Evan Blake is an art thief known as Wolf Spider and an old friend of Kate Kane.


Early life

In the past, Evan and Mary Hamilton vied for Kate Kane's attention, and according to Mary, Evan always won.

In the eight grade, Evan, who was still closeted at the time, asked Kate to go with him to Gotham Prep 's Eighth Grade Winter Formal. Despite Kate already being out as a lesbian, she agreed to go with him to the dance. On the night of the dance, Evan's parents took him to pick Kate up. Upon arrival, he saw Kate in a velvet tailored suit and broke down into tears at the sight of her "radiating queer confidence" from her. Kate took him up to her room and the two discussed her identity, with Evan coming out as gay to Kate, which she claimed to already have known. The two then went to the dance, and Evan came out by wearing Kate's Alexander McQueen off-the-shoulder mini, with them no longer being afraid to be themselves. Shortly after arriving at the dance Kate apparently ditched him to make out with Maggie Watson.[1]

At some point, Evan became Senior Editor at the Gotham Museum of Antiquities. They also began curating their own private collections. Later, Evan was caught with stolen artifacts, and was forced to pay restitution of some kind. In or shortly before 2020, they took a trip to Berlin for unknown reasons.[1]

Return to Gotham

He returned to Gotham in late 2020, and was brought in for questioning by Commander Jacob Kane and Agent Sophie Moore of Crows Security. The two believed he may have had information on a painting by Jack Napier which may contain information on the whereabouts of Coryana.[1]

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  • Peak of human physical condition: Evan is in top peak human physical condition. They are able to lift their own body weight to scale up and suspend themselves on high structures for long periods of time. They can run at great distances without showing any visible signs of exhaustion, even keeping pace with a moving Crows vehicle and can even outpace gunfire from multiple opponents.[1]
    • Master acrobat: Evan is a highly agile and acrobatic individual able to scale their way up and around building structures, as well as flexible enough to maintain balance while assuming and maintaining otherwise discomforting postures in asymmetrical positions and at inconvenient angles. He implants his natural agility in combat to dodge his foe's strikes or use flexible and unorthodox attacks. He can even perform flips and somersaults when implementing evasive maneuvers being able to jump over car blocking his way, dodge a batarang, evade a taser, and even avoid gunfire.[1]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Evan is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. Blake's combat style seems to comprise of Boxing, Karate, Krav Maga and Capoeira. They were able to go head-on against Ryan Wilder (who was under the persona of Batwoman), even managing to brief gain the upper hand before being defeated and forced to retreat.[1]
  • High-level intellect/Skilled tactician: Evan is a skilled planner. They are able to steal various paintings and come up with different escape routes from a facility. Evan also has keen eye for craftsmanship from a dress to even a batarang.[1]
    • Expert thief: Evan is an experienced thief; as he is able to steal from highly secure places and make their escape.[1]
    • Skilled computer hacker: Evan is a skilled hacker, able to hack into a building's lighting to create an emoji image.
    • Stealth: Evan is highly skilled in the art of stealth. He was able to spy upon Sophie Moore and Ryan Wilder without being seen[1]


  • Wolf Spider suit: Evan wears a protective lycra suit when operating as Wolf Spider.[1]
  • Painting carrier: Evan has a special cylindrical casing for paintings which can be carried on their back.
  • Boxcutter: Evan used a boxcutter to remove a painting from its frame.



Season 2


  • Evan is genderfluid, using he/him and they/them pronouns.[1]

Behind the scenes


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