For the criminal of Earth-2 who operated under the alias "Mirror Master", see Evan McCulloch.

Dr. Eva McCulloch is a quantum engineer, co-founder of McCulloch Technologies and the wife of Joseph Carver. In the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, she was accidentally thrown into a mirror. Though she was unable to escape for six years, while she didn't appear to develop abilities at first, after Iris West-Allen was trapped with her during her sixth year in the Mirrorverse she was shown to have meta-human powers similar to that of Sam Scudder.


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Early life

At some point, Eva McCulloch founded McCulloch Technologies, with her husband Joseph Carver becoming the company's C.E.O.[1]

During the particle accelerator explosion, Eva was accidentally thrown into the Mirrorverse and soon after was presumed dead to the outside world.[2]

Trapped in the Mirrorverse

Six years later, Eva McCulloch was found by Iris West-Allen after investigating McCulloch Technologies, having been also thrown into the Mirrorverse and replaced by a mirror clone of herself. Eva and Iris then decided to work together in order to find a way to escape. [2]


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Eva initially comes off as a very shaken but kind woman who has been trapped in isolation for six years. While her motives are currently unknown, Eva has been having her mirror clone of Iris collect technology for her, including the Mirror gun. It's possible Eva has become mentally unhinged and untrusting due to her imprisonment, likely faking failure to help Iris get out of the mirror universe out of fear of being abandoned. However, it has been revealed that her kind and broken persona is just a facade, and she has been using her powers to exact her plan of "liberation", most likely from the Mirror Universe. She is actually a paranoid but driven individual who believes solely in evidence and will do anything to achieve her goals.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Eva was blasted by the dark energy of the particle accelerator explosion, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, giving her access to her abilities.[2]
    • Vitrikinesis:
      Eva reforges the mirror

      Eva reforges the mirror.

      Eva is able to manipulate mirrors after she was struck by dark matter. When she psycho-kinetically retrieved the mirror to her hand and pieced the broken shards of the mirror back to its original form, she and Iris figured that her abilities can do much more. She seems to be able to heal mirrors, make them sentient, use them as windows to see other people through mirrors in the real world, and psychically manipulate mirrors and mirror shards, and possibly even weaponize them.[2]
      • Mirror clone creation: Eva is able to create mirror clones by using a mirror to create a fractal reflection of someone. She can use this ability by transporting people through mirrors, as shown when her silvery hands manifested and pulled Iris into the mirror verse. Her mirror clones are psychically linked to her and are shown mirroring her actions, such as murmuring or scratching her arm. It has also been shown that she can create mirror clones through the use of the mirror gun, which is how Kamilla's mirror clone was created. The mirror clones have all of the memories and full knowledge of their counterparts, making them difficult to detect. The only way to differentiate them from their originals is through personality and by taking an image of them, as they give off an odd refractive index when photographed, as they appear to be prismatic crystalline structures or living mirrors. Her mirror clones are in essence, complete duplicates of people forged by splinters of the Mirrorverse or mirrors themselves.
      • Catropic teleportation: Eva can link Einstein-Rosen bridges or the fractalized mirror dimension to mirrors, allowing her to essentially create wormholes, or portals, through mirrors. This allows her to move through mirrors, pull others into mirrors, move people in and out of the Mirrorverse, and allow her mirror clones to move in and out of mirrors and into the Mirrorverse unharmed. She can also tether others to the mirror universe, as she did to Iris. However, Eva cannot move out of the Mirrorverse as she suffers severe burns if she tries to enter the real world.
      • Mirrorverse communication: Eva has the ability to communicate through mirrors with anyone standing in front of one, such as Iris' mirror clone.
    • Accelerated healing factor: Eva is able to rapidly heal her mirror clones of any injuries sustained as seen when Iris' mirror clone's arms were healed within seconds from Eva. Her body is also adapted to the Mirrorverse, as she is not affected by the disruptive high-frequency sound emitted by technology in the mirror verse.


  • Genius-level intellect/Master scientist: As a founder of McCulloch Technologies, Eva is keen-minded and has displayed an extraordinarily intelligent, being a quantum engineer.[2]
    • Computer specialist: As a founder of McCulloch Technologies, Eva has some technology skills of great prowess.[2]


  • Power instability: Since being new to her powers, Eva can’t seem to be able to leave and enter the Mirrorverse using her powers as of yet.[2] Although this may be a con as she seems to be able to check on her mirror clone with ease.[3]
  • Mirrorverse adaptation: It's possible that due to the amount of time Eva has spent being stuck in the Mirrorverse, her body gets severely injured if ever she tries to step foot in the real dimension.


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