Evan Gibson is a journalist. He has worked for The Central City Tribune, the Star City Sentinel, and The Central City Citizen in an erased future.


In 2000, Evan Gibson was among those who wrote about Dr. Henry Allen being arrested for the murder of his wife, Nora Allen, for The Central City Tribune.[1][2]

Sometime afterwards, Evan became a journalist for the Starling City Sentinel. In October 2012, he published an article regarding Oliver Queen's intent to open a nightclub in The Glades.[3]

Evan wrote a piece for Starling City Sentinel reporting the Royal Flush Gang robbing Starling Trust Bank and shooting a cop in the process.[4]

Erased future

Sometime prior to 2024, Evan joined The Central City Citizen. On April 25, 2024, he wrote the article The Flash Missing: Vanishes in Crisis.[2]

Later, possibly due to unspecified changes in the timeline, The Central City Citizen's founder, Iris West-Allen's, name replaced Evan's on the Crisis article, leaving his status at the newspaper unknown.[5]

Alternate future

When the Flash temporarily lost his powers, Evan's article on April 25, 2024 was changed to the U.S. Postal Service permanently closing down.[6]



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