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For other uses of the phrase Episode 1, see Episode 1.

"Episode One" is the first episode of the first season of Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and the first episode overall. It was released on December 8, 2017.


Many people were hiding in the ruins of Tulsa's buildings on Earth-X, which were protected by armed rebels. However, the soldiers did not stand a chance against the powerful Nazi army of the New Reich, so no one was going to lean out to start a shooting between the two sides. A voice from the microphone said it was a warning warning to civilians and warned that there was no escape. Then a little girl from the group of fugitives saw The Ray in the sky, which immediately cheered the rebels and gave them hope. The hero was scouting from the sky, noticing how tanks were circling the refugees from Tulsa. He reacted quickly, destroying the military equipment and allowing people to escape. Immediately afterwards, he met with the remaining members of the Freedom Fighters, whom he informed about the purpose of the mission - to help travelers escape safely through a specific route. They soared and began attacking enemy forces whenever they threatened the defenseless.

The Ray collaborated with Black Condor and Red Tornado as Phantom Lady and Dollman cleared the bridge. When it seemed that the heroes had a moment of rest, a strong laser beam destroyed the bridge. Overgirl was behind it, who with Dark Arrow and Blitzkrieg decided to stop the members of Freedom Fighters once and for all. The main target of the warriors turned out to be Red Tornado, which Overgirl dealt with, hitting the ground with it. The Alien was still trying to defeat the android, but the android was not going to give up without a fight and he responded with the same to every blow. Dark Arrow tried his best to shoot Black Condor and Dollman, but was prevented by the Phantom Lady who, with the help of her friends, immobilized the archer in his own trap. The Ray was about to get rid of Blitzkrieg when Overgirl threw a Red Tornado at him.



  • Almost all of the episode's scenes were seen in the First Look trailer.