"I've found that in life, the shortest answer is doing the thing."
—Ernest Hemingway to Sara Lance[src]

Ernest Hemingway, widely referred to as Papa, was a well-known writer in the 1920s and "the original man of action" according to Hank Heywood, who would tell his son Nate throughout his life how Hemingway was his idea of "a real man."


In 1927, Ernest Hemingway was writing at the Café du Dôme in Paris, when he was approached by Hank Heywood, who joined the Legends for one mission and is a fan of Hemingway's work. Hemingway and Hank talked for a short while, before being interrupted by Nate Heywood, who had a lead on the fugitive that they were locating. Hemingway asked if they were hunters, to which Nate shrugged him off in an impolite way, almost fist-fighting with Nate. Mick Rory, who was a fellow author, kept him company until Hank told Hemingway about the location of the monster. Hemingway asked his butler Marcel to fetch him his rifles and proceeded to the catacombs, joined by Hank, Mick, and Sara.

In the catacombs, Hemingway lent his rifles to Sara, who surprised Hemingway with how she handled her rifle, and Hank. He offered one to Mick, who declined and showed that he had his own, impressing Hemingway with his signature weapon. He then took his own rifle and went on to search for the beast.

The four finally found the beast, which was the minotaur. Mick was about to shoot the creature when Hemingway went first, stating that his gun was longer, whose bullets were deflected by the Minotaur's battleaxe. Sara went in close combat with the bull, until the Minotaur struck Hank's rifle and shoulder, making them retreat.

Back at the Café du Dôme, Hemingway told the other customers of how he "danced" with and slayed the Minotaur, when, ironically, the beast stormed inside the restaurant.

Aberrant timeline: The Minotaur slaughtered every single person in the restaurant, including Hemingway.

Current timeline: The Legends made it in time to distract the Minotaur. Nate was about to lull the creature to sleep, when Hemingway brought out his gun and almost fired his gun at the Minotaur, who was intercepted by Sara Lance, sending the trajectory of the bullet upwards. Hemingway then stated that he would strike a woman, to which Sara knocked him out first for being on her summer eighth grade reading list.

At some point, a young Hank Heywood learned of Ernest Hemingway and his works, and became his fan.

When Sara Lance was in eighth grade, Hemingway was included on her summer reading list.[1]


"A man hunts not to learn about his prey but to learn about himself."
—Ernest Hemingway to Sara Lance[src]

According to Hank Heywood, Ernest Hemingway was a classic man of action and the embodiment of true masculinity. Hemingway always took pride and confidence in everything he did, but he was also humble, as shown when he learned Mick was a writer and shared his experiences with him.[1]


"What better backup than Hemingway?"
Hank Heywood to Sara Lance[src]
  • Boxing: Hemingway mentioned himself to be a pugilist.[1]
  • Author: Hemingway was acclaimed as a long-time favored author.[1]
  • Marksman: Hemingway was almost able to hit the Minotaur twice, if it were not for interceptions. He also owned several rifles.[1]


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  • In real life, Ernest Miller Hemingway was an American journalist, novelist, and short-story writer. His economical and understated style—which he termed the iceberg theory—had a strong influence on 20th-century fiction, while his adventurous lifestyle and his public image brought him admiration from later generations.


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