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"Esperanza died five years ago. I'm only Ultraviolet now!"
—Esperanza Garcia to her cousin, Allegra Garcia[src]

Esperanza Garcia, also known as Ultraviolet, was the cousin of Allegra Garcia and a former gang leader turned assassin who was recruited by Black Hole after gaining powers from the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion. She later joined Eva McCulloch's team, but left it after Eva returned to the Mirrorverse.

After being operated on by Caitlin Snow, Esperanza was able to speak again without needing her mask. During the Godspeed war, she died in Allegra's arms and disintegrated.


Original multiverse

Early life

Esperanza was a juvenile offender, coming from a family of criminals. She was sent to juvie but would get out and later, start her own gang, which her cousin would join at some point.[1]

Getting powers

Esperanza is visited by Malcolm Strombard at the hospital.

At some point, she got into a fight with her cousin Allegra, who wanted out of Esperanza's gang. When the particle accelerator exploded and surged across Central City, she and Allegra were blasted by waves of the dark matter giving both the same powers of electromagnetic manipulation. However, Esperanza fell into a vegetative state making her cousin think she was dead since she couldn't feel her pulse. Esperanza was later taken out of the custody of CCPD by Black Hole employee "Malcolm Strombard", who presumably cared for her during her recovery.[1] Following her waking up, Dr Olsen removed her vocal cords when she was screaming too much; then she started wearing a suit with a mask to adapt her voice. Later, they began training her to be an assassin.[2]

Hunting Allegra

Esperanza invades the CCPD.

In 2019, Esperanza, now going by Ultraviolet, began a series of murders at the behest of the Black Hole. A witness to one of the murders noticed the tattoo on Esperanza's neck, of which her cousin Allegra had an equal one; as a result, Allegra was mistakenly arrested by the CCPD, but she ended up paying bail. Esperanza then killed the witness in his apartment, which Allegra later visited and was again incriminated and arrested.

Esperanza later attacks the Central City Police Department to kill her cousin in order to keep the fact that she was alive a secret. Eventually, she was defeated by the Flash and sent to Iron Heights.[1]

Working with Remington Meister

Sometime later, Esperanza was released, thanks to the influence of powerful friends, and went to work for Remington Meister, tasked with ensuring the auction for The Ring of Fire went smoothly. Meister has her keep an eye on Barry Allen and Ralph Dibny after the two question Meister. When their system detected the presence of the Flash, she captures him and ties him up with Ralph, who'd been caught by Meister. While the Flash is surprised to see her free, she and Meister unveil a laser which will kill them once Central City is annihilated by the Ring of Fire.

Later, during the auction, they were interrupted by a drunken Barry Allen, whom she is tasked with escorting out. Barry, believing it to be in "Mortal Kombat", distracts her, smashing a bottle on her head. During the fight, Barry dropped a spotlight on her, knocking her out. She was presumably arrested along with Meister.[3]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Esperanza as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[4] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[5]

New multiverse

On Earth-Prime, the events of Esperanza's life have occurred similarly. Esperanza views becoming a Black Hole assassin as the worst time of her life. Joseph Carver kept files on her in a warehouse, enslaving her servitude.[6]

Versus Sue Dearbon

Ultraviolet entered the bank as John Loring and his thugs were shooting at Sue Dearbon and Elongated Man; she decided to knock them unconsciousness herself. In Spanish, Ultraviolet told Sue to give her the diamond that she sought; Sue decided to fight her in unarmed combat instead. As it seemed that Sue was about to lose, she slid the diamond's box across the floor to Ralph, distracting Esperanza. As Ralph showed Esperanza that the box was empty, Sue escaped, causing her to scream in frustration, while disappearing herself.[7]

Switching teams

Ultraviolet was in a safe house with Sunshine and Dr. Light awaiting the arrival of Joseph Carver when Kimiyo noticed that Millie had disappeared; Ultraviolet thought nothing of it. Suddenly, Ultraviolet passed a glass door and was pulled into the Mirrorverse.

New allegiance.

While there, Ultraviolet, with the other two Black Hole assassins, decided that working for Eva McCulloch was more beneficial because she would obtain her freedom. The ladies emerged from the Mirrorverse in the McCulloch Technologies building to kill Carver; they saw members of Team Flash there protecting him. A fight ensued, as Carver called upon his security guards to assault the women; eventually, Team Flash became involved. Ultraviolet was put in battle against her cousin Allegra.

Surrounding Team Flash.

During the battle, the two voiced their hatred for each other.[6] Allegra, whose worst nightmare is fighting her cousin,[8] pulled out a red stone and focused her powers through it; Ultraviolet then vividly remembered the worst day of her life: when Black Hole tortured her in order to make her its assassin. Bypassing the pain, Ultraviolet helped to surround her opponents; however, before a kill shot could be made, Eva declared the battle finished, by announcing the death of Carver. Ultraviolet and her associates departed victorious and free.[6]

Later, Esperanza and Dr. Light attacked Black Hole hideouts and recovered Eva's mirror-tech crates.[9] She left Eva McCulloch's team after Eva revealed herself as a mirror clone and returned to the Mirrorverse. Eventually, Esperanza left Central City and visited Metropolis to eliminate one of her targets, a former Black Hole agent who tortured her along with others.[2]

Reunion with her cousin

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In 2021, Esperanza returned to Central City to get revenge on Dr. Olsen, but Allegra convinced her to give up.[2]

After being operated on by Caitlin Snow, Esperanza was able to speak again without needing her mask.[10]


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Esperanza Garcia dies.

During the Godspeed war, Esperanza died in Allegra's arms and disintegrated.[11]


Before the particle accelerator explosion, Esperanza was a delinquent who bullied her cousin Allegra.[1]

After being hit by the particle accelerator explosion, Esperanza thinks that her old-self is dead. Esperanza has some honor when fighting, as seen in her battle with the Flash, when her waves left him on the floor, she waited for him to stand up before attacking him again.

She also is willing to accept a hand-to-hand fight, instead of using her powers, should her target/enemy be a non-meta, as in her fight with Sue Dearbon. Allegra sees her cousin as the darkness to her light.

After Allegra and Team Flash helped her speak again without her mask and convinced her that she didn't need revenge on Dr Olsen, Esperanza had her redemption.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Esperanza was blasted by dark matter from the particle accelerator explosion, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, giving her access to her powers.[1]
    • Electromagnetic wave manipulation: Esperanza is able to manipulate a range of different frequencies and wavelengths of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum.[1]
    • Electromagnetic vision: The entire electromagnetic spectrum or most of it is visible to Esperanza. She can tune her vision to interpret the various ranges of energy; she can see radio waves (which include AM, FM, and TV frequencies) radar, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, power waves like x-rays, and gamma rays.[1]
    • Radiogenesis: Esperanza is able to generate multiple forms of radiation.[1]
      • Electromagnetic pulse emission:

        Esperanza using her pulse emission.

        Esperanza can emit a surge of electromagnetic energy; which can disrupt all technology nearby. Esperanza used this to interrupt Cecile's cellphone and to shut off the power at CCPD.[1]
      • Ultraviolet blast: Esperanza can release blasts of UV radiation from her hands. She used this to assassinate Salvatore and the eye-witness who ID'd her cousin by a tattoo they share. She was able to hurt Barry Allen (under the persona of the Flash) who couldn't outrun the UV blasts as Ultraviolet light travels at 186,000 miles per second, which is 80x faster than Barry's current top speed.[1]
      • Teleportation: Esperanza is able to teleport through her powers, which normally results in a big wave of radiation.[7]


  • Peak of human physical condition: As an assassin, Esperanza is in top physical condition with fast reflexes, demonstrated when she dodged gunfire from Joe West. She is strong enough to knock Barry Allen out with a single kick. She was also unfazed from getting hit in the face with a glass bottle.[1]
    • Acrobatics/Free-running: Esperanza is very agile and able to descend from large heights.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Being a trained assassin, Esperanza is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. She was able to defeat a squad of armed police officers in a matter of seconds and could easily overpower Barry in a fight. She was able to fight Sue Dearbon. Her style seems to be comprised of Boxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Judo, and Aikido.[1]
  • Multilingual: As a native Mexican, Esperanza speaks Spanish fluently, in addition to English. She can also understand Japanese fluently.[1]
  • Stealth: As a trained assassin, Esperanza is highly experienced in stealth tactics.[1]


  • Power-dampening tech: Esperanza's powers do not work while she is wearing the power-dampening cuffs or imprisoned in one of the power-dampening cells.
  • Damage to vocal cords: Due to Dr. Olsen's experiments on Esperanza when she was part of Black Hole, she needs her mask to be able to speak.[2]


Original multiverse

  • Ultraviolet suit: Esperanza wore this suit when operating as Ultraviolet.[1]
    • Voice modifying mask: Esperanza wore this half-mask as Ultraviolet to cover her lower face and disguise her voice in order to conceal her identity.[1]
    • Chakram: Esperanza used this chakram-like weapon in an attempt to hit Ralph Dibny.

New multiverse

  • Ultraviolet suit: Like in the original multiverse, Esperanza wore a suit when operating as Ultraviolet.
    • Neck collar: Esperanza also wore a neck collar which helps her vocal cords function normal, thus replacing her mask.

Former equipment

  • Voice modifying mask: Esperanza also wore a half-mask as Ultraviolet to cover her lower face in order to conceal her identity and be able to speak. After the operation conducted by Caitlin, the mask was replaced by a neck collar that helped her vocal cords function well.


The Flash


  • When facing off against Esperanza again in "License to Elongate", Barry Allen jokingly noted that he loves Mortal Kombat, most likely referencing the fact Esperanza's Ultraviolet suit and overall appearance is very reminiscent of the character Skarlet from the Mortal Kombat series.
    • Additionally, Esperanza has powers that involve blood, similar to Bloodwork, the main antagonist of the first half of Season 6.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Esperanza Garcia is Allegra's adoptive mother rather than her cousin.