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"Episode Two" is the second episode of the first season of Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and the second episode overall. It was released on December 8, 2017.


Overgirl pushed Red Tornado into the water, where she started to destroy the android's head with a laser pattern. The robot still defended itself despite the lack of strength, which forced Overgirl to tear his hands away. The Phantom Lady came to help her friend and closed her opponent in a dark bubble. The Ray decided to pull Red from the bottom when Black Condor decided to help fight Overgirl. The dying Tornado told his friend to make sure that his data did not end up in the hands of the enemy, then he gave his cerebral cortex to the hero, switching off. As if that was not enough, the opponents started to attack again, so Vibe appeared to the rescue. The protagonist was supposed to take his allies to safety through the breach, when Overgirl unexpectedly hit Dollman's laser beam, killing him immediately. Seeing the losses suffered, the Black Condor decided to hold the enemies until the allies could withdraw. Unexpectedly, The Ray attacked Blitzkrieg, seriously injuring him. Vibe, knowing that Red's data could not be lost, opened the breach and carried Ray to Earth-1 without giving him the slightest choice.


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