"Nothing's ever free."
—Eric Cartier to Ricardo Diaz[src]

Eric Cartier (died April 2018) was a night club owner from Blüdhaven, and the son of Remy Cartier.


Cartier was contacted by Ricardo Diaz as a request to have a seat at the table of the organization, the Quadrant. Cartier offered to give Diaz a sitdown with his father if he brought in an associate, Robert Baylor. Receiving a call from Diaz, he headed to the location, firing on both Baylor and Diaz, having conspired with his father in order to gain control over Star City. Sometime later, Diaz returned to Cartier's club, to his surprise that he was still alive. Diaz tied him up and tortured him, before giving up the location of the Quadrant's meeting at Villa Centanni. Arriving there, he had a bomb planted on him as he ran into the place, blowing up a number of security and himself.[1]


Cartier was extremely haughty, conspiring with his father under the belief that they could both use Ricardo Diaz as well as take over his own operations, despite Diaz being well prepared for an attempted assassination.[1]



Season 6


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