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"I know you're here, Harrison Wells, and you did not come alone. You can try to hide... but I'm the fastest man alive. I will scour this city until I hunt you down. And when I do, all of you will feel my wrath."
Zoom's message to Harrison Wells

"Escape from Earth-2" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of The Flash, and the thirty-seventh episode overall. It aired on February 16, 2016. It acts as the second half of a two-part episode.




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Zoom runs throughout the Central City, monologuing about how Harry can't avoid him and telling the residents of the city to bring him Harry.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Henry Hewitt is terrified coming in to tell Harry about the circumstance, yet Harry already knows about the situation. He advises Hewitt to empty S.T.A.R. Labs and Cisco comes in to tell Harry about what occurred with Barry, Killer Frost, and Deathstorm. While the two contend about what to do, they hear Earth-2 Barry yelling from the room where they had locked him up. After Harry and Cisco free him, Barry requests to know what's going on. Before Harry and Cisco can fill Barry in, an alert goes off once and they notice that Zoom has entered the building. Harry takes Cisco and Barry to the time vault in order to hide from Zoom. Zoom enters the time vault, however, Harry had a phony divider that makes Zoom think the room is vacant and he leaves. After Zoom leaves, Harry and Cisco finally tell Earth-2 Barry what is going on.

Trapped in Zoom's lair, Barry is attempting to figure out a way to escape. Jesse reveals to him it's trivial. Barry eventually persuades Jesse to have confidence in Harry since he hasn't abandoned her. However, as the two of them are talking, Zoom shows up and reveals to Jesse that is she is still alive so he can murder her in front of Harry. He then says that once he has Barry's speed, he'll slaughter them all.

On Earth-1, Jay asks Caitlin how his body is reacting to the Velocity 8 serum. She reveals that it's harming his cells and she won't continue offering it to him, and he says she'll need to in the event that they need to stop the Geomancer.

At Central City Picture News, Iris' new editorial manager comes to her to present himself and disclose to her that he's murdering her tale about the Geomancer assault, and individuals need to discover that Flash won't necessarily be there to save them. She proposes supplanting it with an interview with the "other" Flash, and he advises her to feel free to attempt.

On Earth-2, Iris is angry with Barry because he didn't return home after Joe's demise the previous evening. He brings her to the CSI lab, where Harry and Cisco tell her what's happening. The group chooses to search for Killer Frost, and Barry has an idea that may help.

In their cells, Barry believes that the man in the iron mask tapping on his glass cell may help them escape. He asks Jesse to assist him with making sense of it and she notices that the tapping never goes over five taps. Barry reveals that man in the iron mask is presumably utilizing an old military lattice code - work out the letters in order on a five-by-five network, and you'll get his message.

Back on Earth-1, Caitlin has created Velocity 9, which should give Jay the speed he needs without harming his cells. Iris shows up to approach Jay for a meeting, but he's hesitant. He then gets "summoned" by Geomancer, who attacks a city square and Jay needs to take the Velocity 9 to go save the individuals in a crumbling building. He comes back to S.T.A.R. Labs and crumples in the cortex tired. Iris says she thinks she has enough for her article and leaves.

On Earth-2, Barry and Jesse figure out that the man in the iron mask is tapping "Jay" and when Barry discloses to him Jay Garrick is alive on Earth-1, the man becomes noticeably upset and starts hitting his head on his glass cell. Before the man in the iron mask can proceed with his message, Zoom shows up and instructs him not to converse with Barry and Jesse any longer. He then enters into Barry's cell and attacks him, saying that he just needs Barry alive, not well, to get his speed. Zoom dashes away and Barry reveals to Jesse that Zoom just showed him the best way to escape their cells.

In a lush zone, Harry, Cisco, Earth-2 Barry, and Iris encounter Killer Frost, requesting that she assists them in finding Zoom's lair. She says that she'll execute them instead and starts attacking them. After a brief confrontation with the group, they at long last get a weapon to her head and she reluctantly agrees to bring them to Zoom's lair.

On Earth-1, Caitlin discovers something that can spare Jay's life. She calls him, requesting that he go to the cortex. However, before he can show up, Geomancer appears and begins threatening Caitlin and Iris. He sets off a small seismic tremor inside S.T.A.R. Labs and is going to set off a bigger one when Caitlin shoots him with a B.O.O.T. that prevents him from using his powers.

In his cell on Earth-2, Barry believes that he never be able to phase through his cell since he doesn't think he will ever be able to figure out Earth-2's vibrational frequency. Showing up the bottom of the cliff the houses Zoom's lair, Killer Frost offers to make a pathway up the cliff with her ice so Harry, Cisco, Earth-2 Barry, and Iris can get to Zoom's lair.

On Earth-1, Joe arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs to get Geomancer, removing him as Jay shows up to converse with Caitlin. She lets him know that when the Velocity-9 is in his system, his cells fix themselves. The two kiss as an alert goes off and the breach that Barry, Cisco, and Harry used to travel to Earth-2 is becoming unstable and is about to close. Caitlin and Jay try to figure out how to keep it open.

At Zoom's lair, Harry, Cisco, Earth-2 Barry, Iris, and Killer Frost show up to free Barry and Jesse. The group is able to free Jesse. However, they can't figure out how to free Barry. He attempts to get them to leave to save themselves. However, Earth-2 Barry stays behind and is able to get Barry through the mental block that is preventing him from freeing himself. As Barry escapes, Zoom shows up and reveals that Killer Frost had warned him that they were coming. Right before he is about to kill Jesse, Cisco is able to convince Killer Frost to turn on Zoom which gives everyone else enough time to escape. Barry doesn't want to leave without the man in the iron mask, but everybody lets him know there's no time. Barry vows to return for him when everything is over.

At the breach in S.T.A.R. Labs, Jay and Joe make sense of a high-chance approach to keep the breach from closing. Caitlin doesn't agree with their idea and worries that things will turn out badly. Jay doesn't listen to Caitlin and infuses himself with Velocity-9 anyway, making a vortex while Joe physically re-points one of the rings on the speed gun. Their plan works, stabilizing the breach in the nick of time before Jay collapses.

On Earth-2, that universe's Barry and Iris choose to move to Atlantis to be with Barry's parents and safe from Zoom. Iris asks Earth-1 Barry to give Joe an embrace for her. Harry tells Jesse that they are returning to Earth-1 with Barry and Cisco, despite Jesse's complaints.

Barry, Cisco, and Jesse jump through the breach to Earth-1 and notice that Harry isn't with them. They turn around and notice that Zoom has Harry and is holding him prisoner. Harry asks Barry to close the breach and wounds Zoom with a needle. Barry then grabs Harry and brings him through the Breach. Jay tosses a bomb into the breach to close it. As it is closing, Zoom's hand comes through the breach, killing Jay and taking his body through the breach.





  • When Harry questioned Cisco calling Zoom's hideout a "lair", Cisco replied, "He’s a bad guy; I'm calling it a lair." However, in the previous episode, "Welcome to Earth-2", Harry also called Zoom's hideout a lair saying, "This was supposed to be a surgical mission, Allen. Find Zoom's lair. Rescue Jesse."