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"Episode Three" is the third episode of the first season of Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and the third episode overall. It was released on December 8, 2017.


Ray Terrill was meeting a client at his desk in an apartment company. The woman told about how her family was evicted from their own apartment - only them, because of being Muslim. Terrill promised to investigate, telling the woman not to pack yet, which made her much cheer. During recess, Ray prepared a speech for a conference in front of his friend John. The man was much nervous despite the fact that Trujillo told him to relax. After a moment, Jenny entered the room and told her friends to get ready. Before Terrill had a good start to the speech, one of the entrepreneurs interrupted him and revealed that the company would close soon, banning Jenny, John, and Ray. The reason was property losses, which could lead to serious tax cuts. Therefore, it was only profitable to suspend operations. After the conference, Terrill and Trujillo went to a nearby bar to drown their sorrows in alcohol. John decided to change the subject after seeing one of the clients staring at his friend. The man was amazed that Ray still hadn't revealed his orientation to his parents, but he still wanted the boy to have some fun by ordering him to speak to the client watching him. But Ray wasn't ready to flirt for professional reasons, so he decided to head home. During the meal together, the parents started asking Ray about the girl he was working with, Jenny, without realizing that their son was gay. Wanting to quickly change the subject, the boy said about the collapse of the company he worked for. To everyone's surprise, this pleased Robert, who thought it was time for his son to do serious work, such as that of his brother. After the meal, the boy went outside to talk to John on the phone. The conversation was interrupted, however, by a gigantic breach that appeared on his lawn, and a mysterious individual emerged from it. Seeing his wounds, Terrill intended to help, but Terrill disagreed, showing a face identical to his. He handed him the core, then turned into solar energy and irradiated Ray's cells, confusing the boy.


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