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For the Superman & Lois episode, see "The Eradicator".

"The Eradicator is well beyond my understanding; it's your mother's invention."
Jor-El to Clark Kent[src]

The Eradicator is a piece of Kryptonian technology that can contain and transplant the consciousness of Kryptonians into humans.


At some point in her life, Lara Lor-Van created the Eradicator.[1]

In Saskatchewan, 2015, the Eradicator fell to Earth and was found by Morgan Edge who was tracking its arrival.[2] Edge began using the Eradicator on humans to supplant Kryptonian consciousnesses into them as part of his plan to build an army of "Subjekts".[1] Among those successfully supplanted were Irma Sayres and David Fuglestad,[3] but Derek Powell was not.[4]

The X-Kryptonite machine housed the Eradicator.

Edge learned two things: the Eradicator needed a constant supply of X-Kryptonite to fuel it and a scientist of genius caliber to monitor the machine. For the first, Edge went to different towns to find the element.[5] For the second, Dabney Donovan was hired.[1] Eradicator was successful in supplanting Emily Phan, Kyle Cushing, and Jasper Townes into Subjekts, before Edge turned his attention to others in Smallville, because those citizens, unlike other towns like New Carthage, had absorbed enough Kryptonite radiation for the transplants to work.[3]

Superman carrying the Eradicator.

When Clark Kent asked his father's A.I. for solutions on freeing the Kryptonian minds of Morgan Edge's army, Jor-El stated that the Eradicator was unable to be used as he did not understand its capabilities. However, Clark was able to ask his mother after Lana Lang Cushing underwent the same procedure as Edge's Subjekts, resulting in Lara's consciousness being in her. Lara was able to find a way to reverse the process, though required immense energy to power it. While being chased by Edge's Subjekts, Superman grabbed the Eradicator and powered it with a solar flare, allowing it to return most of Edge's army back to normal. However, the aftermath of the flare caused Superman to lose power and fall near the Fortress of Solitude with the Eradicator still in his possession.[1]

Tal-Rho absorbs the Eradicator.

Tal-Rho appeared at the Fortress and retrieved the Eradicator. After forcing Superman to submit to him by threatening his family,[6] Tal-Rho used the device on him at the behest of the A.I. of Zeta-Rho. Superman was initially posessed by General Zod's mind, but thanks to John Henry Irons, Superman was able to break free and both he and Irons attempt to capture Tal-Rho, who absorbed the thousands of Kryptonian life forces within the Eradicator itself.[7] As a last ditch effort to complete his father's plan, Tal-Rho gained the power to instantly implant Kryptonian consciousnesses into humans, which he used to resurrect Zeta-Rho and the Defense Council,[8] but he was later defeated and de-energized after being hit by John Irons' solar-powered hammer at full force.[9]


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