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"Episode Six" is the sixth and final episode of the first season of Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and the sixth episode overall. It was released on December 8, 2017.


On Earth-X, Vibe searched for any sign of The Ray's life in the multiverse. Suddenly, he was attacked by the New Reich, which forced the avenger to flee. The Blitzkrieg, who started to fight the hero in the basement, set off to chase him. When it seemed that the enemy had been defeated, he attacked with doubled strength and aggression, ultimately seemingly killing the boy. Immediately after that, the New Reich began to search for information about the location of The Ray on Vibe's computer, learning that the hero was on Earth-1. Meanwhile, Ray was treating the gunshot wound in the bathroom, and when Robert came out, he noticed bloody bandages. The man, wanting to impress his father, lied that he was playing basketball and injured himself slightly. The family conversation was interrupted by a call from Jacob, which Terrill went to answer outside. They both made an appointment when Ray was hit by a tranquilizer dart, causing him to weaken, eventually falling to the ground. He tried to open his eyes with the last of his strength, noticing the stature of the two people staring at him.


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