For the criminal of Earth-2 who operated under the alias "Mirror Master", see Evan McCulloch.

"You just stay out of my way, Flash, and I'll stay out of yours. I have unfinished business to attend to, and a whole world to liberate."
—Eva McCulloch to the Flash[src]

Dr. Eva McCulloch is a renowned quantum engineer, the founder, and CEO of McCulloch Technologies. She is also the estranged wife of the late Joseph Carver.

On the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, Eva was accidentally thrown into a mirror and remained trapped in the Mirrorverse there for six years. After Iris West-Allen became trapped with her during her sixth year in the Mirrorverse, Eva was revealed to have developed meta-human powers similar to that of Sam Scudder, except with more precision, power, and versatility.


Early life

"I wanted to help the world; now you're destroying it."
—Eva McCulloch to Joseph Carver[src]

At some point, Eva founded McCulloch Technologies, with her husband Joseph Carver becoming the company's C.E.O.[1] One of her inventions was the Prismatic refractor.[2]

Eva believed that a dimension existed with inverse properties, but had no way to prove it; though she was a renowned scientist, her critics wanted proof, so Eva started work on a machine to transverse the dimensions.[3]

During the particle accelerator explosion, Eva was accidentally thrown into the Mirrorverse and soon after was presumed dead to the outside world.[4] Though Joseph, who saw the incident, had scientists research the Mirrorverse and its effects on humans, he did not find a way to release Eva from the dimension.[5]

Trapped in the Mirrorverse

Eva attempted to leave the Mirrorverse 1,322 times unsuccessfully.

Iris meets Eva.

Six years later, Eva was found by Iris West-Allen[4] after investigating McCulloch Technologies, having been also thrown into the Mirrorverse[1] and replaced by a mirror clone of herself.[6] Eva and Iris then decided to work together in order to find a way to escape. [4] Iris was actually tricked into coming close enough to the mirror so that Eva could grab her. She had been planning to escape for half a decade, after realizing that her husband had truly abandoned her.[7]

Manipulating "Iris"

Eva did not want "Mirror Iris" to be discovered, so when Iris pestered her to use a machine she created to transverse the dimensional wall, Eva allowed the wall to burn her arms up to her elbows, making Iris acquiesce that it did not work. Simultaneously, "Mirror Iris" received the same burns. After Iris bandaged Eva's arms, Eva found time to be alone and contact her accomplice, explaining the circumstance.[3]

Eva used her powers to see into Earth-Prime to allow Iris to know that Iris' brother Wally West was visiting the family. Seeing the happiness of the family hurt Eva emotionally, so she feigned pain and closed the viewing portal.[8]

Eva talks to "Iris" and "Kamilla".

Though it was unplanned, Eva created "Kamilla"; she then assigned "Kamilla" and "Iris" to obtain the Prismatic refractor she had created years ago from Mercury Labs to assist her in escaping the Mirrorverse because her machine (R-CEM) would not work without it.[9]

Iris began to acclimate to the Mirrorverse and told Eva that she could read reflective surfaces; she further theorized that her husband, the Flash, could become intangible to the point that he could enter the dimension, defying the wall, and rescue them. Eva was not pleased, so, when she was alone, she instructed "Iris" to make sure that the Flash lost his speed and his ability to rescue them; Eva wanted to exit the Mirrorverse when she was ready to see her husband and not before.

Eva had a mirror sent to Carver's house, where it was received by Maurice. Using her powers, Eva spoke to her husband, asking him for an apology for taking her research and inventions and turning them into weapons for a terrorist organization. Carver was angered by her audacity and destroyed the mirror.[10]


"Look what you made me do."
—Eva's first words on Earth-Prime[src]

Succeeding in her plan of making Barry Allen waste most of his remaining speed, Eva started to work in the next phase of her plan. She ordered "Iris" and "Kamilla" to infiltrate an A.R.G.U.S. facility alongside "David" to get a sample of Ramsey Rosso's blood. Meanwhile, she also watched over Barry Allen, realizing that he was extremely close to exposing "Iris" as a faker.[7]

Inside the Mirror Dimension, the real Iris was getting closer to discovering the truth about Eva. Knowing that, Eva orchestrated a trap to catch and arrest Iris. The trap worked, and Eva kept Iris as an unconscious prisoner. In the meantime, Barry discovered physical proof of "Iris's" facade: A photo taken by the real Kamilla where "Iris" could be seen with a prismatic fragmentation in her entire body. Alongside Cecile and Nash, Barry confronted "Iris" with a prismatic filter; Eva, however, switched the scanner with its Mirror Dimension's counterpart, which caused the machine to show that Barry was an imposter, not "Iris".[7]

Barry was then locked inside the pipeline. Later that day, Eva's team succeeded in the mission of getting a sample of Ramsey's blood, but at the cost of "Kamilla's" life. "Iris" was going to use the blood to liberate Eva, but Barry (who was released from the pipeline by Cecile) arrived in the spot just in time. "Iris", however, managed to use the blood before Barry could do anything. "Iris" and Barry then started fighting. Thanks to Barry's lack of speed, "Iris" started winning. Inside the Mirror Dimension, however, the real Iris started messing with Eva's head by saying that she was still in love with Joseph Carver. Eva then started to freak out, screaming that she wanted Carver to suffer. That imbalance in Eva's mind somehow weakened "Iris", causing her to fall into the ground in pain. Barry used that moment to bring the little that the mirror clone had of the real Iris in her heart to the fore.[7]

Eva's liberation

Thinking to have no other choice, Eva used her powers to kill "Iris" from inside the Mirrorverse. She then escaped from the Mirrorverse, appearing before Barry Allen. He tried to use his speed to contain her, but he was so slow at that time that Eva managed to incapacitate him with a single hit. Eva could kill Barry at this point, but choose to spare his life, arguing that he was no longer "much of a threat". Eva then escaped through several mirrors that were there, but not before alerting The Flash not to get in her way.[7]

After her escape from the Mirrorverse, she was inside a machine in stasis. After she woke up, she remarked her revenge upon Joseph saying that she is coming for him.[11]

Beginning her endgame

"Flash, Barry, you and I are not enemies. Never have been."
—Eva McCulloch[src]

While she donned a new leather suit with mirror-stabilizing properties and mirror pieces, she and Mirror Singh decided to destroy everything Joseph Carver had. In the first step, she told Singh to burn Joseph's warehouse where he kept weapons and also to prevent anyone from getting in his way. Afterward, she sent him to CCPD to collect Joseph Carver from Team Flash but he failed to do so because of Nash Wells saving Joseph and Team Flash. In the meantime, she kidnapped Ultraviolet, Dr. Light, and Sunshine into the Mirrorverse before Joseph returned to find all three women had mysteriously gone missing.[5]

When Ultraviolet, Dr. Light, and Sunshine return and state that they are against Carver, Eva controlled Mirror Singh into the McCulloch Tech building until he saw Barry Allen attempting to protect Carver. He told Barry that he only lived for the will of his mother before he disintegrated into a weaponized Eva who blasted Barry unconscious.[5]

Eva infiltrates Joseph's panic room.

While Carver is watching the battle between Eva McCulloch's team against Team Flash and a few guards, Eva used his screen that has a reflective surface to get inside of his room and vengefully told him about her time inside the Mirrorverse while she prepared to kill him with some glass shards until Barry used super speed as The Flash and jumped right in front of Carver to which he caught the glass shards on his suit while Eva berated Barry that Joseph isn't worth saving until she uses one of the glass shards from Barry and pierced Joseph in his chest.

Eva talks to the press.

Joseph officially denounced Eva as his wife and succumbs to his wounds; her success was assured. She told Barry that her mission has been accomplished and also told him that she is not his enemy. When lamenting about her company being hers only, Barry vows to stop her and she dared him to try and also told him to leave immediately or she would call the police on him and his team for trespassing in her company.[5]

Eva later told the public lies about the murder of Joseph Carver at a press conference, saying that he died freeing her from terrorists, and framed Sue Dearbon for his murder.[5]


"Your brilliant mind couldn't figure out that he didn't care about you."
"Shut up!"
"How long did you sit here, Eva, pining for rescue before you realized that you had been abandoned?
—Iris West-Allen and Eva[src]

Eva initially comes off as a very shaken but kind woman who has been trapped in isolation for six years. While her motives are currently unknown, Eva has been having her mirror clone of Iris collect technology for her, including the mirror gun. It's possible Eva has become mentally unhinged and untrusting due to her imprisonment, likely faking failure to help Iris get out of the Mirrorverse out of fear of being abandoned.

However, it has been revealed that Eva's kind and broken persona is just a façade, and she has been using her powers to exact her plan of "liberation", most likely from the Mirrorverse, she is actually a paranoid yet driven individual who believes solely in evidence and will do anything to achieve her goals, it is revealed that she is quite conniving and ruthless, as she is fine with killing her husband and gets easily provoked. Despite this, she is proven to be sometimes merciful, choosing not to kill Barry Allen even though he was weakened and would have been easy to kill.[7]

Eva can be manipulative and pretentious to her own advantage; such as she lied to the public about the murder of Joseph Carver and framed Sue Dearbon for it, and also manipulate Iris by faking failure and pretending to be broken. She can be ruthless into getting what she wants by which she killed Joseph, proving how vengeful she can be.[5]

Powers and abilities


"Eva can move anywhere through any mirror in the universe in the blink of an eye."
Barry Allen to Cisco Ramon[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: After Eva was blasted by the dark energy of the particle accelerator explosion and flew into the mirror, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, giving her access to her abilities. Since the dark matter collided with Eva and the mirror, Eva was given access to the Mirrorverse.[4]
    • Mirrorverse adaption: Since being stuck in the Mirrorverse for so long, Eva's body has adapted to the side effects of her powers, including being able to read, function, and use technology while in the Mirrorverse with no ill effects. Her body was also temporarily tethered to the Mirrorverse, being burned when she tried to travel to the real world from the Mirrorverse. However, this adaptation is no longer a problem for Eva, after she arrived in the real world. Some of Eva's adaptation, like being able to read in the Mirrorverse, can be achieved by humans who have been trapped there long enough.[4]
      • Vitrikinesis:

        Eva reforges the mirror.

        Eva is able to manipulate mirrors after she was struck by dark matter. When she psycho-kinetically retrieved the mirror to her hand and pieced the broken shards of the mirror back to its original form, she and Iris figured that her abilities can do much more. She seems to be able to heal mirrors, make them 'sentient', use them as windows to see other people through mirrors in the real world, travel effectively through them, and psychically manipulate mirrors and mirror shards, and even weaponize them.[4] Eva is able to shatter and telekinetically manipulate mirrors in the real world, even when she was trapped in the Mirrorverse. Eva is able to wormhole items and manipulates any surface with high solar reflectance.[7]
        • Mirror clone creation: Eva is able to create mirror clones by using a mirror to create a fractal reflection of someone. She can use this ability by transporting people through mirrors, as shown when her silvery hands manifested and pulled Iris into the mirror verse. Her mirror clones are psychically linked to her and are shown mirroring her actions, such as murmuring or scratching her arm. It has also been shown that she can create mirror clones through the use of the mirror gun, which is how Kamilla's mirror clone was created. The mirror clones have all of the memories and full knowledge of their counterparts, making them difficult to detect. The only way to differentiate them from their originals is through personality and by taking an image of them, as they give off an odd refractive index when photographed through a prismatic filter as they appear to be prismatic crystalline structures or living mirrors. Her mirror clones are in essence, complete duplicates of people forged by splinters of the Mirrorverse or mirrors themselves. They have no problems with dying or betraying friends to exact Eva's goals, as shown with Singh and Kamilla specifically, and sometimes Mirror-Iris until she became disloyal. Her mirror clones have the memories of the original, as they are imbued with life by using the 'heart' of the original. It has been shown that the clones can circumvent Eva's will and become themselves, and feel alive. The mirror clones also share in Eva's emotions, thoughts, and abilities. Eva is also able to kill her clones at will, in which they give off a faint blue glow, crack, and ultimately shatter into multiple mirror pieces.[7]
          • Accelerated healing factor: Eva is able to rapidly heal her mirror clones of any injuries sustained as seen when Iris' mirror clone's arms were healed within seconds from Eva. Her body is also adapted to the Mirrorverse, as she is not affected by the disruptive high-frequency sound emitted by technology in the mirror verse.[3]
          • Mirror clone powers: All of Eva's mirror clones have the ability to reveal their mirror skin, and even shape it into knives and spikes. They can also pass their bodies through mirrors to materialize them on another mirror to release a deadly surprise attack. The clones are also capable of catoptric teleportation and moving in and out of the Mirrorverse unharmed. The clones are able to corroborate with Eva's powers and can become conduits for Eva's ability, so she can affect mirrors in the material world. Her mirror clones also share in Eva's instability, which can weaken them. Mirror clones are also able to destabilize bio degenerative chambers by walking through the emission field, albeit doing so kills them in the process.[7]
          • Mirroring/Psychic link: Eva's mirror clones have a psychic link to her, is that they are an extension of her will. Therefore, they are shown copying her actions at times and even imitating her positions. However, as these pieces are sentient, they can become more and more like Eva, and want to be independent of her, wishing to be "alive".
            • Reflective doorway: As Eva's mirror clones are really just reflections made by a mirror with pieces of the original, Eva can teleport inside of them (as they are made of mirrors), allowing her to appear anywhere via her mirror clones' bodies. However, when Eva teleports through her clones, they explode into mirror pieces, and she appears standing in their place, in the exact same position. By using her clones as a reflective doorway, she effectively kills them, as shown with Chief Singh's mirror clone.
        • Catoptric teleportation: Eva can link Einstein-Rosen bridges and the fractalized mirror dimension to mirrors, allowing her to essentially create wormholes, or portals, through mirrors. This allows her to move through mirrors, pull others into mirrors, move people in and out of the Mirrorverse, and allow her mirror clones to move in and out of mirrors and into the Mirrorverse unharmed. She can also tether others to the mirror universe, as she did to Iris. When she was trapped in the Mirrorverse, she could not escape as she suffered severe burns if she tries to enter the real world. It was revealed that Eva was able to move small portions of her body through mirrors, albeit with some pain, and her hands appear to be silver, which is most likely a byproduct of her Mirrorverse adaptations. After escaping the Mirrorverse, she can now travel into and between, as well as control, any nearby reflective surfaces. Eva is also able to use the ability on any surface with high solar reflectance, as shown when she used a tray to replace the prismatic scanner with a reverse scanner from the Mirrorverse. Eva can also use this ability to remain inside a mirror and speak to people, and unlike Sam Scudder, Eva doesn't have to jump inside of a mirror to travel through it. As long as a mirror is close enough, she is able to go inside to teleport, appearing as prismatic reflective shard with a very faint blue glow when teleports into, outside, or through reflective surfaces. Unlike Sam Scudder, Eva's mirror teleportation abilities cannot be affected by the Droste Effect - an infinite reflective loop - as she is not required to jump from one reflective surface to another almost immediately, but she can rather exist inside of the mirror indefinitely, making her teleportation abilities even more effective. She also doesn't seem to have a limited range to her abilities and can teleport through any reflective surface anywhere, as stated by Barry Allen, who said she could appear through any mirror in the universe whenever she wished. [7]
        • Catoptric ergokinesis: Eva is able to emit concussive blasts of Mirror Dimension energy. She is able to do this very quickly and effectively by using the mirror pieces in her suit and arranging them to form a blaster, through which she channels her mirror energy and shoots it as a yellow beam of great force.
        • Mirrorverse communication: Eva has the ability to communicate through mirrors with anyone standing in front of one, such as Iris' mirror clone.[3]


"You were brilliant. You were the best in your field."
Iris West-Allen to Eva McCulloch[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Master scientist: As a founder of McCulloch Technologies, Eva is keen-minded and has displayed an extraordinarily intelligent, being a quantum engineer.[4] She is famous among her colleagues in the scientific community, as Ramsey Rosso demonstrated.[7]
    • Computer specialist: As a founder of McCulloch Technologies, Eva has some technology skills of great prowess.[4]


  • Temper: When Eva is provoked emotionally, her mirror clones become unstable and disoriented, leaving them open for attack.[7]

Former weaknesses

  • Power instability: Since Eve was new to her powers, she can't seem to be able to leave and enter the Mirrorverse using her powers as of yet.[4] Although this may be a con as she seems to be able to check on her mirror clone with ease. It was recently revealed, that Eva is extensively knowledgeable in her powers and can use them effectively.[3]
  • Mirrorverse adaptation: It's possible that due to the amount of time Eva has spent being stuck in the Mirrorverse, her body gets severely injured if ever she tries to step foot in the real dimension. Since arriving in the normal dimension, this is no longer an issue.[4]


Eva's arm blaster.


The Flash

Season 6


  • Eva is the second main antagonist in the Arrowverse to avoid capture or death after her respective season ended, the first being Ricardo Diaz. Coincidentally, both first appeared in the sixth season of their respective series.
    • She is also the first main antagonist of The Flash not to be defeated by the end of the season and succeeds with her master plan. This is because filming for the season wasn't complete for Season 6 due to the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. At the original ending of the season, a cliffhanger with Eobard Thawne was supposed to happen but was canceled.

Behind the scenes

  • Evan McCulloch is the second Mirror Master after Sam Scudder in the comics. Scudder studied mirrors and how to weaponize them, while Evan McCulloch was a regular criminal who just happened to get Scudder’s gear. This dynamic is inverted in the show, with Eva McCulloch being the one who studied mirrors and how to weaponize them, while Scudder was a regular criminal who just happened to get the same powers as her.
  • Eva is the tenth case of gender-bending on The Flash, succeeding Brie Larvan, Lucious Coolidge, Mina ChaytanIzzy BowinJanet Petty, Spencer YoungJoslyn Jackam, Jaco Birch, and Raya Van Zandt.
  • Eva served as the main antagonist of the "Post-Crisis arc" of Season 6 of The Flash.
    • She is the second female main antagonist on The Flash, after Grace Gibbons.
      • Eva is also the second case in which a female main antagonist serves as the main antagonist for the second arc of her season.


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