado core through the breach and they have no idea where he is now. The alien ordered to prepare all forces for the Freedom Fighters attack, wanting to get the android memory resources.


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