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"They got the wrong guy, but the D.A., they didn't care. They had to pin the crime on someone. I was a good kid. I spent two years in Iron Heights. I wasn't a good kid after that."
—Eric Dunn[src]

Eric Dunn is a criminal and the former leader of the Spooky Crew. He was hunted by the murderous Vigilante, as well as Team Arrow.


Early life[]

In 2007, Eric Dunn was singled out by the district attorney's office as a scapegoat for a crime he didn't commit, and sent to Iron Heights Prison for two years. The life in prison changed Eric, turning him into a hardened criminal.[1]

The Spooky Crew[]

After being released from Iron Heights, Eric chose to become a criminal in truth, deciding to use scare tactics to help him in robberies, wearing a skull mask. The SCPD arrested Eric in 2011 for multiple armed robberies and he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Before he could serve 8 more years of his punishment however, Eric was released on parole.

After that, Eric formed a new crew, nicknamed the Spooky Crew by Felicity Smoak, which managed to hit up 7 banks in 3 states over two weeks in late 2016. The latest variation of the crew assaulted the Star City National Bank, at first posing as a team of construction workers, before blowing a hole in the bank's wall, putting on their masks and venturing forth into the bank. However, the crew was attacked by Vigilante, and decided to escape, leaving one gangster, Rickie Jenkins, behind, who was soon discovered by Team Arrow, dying of blood loss.

Eric then decided to try another bank, taking the cash and personally killing one of the guards. When his partner-in-crime Laura Buser told him that they have a few minutes before the SCPD comes to take them in, Eric replied that it's not the police that he's worried about. Eric and his crew were then attacked by the Vigilante, who was also opposed by Team Arrow. Team Arrow managed to capture Laura and another gang member, but Eric himself, however, escaped, hunted by John Diggle. Interrogated by Adrian Chase, Laura told him of Eric's possible location, the Papp Motel.

The Green Arrow found and apprehended Eric, who confessed to the Emerald Archer that his initial arrest was a set-up, as the District Attorney's Office wanted a scapegoat for the crime he didn't commit. Green Arrow then had to protect Eric from the Vigilante's armed assault, eventually escaping and placing the Spooky Crew leader in "protective custody" under the Arrowcave. After another confrontation against the Vigilante, Green Arrow turned Eric over to the SCPD.[1]


  • Explosives expert: Eric is the Spooky Crew's explosives expert, using a specialized bomb to take down a wall of Star City National Bank.[1]
  • Skilled tactician/Leadership: Eric, despite not initially being a criminal by choice, was well known in the criminal underworld and capable of inspiring loyalty to the gang he leads.[1]
  • Skilled marksmanship/Firearms: Eric is skilled with his machine gun, using it to immediately take down a pursing guard from the bank.[1]
  • Expert hand to hand Combatant: Eric is skilled hand to hand combatant.


The Spooky Crew unmasked

Eric preparing to take on his mask.

  • Explosives: Eric used specialized explosives in the guise of a construction worker.
  • Machine gun: Eric was armed with a machine gun during his robberies.
  • Protective suit: Eric a generic tactical suit with a protective vest for armor.
  • Skull mask: As "Lead Skull", Eric wore a red skull-like mask, protecting his identity.



Season 5[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In DC comics, there is no character named "Eric Dunn", but if one considers the connection between the Spooky Crew and a gang of robbers known as SKULL from the comics, Eric's counterpart in that gang would have been Atomic Skull, an enemy of Superman.
  • Eric's alter-ego as "Lead Skull" was only named in the end credits of "Vigilante" and on Felicity Smoak's computer.