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Eric Larkin (died late 2015) was the editor-in-chief of Central City Picture News.


Larkin decided to hire Iris West after seeing her blog, Saved by The Flash, and hoping she could provide inside intel on the superhero. On her first day at the Central City Picture News, he welcomed her and assigned Mason Bridge to "nanny" her. He also hoped for some new information on The Flash, but Iris had nothing, so he sent everyone on their way. They later crossed paths and Larkin suggested Iris look into an attack stopped earlier by The Flash.[1]


When the Linda Park of Earth-2 attacked Central City Picture News and threatened to kill her Earth-1 counterpart, Eric attempted to intervene and was killed in the process.[2]


Sometime after his death, a man named Scott Evans succeeded Eric as the editor-in-chief of the Central City Picture News. However, unlike his predecessor, Scott does not seem to be a strong supporter of the Flash.


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