Esperanza Cruz, also known as Spooner, is a woman with alien technology in her head and a member of the Legends.


Early life

At some point during her childhood, Esperanza was abducted by aliens, who implanted technology in her head. She could later communicate with them through the technology. The tabloid Wacky World News wrote an article about her experience.

Ever since her abduction, Esperanza has been wearing hats with tinfoil lining inside them to help prevent communication with the aliens.[1]

Kidnapped by the Legends

In mid-2020, Mick Rory and Behrad Tarazi trespassed on Esperanza's property as they were trying to recruit her to help locate Sara Lance. She watched them on security cameras as they walked closer. As Mick and Behrad entered the building, Esperanza shot them with tranquilizing darts, knocking them out. She later captured them and tied them up on tables.

Esperanza threatened the two as they woke up. When Behrad asked her to come help save Sara, she prepared to kill the two with a knife. Noticing Behrad's strange behavior, Esperanza took out the communicator in Behrad's ear. As she heard the news about the impending arrival of the Waverider, Esperanza took out a weapon and went outside, where she was greeted by the timeship. She shot her weapon and managed to breach through the ship's shields with a blast.

Ava Sharpe then used a time courier to exit the ship, where the two have a conversation. Presuming the Legends as aliens attempting to abduct her, she threatened Ava. Ava then told Esperanza about Sara being kidnapped and her plan to propose to her, and stated that she'll do anything if Esperanza managed to find her. In disbelief, Esperanza prepared to shoot Ava, but quickly was tranquilized with a dart.

In the Waverider, Esperanza was convinced to participate in a spell that John Constantine used to connect with the location of Sara; during the spell, Constantine grew sick and tired, so Ava took control. The spell was stopped by Zari Tarazi using the Air Totem because the strain was too much for Constantine.

Later, Spooner was taken to the med bay by Behrad to have her implants removed, as was promised per her cooperation. Gideon, however, it said that Spooner's brain was normal, without implants. Suddenly, Spooner ran from the med bay to the ship's deck as she "sensed" the aliens that were floating throughout the Temporal zone.[1]

Member of the Legends

Spooner was adamant that she wanted to return home, but Ava told her to help her to get an alien to interrogate and Spooner will be freed.

The Legends went to California in the 1950's to the research an aberration with Big Bang Burger; Spooner sensed an alien presence but it was hard to pinpoint.

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Tough and self-sufficient, Esperanza Cruz lives off the grid, devising ingenious tech for the detection of, and defense against space aliens. And while some might call her paranoid, she calls it being prepared. A survivor of a childhood alien encounter, Spooner has the ability to communicate telepathically with aliens.

Powers and abilities


  • Telepathy: Esperanza has developed a form of telepathic powers that she uses when in the presence of an alien.[2]
    • Mental detection: Esperanza can feel and detect the mind’s of aliens in her presence.[2]


  • Skilled marksman: Esperanza is skilled in using guns as she used a dart gun to shoot Nate and mick when they were on her property and when facing the alien she shot it while it was in the air.[2]
  • Multilingual: Esperanza is fluent in English, and can also read at least one alien language.[2]


  • Power Instability: Due to suppressing her powers and thinking she had alien tech in her head, Esperanza can’t control her powers, and they don’t work the way she needs them.[2]


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