"She gave us a choice."
"Something Carver never did."
"We're no longer under his thumb.
Ultraviolet, Dr. Light, and Sunshine on switching teams.[src]

A team of Mirror clones was created by Eva McCulloch to help her to escape the Mirrorverse. After escaping, Eva formed a new team consisting Ultraviolet, Sunshine and Dr. Light.


"Welcome to the team, Kamilla."
Eva McCulloch[src]

During the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, Eva was thrust into a mirror and gained similar abilities to Sam Scudder. She remained trapped for six years, as staying in the Mirrorverse for so long her physical appearance had decayed and she was unable to appear in the physical world for long.[1]

First team.

When Iris West-Allen went to McCulloch Technologies to investigate, Eva trapped her in the Mirrorverse, and then created a mirror duplicate of Iris which she was able to control.[2]

They have been working towards a goal, to stabilize a mirror so Eva can appear in the real world again. She has also since created a mirror duplicate of Kamilla Hwang[3] and, at some point, created a Mirror clone of David Singh, getting Joe West to leave Central City so she could be the one to take down Joseph Carver.[4]

She has since escaped the Mirrorverse after using the mutated blood of Bloodwork. But Mirror Kamilla sacrifices herself to that her comrades recolt the blood, and Eva destroys Mirror Iris when she betrays her as choosing to spare Barry Allen.[5]

Later, Mirror David Singh sacrifices himself to aid Eva to infiltrate McCulloch Technologies. Ultraviolet, Dr. Light and Sunshine joined Eva's side for revenge on Carver. Eva kills Joseph Carver with mirror shards, despite Flash's attempt to stop her.[6]

After Eva's revenge, she takes over McCulloch Technologies and framed Sue Dearbon for Carver's murder.[6]

Known members

Current members

Former members

  • "Iris West-Allen" (field agent; betrayed Eva by sparing Barry Allen; destroyed)
  • "Kamilla Hwang" (field agent; sacrificed herself to destabilize the MAC; destroyed)
  • "David Singh" (field agent; sacrificed himself to aid Eva; destroyed)

Known allies

Current allies

Known enemies

Current enemies

Former enemies


The Flash

Season 6


  • Thinking that the three former Black Hole assassins still worked for Joseph, Ralph Dibny called them "Carver's Angels".
    • Carver himself called them "The Three".[6]
  • The current 3 members of the team consist of all light based meta-humans.
    • Ultraviolet: a meta who can control the electromagnetic spectrum, usually ultraviolet rays.
      • The electromagnetic spectrum deals heavily with light.
    • Doctor Light: she is a photokinetic meta who can emit extremely bright and hot starlight, and then channel it into her photon rifle.
    • Sunshine: a heliokinetic meta who can bend light around her to go invisible, teleport through light, and concentrated blades of light to disintegrate anything.


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