Dr. Ethan Campbell was a well-known plastic surgeon and philanthropist in Gotham City, as well as a respected professor at Gotham University.

August Cartwright had presumably killed him and taken his place around 2014.


Early life

Campbell worked as a plastic surgeon in Gotham City since 2000, becoming extremely beloved, well-known and respected among his fellow Gothamites for both his liposuctions and his philanthropic work.[1] He was also one of the most renowned teachers at Gotham University.[2]

At some point in his life Campbell married.[1]

It is possible that he treated Duela Dent after she slashed her own face, without the patient's consent, as she was brought to the surgeon's clinic by her mother; since that happened in 2011 and it's unclear if it was the real Campbell as it should have been or August posing as him, as he claimed.[3]


August Cartwright as Ethan Campbell.

Around 2014, Campbell took a sabbatical year.[1] This happened to be around the same time August Cartwright mysteriously disappeared.[4] However, the latter actually resurfaced in Gotham City as Ethan Campbell, likely having killed him and taken his place.[5][1]



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