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Esme is a Dyralian resident of National City who briefly became the vessel of the Love Totem. She is the foster daughter of Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen, and the goddaughter of Lena Luthor.


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Esme lost her parents and had been in a foster system until 2021. After her abusive caretaker was arrested, a family tried to take her in, but due to the chaos of the Humanity Totem, Esme didn't fit in there. A sympathetic Alex and Kelly decided to adopt her. Esme found her new family more unique and accepting than she expected; having not only Alex and Kelly, but Kara as an aunt and J'onn as a surrogate grandpa, along with Lena, William, Brainy and Nia.

Esme as the vessel of the Love Totem.

Esme became the host of the Love Totem due to strong love her mothers had. This made her the target of Nyxly and Lex, who needed the totem out of her.

Powers and abilities


  • Dyralian physiology: Esme's physiology grants her certain powers.
    • Power mimicry: Esme can mimic the powers of those around her.[1]
    • Powers Mimicked:
    • Super Hearing
    • Fire Breath
    • Intangibility
    • Power sensing: Esme can sense the powers of others. Even at a young age, this is accurate enough to differentiate between individuals as she was able to sense Kara's powers, and quickly identified Kara as Supergirl.[1]



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